2000man Powers

Buffaloman & Mongolman

The name comes from Buffaloman having a Choujin Kyoudo of 10 million, and Mongolman knowing 10 million techniques.


Long Horn Train (ロングホーントレイン)
The trademark technique of the 20 Million Powers (Mongolman and Buffaloman). Mongolman and Buffaloman stand back to back. Mongolman then hooks Buffalomans arms and carries him on his back. He then bends forward and charges towards the opponents. Buffaloman's Long Horn then grows, impaling the opponents.
Power Up Hurricane Mixer (パワーアップ・ハリケーンミキサー)
20 Million Avalanche Crush (20ミリオンアバランチクラッシュ)
Mōtō Crush (猛闘クラッシュ)
Mōtō Nichigetsu Kyaku (猛闘・日月脚)

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