20 Million Powers (2000万パワーズ Nisenman Pawāzu)


The name comes from Buffaloman having a Chojin Power of 10 million, and Mongolman knowing 10 million techniques. They team up first in the Universal Chojin Tag Tournament, and later reform their tag-team in the Ultimate Chojin Tag Tournament.



A second Mount Fuji appears in Japan. [1]

On top of this mountain, the Universal Chojin Tag Team trophy appears. Underneath, there appears a series of rings that allow for eight tag-teams to compete. Buffaloman - along with the other justice chojin - goes to Kourakuen Hall to discuss the situation. Buffaloman refuses to team up with Kinnikuman and leaves. [1] He sends a letter to Mongolman, asking him to join him as a new tag-team. [2]

 Buffaloman and Mongolman forms the 20 Million Powers. [3] The name of their combo comes from Buffaloman's 10,000,000 power and Mongolman's 10,000,000 techniques (10 Million + 10 Million). In the first-round match-ups, the teams are required to navigate a labyrinth to be matched against their opponents, and the 20 Million Powers are matched against the Most Dangerous Combo. [4] Just as the 20 Million Powers and Most Dangerous Combo are about to begin their fight, during the Dream Chojin Tag Arc, the Killer Game Combo arrive. [5] This leads to the Killer Game Combo defeating the Most Dangerous Combo. [6]

Brocken Jr. does not want his loss to count for nothing, so - to allow the 20 Million Powers to win - he challenges Buffaloman and allows himself to be pinned; this allows 20 Million Powers to officially win the match. [6] This technical win allows the 20 Million Powers to advance to the next round, but the 20 Million Powers attack the Killer Game Combo for their intrusion. Buffaloman uses a feint against Screw Kid, but Mongolman - using the distraction to attack - injures his leg in the process. [6]

 Buffaloman is then struck by Kendaman, and the Killer Game Combo ask for formal permission to enter the tournament in the place of the Most Dangerous Combo. The 20 Million Powers declare that they will earn their place in the next round by first defeating the Killer Game Combo. The match began with a fierce one-on-one battle between Buffaloman and Kendaman, but Buffaloman tries a Hurricane Mixer on Kendaman, but it fails. [6] Buffaloman is then caught in a Scorpion Defence by Kendaman. [7]

 He proceeds to break off his Long Horn and breaks the glass of the War-Cube, but is then attacked by a Hell's Screwdriver, which is only stopped by the thrown hair of Mongolman. Buffaloman counters with a powered-up Hurricane Mixer. [7] Fearing the punishment that comes from failing their Boss, Screw Kid and Kendaman begin to use dirty tactics. [8]At this point Neptuneman and Big the Budo reveal themselves, and Kendaman and Screw Kid abandon the match to attack them, and the 20 Million Powers win by default, as the Killer Game Combo are killed by the Hell Missionaries outside of the ring. [9]

 During the match-up lottery for the semi-final placements, the 20 Million Powers are matched with the Hell Missionaries. [10] The first match is between the Muscle Brothers and the Stray Devil Chojin Combo, and the 20 Million Powers stay at the edge of the ring to act as spotters. [11] At the end of the match, after the defeat of the Stray Devil Chojin Combo, the Hell Missionaries attack Sunshine, only to be stopped by the 20 Million Powers. [12] They then allow the Hell Missionaries to attack, as the dolls - created by the Stray Devil Chojin to steal the justice chojin Friendship Power scatter, and thus creates animosity between the justice chojin. [13]

 The semi-final match against the Hell Missionaries is a simple barbed-wire cage match, but also a mask-removal death-match in which Mongolman must bet his mask. Buffaloman is thrown into the barbed wire by Neptuneman, who then switches with Mongolman, who is at a disadvantage from being unable to use the rope for his techniques. After being thrown into the screen cage, Mongolman rebounds with a kick. [13]

 After a series of blows, the 20 Million Powers seem to have the upper hand. [14] Mongolman begins to suffer flashbacks within the ring, as the cage reminds him of his match against Warsman, and Buffaloman is unable to tag in, as both of the Hell Missionaries attack him. The spirit of Warsman helps Mongolman. [14] Buffaloman is tagged in and uses a Buffalo Avalanche Drop. [15] He proceeds to attach his Long Horn, and uses a Hurricane Heat. Mongolman is tagged into the match, but subject to a Cross Bomber. [15]

 Neptuneman uses his Magnet Power in retaliation. [16] This heals the wounds of the Hell's Missionaries, and they try continuously to attack with Cross Bombers attacks, only to fail. Due to the Iron Sweat on Mongolman and Buffaloman, they are dragged towards the Hell Missionaries by their magnet power, and they almost defeat the 20 Million Powers with a Magnetic Storm Driver. [16] The 20 Million Powers are then further attacked by a magnetic suplex. [17] They are soon entangled in the magnetic barbed wires, as they regain their Friendship Power, and the Justice Chojin regain their power of friendship overall. [17]

 The iron sweat breaks from Mongoman and Buffaloman, and Buffaloman uses his Longhorn Train. [18] This increases the power of the Hell's Missionaries, who use a Silhouette Body Press, and - after a series of blows - are thrown from the war-cube. The Hell's Missionaries summon thunder to increase their electrical power. [18] Their Lightning Sabre attack renders Buffaloman and Ramenman immobile, and Buffaloman uses a fragment of Iron Sweat to draw Neptuneman away from Mongolman. [17]

 Buffaloman collapses against the mat, defeated by the Light Sabres. [17]

 Mongolman carries Buffaloman on his back, as they try again for a Longhorn Train, but they are defeated by a Magnetic Storm Crash. [17] Neptuneman attempts to unmask Mongolman, but Mongolman continues to fight back, even though his body has been magnetised. [19] Mongolman's mask is then removed by a Cross Bomber. [19] It is revealed that Mongolman was actually Ramenman, who returns to a comatose state and is rendered immobile without his mask. [20] Ramenman reveals that Doctor Bombe created the mask to give him back his mobility and speech, and his mask is removed permanently by Neptuneman. [20]

 Ramenman is then taken to the hospital along with Buffaloman. [21]

Kinnikuman Nisei

Buffaloman appears late into this arc, as he participates in the tournament at Kourakuen Stadium. [22] He is featured alongside Mongolman (Ramenman) as part of the 20 Million Powers; despite his missing horns, from the match three days ago in his timeline, Buffaloman seeks to distract the New Generation (to which he sees as the villains). [23] Buffaloman chastises Robin Mask for helping Chaos Avenir, as he believes they are responsible for Alisa Mackintosh's accident. [24]

He fights against The Gaon and Shikoutei, in a battle royale for the opening match, and their opponents start with the upper hand. [25]


Long Horn Train (ロングホーントレイン)
The trademark technique of the 20 Million Powers (Mongolman and Buffaloman). Mongolman and Buffaloman stand back to back. Mongolman then hooks Buffaloman's arms and carries him on his back. He then bends forward and charges towards the opponents. Buffaloman's Long Horn then grows, impaling the opponents.
Power Up Hurricane Mixer (パワーアップ・ハリケーンミキサー)
20 Million Avalanche Crush (20ミリオンアバランチクラッシュ)
Mōtō Crush (猛闘クラッシュ)
Mōtō Nichigetsu Kyaku (猛闘・日月脚)

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