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The 21st Chojin Olympics: The Big Fight Arc is the seventh story arc in Kinnikuman and covers the 21st Chojin Olympics.


  • Manga Chapters: 90-121
  • Anime Episodes: 27-47

New Characters

Major Chojin

Minor Chojin


When Kinnikuman is deprived of his champion title, "The Big Fight" is hurriedly arranged. This time Kinnikuman faces another Japanese chojin, Wolfman. Also the Soviet machine Warsman debuts. From this chapter on, it's all wrestling.


First Round

  • Cubeman vs. Mindpuzzleman
  • Warsman vs. Teapackman
  • Brocken Jr. vs. Watchman
  • Kinnikuman vs. King Cobra

Quarter Finals

  • Wolfman vs. Cubeman
  • Ramenman vs. Brocken Jr.
  • Warsman vs. Pentagon
  • Bekiman vs. Kani Base
  • Benkiman vs. Tileman
  • Kinnikuman vs. Benkiman


  • Kinnikuman vs. Wolfman
  • Warsman vs. Ramenman


  • Kinnikuman vs. Warsman



One fine morning, Kinnikuman receives an invitation to the 21st chojin Olympics. At first, he's all raring to win back his title- up until he learns that despite being the previous winner, he'll have to go through the preliminaries like everyone else. But when he sees a televised interview between Harabote Muscle and the new Japanese Chojin Wolfman where they insult Kinnikuman, Kin changes his mind.


At the Municipal Stadium, chojin from around the world gather, and Kinnikuman meets old friends, such as Terryman, and chojin from the previous Olympics and the American Circuit. After the opening ceremony, Harabote Muscle announces the first Preliminary...

The Chojin Sieve

A gigantic sieve is brought in, and Harabote explains that the chojin will be put through it. Those who have too skinny or fat will fall through it, but those who are in peak physical condition will remain and move on. As thousands of chojin fall through, Terryman, Ramenman, Brocken Jr. and Wolfman are among those that pass. Kinnikuman almost falls through, but his head gets stuck in the mesh. Since Kin is still technically in the sieve, Harabote has no choice but to let him pass.

Swim Through Hell

At Yoyogi Olympic Pool, Harabote explains the next event. It will be a 50-meter swim challenge...through gasoline! Five minutes after the race begins, the gas will be set aflame. The chojin will have to swim ahead of the fire and turn on a peeing statue at the end of their lap to douse the flames. Those that do so will pass. Many are burned and drop out, but the favourites get through. Finally, it's Kinnikuman's turn. A terrible swimmer who can only kick, it seems like Kin will fail...until it turns out that those powerful (But slow) kicks are pushing the fires away, giving Kinnikuman time to reach his statue!

Bullet Train Attack

At Tokyo Train Station, the next event is train-pushing. Each chojin must push a train, and those that go the furthest advance to the next event. But, if the train falls off the rails, if the chojin either passes the start line, or if they touch the train again, they fail. While each of the favourites pass, Terryman sees that a puppy has wandered onto the rails and stops his own train to save it. While a noble action, he gets disqualified for touching his train a second time.

50KM Track Roller Skate Race

The last even for the remaining fifty chojin is a ten-lap roller skating race along a 50 kilometre track near Mount Fuji. The first 12 to reach the finish line will go to the main tournament. And to keep track of how many laps they've gone, each chojin is outfitted with a monitor displaying their rate. Although it starts out relatively peaceful, the race so becomes violent as the chojin begin to fight among themselves. While this allows Kinnikuman, who was stuck in last to get ahead for a bit, things don't look good for him, or his rival Wolfman, who is in the same place as him.

When both are nearly knocked out of bounds, the two Japanese chojin decide to put aside their rivalry and team up to fight to the finish. The first to cross is Warsman, the Soviet chojin. Next to come is Ramenman, then Brocken Jr., Benkiman, and Teapackman. Meanwhile, Kinnikuman and Wolfman trick their way to the lead by wearing their monitors upside-down, making the other racers think they only finished 6 laps when they really crossed 9. After Cubeman crosses the finish, only two spots remain. When it seems like the Japanese Duo won't make it, Oilman, an oil drum chojin, falls over and spills, causing the rest of the pack to slip up. Kinnikuman and Wolfman jump over Oilman's spill and cross the finish!

First Rounds

Cubeman vs. Mindpuzzleman

Cubeman is paired against Mindpuzzleman in Block B. [1]The match takes place in Koushien Field, but taks place in a secluded section outside the outfield. [2] Mindpuzzleman attacks first, but he tries to solve the cube puzzle on Cubeman's head. Cubeman retaliates, but - in turn - tries to solve the puzzle of Mindpuzzleman. He solves the puzzle very quickly and makes a speedy - yet anti-climatic - victory. [2]

Teapackman vs. Warsman

Teapackman starts strong, managing to hit Warsman multiple times with his teapack whip, attacking him an unexpected brutal way. But Warsman easly dodge his next attack, causing Teapackman's whip to jabber on around one of the corners, traping him. This gives Warsman the opportunity to finally attack: he perform the terrifying Screw driver technique, breaking through Teapackman's chest. In a sing of mockery, he rip off Teapackman's teacup head, and drinks his tea, before raise it up in sign of triumph.

Brocken Jr. vs. Watchman

The match takes place in Korakuen Stadium, where he begins with a barrage of blows against Brocken. [3] He takes Brocken into a Sleeper Hold, where he calculates how long it will take for Brocken to fall unconscious, and his face shows a literal countdown to this time. Brocken counters by punching him in the face and breaking his face. Brocken Jr then defeats him with a Camel Clutch, which tears him in half, before he tosses Watchman's head toward Ramenman. [3]

Kinnikuman vs. King Cobra

The match is scheduled to take place in Koshien Stadium, in a far corner behind a baseball field. [4] Kinnikuman starts the match by throwing King Cobra in a circle by his head. King Cobra begins to sweat in response, and flicks some sweat to Kinnikuman, which is revealed to be wax. [4] He uses his Wax Attack to immobilise Kinnikuman, by trapping him in the waxy substance. [5] King Cobra dances around the ring as he mocks Kinnikuman, and he dives for Kinnikuman with the mouth of his cobra-headpiece opened wide to eat Kinnikuman. The headpiece falls off his head.

Kinnikuman falls over and the wax cracks, allowing him to break free from his restraints. He takes King Cobra in a headlock, before running him down the ropes and using friction to catch his wick on fire, and this results in a victory, as King Cobra flees the ring and arena. He sees Benkiman and pleads for help, but Benkiman swallows him within his urinal and flushes him away. [5]


Wolfman vs. Cubeman

Cubeman's next match is against Wolfman, where they begin by staring each other down before a huge crowd. [6] Wolfman proceeds to leave a series of slaps to all of Cubeman's square parts, which causes them to swell and extend; the red sides are blood blisters, the yellow sides are pus, and the blue sides are bruises. Wolfman then uses a Double Crush, before tossing Cubeman out of the ring. He bounces like a ball, until an elderly person pops him with an umbrella, which causes him to explode and die. [6]

Ramenman vs. Brocken Jr.

The match is a Concrete Death Match against Brocken Jr., after Brocken Jr. wins against Watchman in the previous round. [7] The fight starts with Brocken Jr. having the advantage, as Ramenman seems not to fight back at all. [8] The crowd wonders why he is doing this, but Kinnikuman begins to believe that the reformed Ramenman plans on dying to make up for killing Brocken Jr.'s father. Brocken Jr. eventually puts Ramenman in a Camel Clutch.

Ramenman reveals that his reason for not fighting back is to give Brocken a fair chance at beating him, but - since Brocken is still young - Ramenman easily escapes the Camel Clutch and puts Brocken in a Romero Special. This knocks Brocken out, allowing Ramenman to win the match. [8] Ramenman tells Brocken: "Forget about your father and you will become a great fighter." [8] Ramenman then passes out due to massive blood loss and both he and Brocken are hospitalised. [8]

Warsman vs. Pentagon

Both rivals throw against each other, and Warsman manage to catch Pentagon's legs, turning on itself before throwing it against the ropes. Pentagon, using his acrobatic skills, manages to perch on one of the corners, launching himself at Warsman in repeated attacks. In one of his attacks, Warsman finally manages to catch him, ripping off one of his wings and knocking him to the ground. Bloodied and wounded, Pentagon launches again into attack, but Warsman, pulling out his bear claws, completely tears Pentagon up-and-down, thus winning the fight.

Kinnikuman vs. Benkiman

Before the match could even start, some of the chojin that lost in the preliminaries came up, with the condition that, if they manage to touch Benkiman, they could return to the competition. Surprinsingly, Benkiman manage to defeat all the opponents that went against him, showing how fearsom he is.

Kinnikuman runs in fear, but Benkiman manage to catch him and flush him down, but with the magical 4rd-wall break, Kinnikuman escapes...but Benkiman just catches him again, using his Ant Ball technique to turn Kinnikuman into a ball, and flush him again. Unlucky for him, Kinnikuman's shorts jammed his flush, causing him to throw away, not only his rival, but also the other Chojin who had fushing down before. After that, Benkiman is knocked out, defeated.


Kinnikuman vs. Wolfman

The semi-finals match takes place in Kuramae Public Arena, where Meat Alexandria acts as a guest commentator. [9] Four people surround the ring, while Kinnikuman is required to wear a fundashi. The ring is flipped over to reveal a sumo circle, and Kinnikuman starts with a Kinniku-Sumo Kick. He attempts a brain-buster, but Wolfman evades the attack. Wolfman tries to throw Kinnikuman out of the circle, as per sumo rules, but Kinnikuman holds onto him to stop being thrown. [9]

Wolfman delivers a Rubiks Cube Slap to Kinnikuman's face. [9] He manages to toss Kinnikuman out of the circle, but Mayumi Kinniku bursts the swollen blisters of his head and Kinnikuman floats back into the circle. [10] They grab each other's belts, where Kinnikuman is nearly thrown again, and he survives again an underarm throw. Wolfman tries to crush Kinnikuman into submission, but he pushes back. Wolfman distracts him by claiming his penis is visible through his fundashi, before throwing Kinnikuman down against the ring. [10]

Just as he is about to be declared the winner, they realise Wolfman is fully outside of the ring. Kinnikuman has used a suplex to throw him, and he has touched ground outside of the circle first, which disqualifies him from continuing in the tournament. [10]

Warsman vs. Ramenman

The match is a Steel Cage Casket Death Match, and is named "Battle of the Beasts" (as Ramenman and Warsman are reputed to be the most brutal chojin). The winner is the first to throw his opponent out of the cage and into a coffin. [11]

It was during this fight that it was revealed that Warsman has a fighting computer, which contains all of the information needed to defeat his opponents (their weaknesses, a complete list of their moves, etc.). [12] Ramenman fakes a Camel Clutch, as he goes in for a Neck Hanging Tree. Warsman counters with a kick, before breaking his arm and after his leg, and this is followed by a series of Bear Claw attacks. [12]

Ramenman struggles to gain an advantage over Warsman. [13] Warsman throws him out of the cage and through a table. He then gets on the top of the cage and jumps towards Ramenman with his trademark Screw Driver technique, but Ramenman blocks it with the ring bell. He thinks he has trapped Warsman's Bear Claws, but Warsman bursts through the bell and stabs Ramenman in the temple, putting him into a comatose state. He then throws Ramenman's limp body into a coffin, winning the match. [14]


Warsman vs. Kinnikuman

Warsman is chained by Robin Mask, but - in his rage - released to interfere with an exhibition match between Mayumi Kinniku and Harabote Muscle as a "training exercise". [15] He tosses the ring with them away, until Kinnikuman tosses it back. Warsman is stopped from killing a catatonic Ramenman, only for Robin Mask to reveal his true identity to the crowd and that Warsman is his chance for revenge. [15] Kinnikuman initially gains the upper hand, as Warsman essentially copies Robin's techniques, which Kinnikuman knows very well from their previous matches. [16] Warsman reverts to his own style, then removes Kinnikuman's mask. [17]

Underneath each of Kinnikuman's masks is another mask, so Warsman struggles to unmask him. [17] Warsman starts to remove Kinnikuman's actual mask, revealing black hair, until Kinnikuman performs the Muscle Curtain. [18] Bibimba begs Warsman to stop, after he leaves Kinnikuman a bloody mess, but Robin Mask threatens to return him to the streets. [19] Kinnikuman has the chance to throw Warsman onto his own Bear Claw, but refuses as he doesn't want to become as brutal as Warsman. [20] Warsman thus changes his mind about his evil ways, but is attacked by Robin, who then proceeds to slap Bibimba. [20] Warsman attacks Robin and continues to fight fairly against Kinnikuman.

Warsman is able to overcome Kinnikuman's Burning Inner Strength with his Palo Special, proving himself stronger and with greater techniques, but Warsman overheats in battle if he fights past 30 minutes and 35 minutes have gone by in the match. [21] Kinnikuman uses the Kinniku Buster and wins the match; he is required to remove Warsman's mask, but Warsman - talking for the first time - reveals his face. [22] He is revealed to have a cybernetic face. Kinnikuman thus returns his mask. [22]


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