Akira Kamiya (神谷 明) is a seiyuu born on September 18, 1946 in Yokohama, Kanogawa, Japan and is the voice of Kinnikuman. He has been active in the industry since 1970.



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  • Kamiya has appeared in numerous anime alongside Tanaka Hideyuki, Terryman's seiyuu, as characters who are closely connected in some way (such as Dokaben, Fist of the North Star 2, City Hunter, and Detective Conan).
  • Kamiya and Furukawa Toshio, Kinnikuman's other seiyuu, have portrayed rivals on three notable occasions (Urusei Yatsura as Mendou and Ataru, Fist of the North Star as Kenshirou and Shin, and Dragon Ball Z as Garlic Jr. and Piccolo). Additionally, Furukawa voiced Sakamoto Shigeru in Space Battleship Yamato: The New Voyage, the original intended replacement for Kamiya's character Katou.

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