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Apolloman (アポロンマン) is a Greek Chojin inspired by the god Apollo. He is an student at the Hercules Factory and assigned to the Kanto Region.


Assigned to the Kantō region. Early in the manga version, he serves a larger role as a supportive character for Mantaro. After the defeat of the DMP, Apolloman returns to Hercules with The Adams and Gorgeousman to continue training. He was featured briefly in the first Nisei movie, where he is signing autographs during a fan appreciation day. He later joins the other Seigi Chojins to fight The Cyborg, but is easily taken down.


Kinnikuman Nisei

Hercules Factory Arc

Apolloman was one of the second generation Chojin that was enlisted in the Hercules Factory. He pass all the preliminary training, and then he manage to defeat one of the legends, graduating from the academy as one of the Top ten chojin of the Hercules factory. He was then asigned to the Kanto Region.

HF First Years Replacement Arc

Apolloman, alongside The Adams and Gorgeousman, were training and perfecting their techniques. In particular, Apolloman was having a match with The Adams, and although it looked like he was gonna win with his Powerbomb, The Adams manage to get free and catch him in a Triangle hold Frankesteiner, defeating him.

He was then seen cheering for Scarface, turning against Mantaro. But after the defeat of Scarface, Apolloman, alongside the other chojin that had sided with him, were send to special training as a punishment.

Ultimate Tag Tournament

He was present during Meat reunion with the rest of the Justice Chojin, and help in collecting the different pieces necessary for the build of the time machine. Apolloman decide to stay behind, while Mantaro a team travel back in time.



Pan Crush

Career Information


  • Hercules Factory First Year Graduate
  • Japan Stationed Chojin - Kanto

Win/Loss Record (Singles)

  • 0 Unknown Legend
  • X The Adams (Triangle hold Frankensteiner)


  • He first appears as a fan submission on the cover art for chapter 374 of the original Kinnikuman. He also appears in Yurei Kozo ga Yattekita as the hero Kid Arthur (亜鎖亜童子 Aasaa Dōji).
  • Submitted by: Yoshikazu Ueno (植野嘉一) of Chiba.