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Ashuraman is a recurring character in Kinnikuman. He was a member of the Six Devil Knights, before becoming a Justice Chojin. Then in Kinnikuman Nisei he return to his evil ways, and became one of the Demon Seed.


Ashuraman (アシュラマン) is a fictional character who made several appearances during the superhuman wrestling manga Kinnikuman. He was also a prince from the Demon Realm. He is named after the Hindu-Buddhist warlike deities, the Ashura (阿修羅) and also after wrestler Ashura Hara.


Ashuraman hates weakness among Devil Chojin. When the Seven Devil Chojin failed to stop Kinnikuman, he and the other Devil Knights decapitated them and stole their arms for Ashuraman's purposes. For some reason, he couldn't steal Buffaloman's arms. And to make matters worse for Buffaloman, Ashuraman admits that Buffaloman had the potential to be a Devil Knight before the meeting with Kinnikuman Soldier, but Buffaloman lets his emotions sway him.

He is absolutely loyal to General Devil and the other Devil Knights. Even when General Devil punished him, he still begged for forgiveness. He will later have a wife and son, but both will die and push him back to becoming a Devil Chojin.


Ashuraman is a blue-skinned Devil Chojin with six arms and three faces, like the Asura of Hindu and Buddhist mythology. In the Anime, his skin color is changed to a light tan for some reason.


Ashuraman has the power of stealing other Chojin arms and using them as his own. It has a weakness: if the Chojin is still alive, they can manipulate their stolen arms to their liking.



Ashuraman is one of the Seven Devil Chojin during the Golden Mask Arc. He fights for General Devil, and fights against Terryman during a tournament, which ends in a double-knockout. He returns during the Universal Chojin Tag Tournament, where e forms a tag-team with Sunshine as the Stray Devil Chojin Combo, and win against the New Machineguns, only to later lose against the Muscle Brothers. He will finally appear in the Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne Arc, where he forms a part of Team Soldier, but his match against Satan Cross also ends in a double-knockout.


Twenty years previous to the events in the Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne Arc, Ashuraman was personally trained by Samson. [2] He is being taught the Ashura Izuna Drop, where he is warned never to let his opponent invert his technique, after having mildly injured himself. [2]

(More to Come)

Golden Mask Arc

Ashuraman, with his distinctive six arms and three faces, initially appeared as one of the Devil Knights, Devil Chojin who stole the sacred Golden Mask of the Kinniku Clan. He first fought Terryman in the Five Story Ring battles inside Warsman's unconscious body. In this fight he introduced a new version of the Kinniku Buster: the Ashura Buster. If Terry were to have gone through even one Ashura Buster, his body would've been pulled apart. Luckily, Kinnikuman jumped into the ring and cushioned the blow. Terry then broke off Ashuraman's top two arms, causing his own arms to be on the verge of falling off.

It is here that Ashuraman reveals his ability to regenerate his arms by stealing the arms of others. As soon as Terry's arms fell off, they appeared on Ashuraman. He tried a second Ashura Buster on Terry, but Geronimo's tomahawk's (protruding through the ring above for Terry to grab) and Buffaloman's arms (which suddenly appeared on Terry) put a stop to it. The fight eventually went out of the ring and, after Terry restarted Warsman's heart, they scramble to make it back to the ring before being counted out. With his last ounce of strength, Terry used Buffaloman's arms to stop Ashuraman from re-entering the ring, causing the match to end in a double count-out.

Because of this, he was the sole surviving Devil Knight when General Devil was revived, and when they both left Warsman's body, Ashuraman engages Kinnikuman soon afterwards, and was soon defeated by an incomplete Kinniku Driver. As punishment for his defeat, General Devil decapitates Ashuraman with his sword, and Ashuraman merges with his master's being like the others.

Dream Chojin Tag Arc

Ashuraman, as a part of the Stray Akuma Chojin Combo with Sunshine, takes part to the Dream Chojin Tag Tournament. The two demons, last survivors of the Golden Mask Arc concoct a plan to steal the Friendship Power of the Justice Chojin by using some cursed dolls.

They manage to steal the very emotion of friendship among the Justice Chojin, greatly weakening them, as a Justice Chojin can't fight without friendship in his heart.

As such, Ashuraman and Sunshine are able to beat effortlessly the Big Bombers and the New Machineguns, in the process turning the former friends Kinnikuman and Terryman against each other.

While during the fight against the New Machineguns Sunshine begins to believe in the power of friendship, Ashuraman keeps holding to his ideal as an uncaring, evil fiend, and by observing how the attempts made by Kinnikuman and Kinnikuman Great to save Geronimo and Terryman ended up in their cursed doll being broken, he claims the breaks are parts of a prophecy, and uses Sunshine's Cursed Roller to injure his foes where the dolls were broken: Geronimo ends up with a badly shattered right arm, and Terryman is forced to surrender his Star Emblems, or get Geronimo killed and himself decapitated.

The prophecy comes to pass in a roundabout way: Prince Kamehame, the former Kinnikuman Great, succumbs because of the strain of helping the New Machineguns and decapitates Terryman, giving him the Kinnikuman Great to allow him fight with Kinnikuman even if he lacks the Star Emblems and Kinnikuman now despises him.

During the fight between the Muscle Brothers and the Stray Akuma Chojin Combo Ashuraman is exposed to the Friendship power: he witnesses Kinnikuman and Terryman starting to mend their friendship, and sees Sunshine caring for him and even apologising when the Cursed Roller ends up tearing off his right arms.

Ashuraman tries to still act cold and uncaring, but when Prince Kamehame's arm, who used as a replacement, rebels to his will and leads to his defeat, starts believing in Friendship too, sharing with Sunshine the memories of Samson Teacher

He's then taken back to his kingdom to be healed, but escapes, still bandaged, to restore Terryman's Star Emblem and ask Harabote Muscle to reinstate The Machineguns as a team and allow them to fight together against the Hell Missionaries.

In the Hell Kingdom, his mother rationalises his discovery of friendship by claiming Ashuraman found the Perfect Chojin a better target for his hatred than the Justice Chojin.

Chojin Blood Oath Brigade's Formation!

This story covered the formation of Kinnikuman Soldier's team in detail. Brocken Jr. and Buffaloman want to join Soldier's team, but Ashuraman and The Ninja aren't on board with that idea. According to Ashuraman, Buffaloman is too easily swayed by his emotions, which is why he never became a Devil Knight despite having exceptional talent. [3]

Kinnikuman Soldier shows up and interrupted Ashuraman and The Ninja's departure. In response, The Ninja attempts to read Kinnikuman Soldier's mind with his Expose the Heart jutsu, but there's nothing to read. Unlike the other Fated Princes, Soldier has no ambition to destroy his opponents and take over the throne. [3]

Ashuraman gets into a fight against Soldier, but Soldier easily fends him off. Soldier even escaped the Ashura Buster in a similar fashion to Kinnikuman and counters with a Dragon Cube Suplex. Buffaloman deduces why Soldier would pick those four. Pride is their main characteristic. According to Ashuraman, "all four chojin are bull headed guys who won't listen to anyone". [3]

Ashuraman asks if Soldier is a fake Soldier and Soldier confirms this theory. He ambushed the real Soldier's team while they were training near Mt. Fuji and stole the real Soldier's mask. The fake Soldier explains that he joined the tournament because the Friendship Power the Justice Chojin use is a sham and that the pride that they share can bring out their true strength. [3]

Ashuraman wants Soldier to prove why this team of outcasts would make an excellent team. Soldier tells him to be silent. A real man would never talk so much. Instead, he'd silently watch the result with his own eyes. Ashuraman follows up with his Tornado Hell, but Soldier dodges, causing the building already worn down by the Rolling Cube Suplex to collapse on top of them. Soldier heals them all with a Face Flash. With this act, Soldier convinced them to join his team for the upcoming tournament. [3]

Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne

When Kinnikuman's right to the Kinniku Throne was challenged by five pretenders to the throne, Ataru Kinniku forms a team of five people to fight in a tournament to determine who shall be king of Planet Kinniku. [4] Buffaloman - sans his horns - arrives at the house of Brocken Jr., along with Ashuraman and The Ninja. Ataru asks them to join his team, as well as to meet him at Nagoya Castle in three days time, and - during that time - they watch him from a distance to ascertain his character. [4]

After Ataru defeats Bockman and saves a boy, Ashuraman and the others decide to join his team. [5] They proceed to enter Nagoya Castle and face against Team Phoenix, as they announce they have formed The Chojin Blood Oath Brigade. [6] After The Ninja is defeated by Satan Cross, Ashuraman declares he is Satan Cross' next opponent and dons mechanical shoulder-pads gifted to him by the Ninja. [7]

Ashuraman begins with a flurry of punches, but they are all evaded. He is knocked down after Satan Cross dodges a roundhouse kick, and a shoulder-tackle manages to crack Satan Cross' armour, which reveals Satan Cross' true form. Ashuraman attempts an Ashura-Buster, but - when Satan Cross tries to remove his head - the shoulder-pads on Ashuraman capture his head and prevent escape. [7] Satan Cross counters with a Sand Cushion, which causes the ring to turn to sand and cushions the blow, softening the impact. [8]

With Satan Cross seemingly down, despite the cushioned blow, Ashuraman adopts his Angry Face and attempts a Flying Elbow Drop from the top ropes. He then sees the eyes of Samson in Satan Cross, which forces him to deflect his blow and destroy his own elbows instead, as he shows sympathy to his once teacher and guardian. After Ashuraman breaks down with tears, Satan Cross uses a Break-Dance Shoot on him. [8]

Satan Cross reveals that he changed after the incident at the waterfall, when Ashuraman was a child, and how he made a pact with the God of Intelligence to absorb a parasite into his body to change from Samson into Satan Cross. Satan Cross offers him the chance to join Team Phoenix, but Ashuraman feigns a handshake to crush his hand and reject the offer. Ashuraman moves his shoulder-pads to his knees for a Double Knee Drop. [8] Satan Cross attempts another Sand Cushion, but Ashuraman blows the sand away. [9]

He performs an Ashura Izuna Drop, but Ashuraman forgets that he was taught that technique by Samson, and thus Satan Cross knows how to avoid damage from the technique. When Ashuraman attempts another Ashura Izuna Drop, Satan Cross disconnects two of his arms and extends his upper arms, which he uses to grab the ropes and reverse the move, slamming Ashuraman into the canvas. Satan Cross then uses a Demon World Swamp, which turns the canvas into a murky swamp, which connects to the Demon World. [9]

Ashuraman then uses an improved Ashura Izuna Drop named the Azura Infinity Power. [10]

The parasite leaves Samson's body to cushion the blow, as their body crashes against the wall. Satan Cross then uses the Triangle Dreamer, but both Satan Cross and Ashuraman collapse to the ground and are instantly knocked out, thus ending the match in a draw. [10]

(More to Come)

He watches as the remaining team members were defeated by Super Phoenix and his men in the Cube Match, leaving him the sole survivor. Later, when he and Kinnikuman's team ventured to the final arena, Super Phoenix activated a spiked ceiling trap to kill them all. However, Ashuraman sacrificed himself by holding the ceiling up long enough for Team Kinnikuman to escape, and was impaled. He was later revived by Suguru's Face Flash along with the rest of Kinnikuman Soldier's team.

Deep of Muscles 12

After deciding that they will participate in the Dream Tag Tournamend, Sunshine informs him that he will try to find a new technique, and also try to start an exclusive training to become stronger. Ashuraman agrees, and see him becoming sand and traveling throw out the wind. Once Sunshine returns, he shows him his new technique, the Cursed Roller. Now they were ready to enter the tournament!

Kinnikuman 2011

Perfect Origin Arc


During the beginning of the arc, Ashuraman shows up to sign the treaty between the Justice Chojin, Devil Chojin and the Perfect Chojin as the Devil Chojin's representative. As Ashuraman and Neptuneman had helped out Justice Chojin in their own special way, it made perfect sense to sign the treaty. However, he broke the treaty when he helps General Devil and his fellow Devil Knights invade the Chojin Graveyard.

Ashuraman vs. Justiceman

After killing countless Graveyard Demons, he enters the door for the Perfect Sixth and appears within a cave in the Demon World. [11]

A voice calls to him and compliments his composure, where the Sixth Origin appears: Justiceman. [11] Justiceman tells the story of Milosman, whose statue adorns the arena of Ashuraman's world, and that Milosman had his arms stolen by Ashuraman's ancestors. [12] Ashuraman clicks his fingers an makes four screens appear about the ring within the arena, which enables them to speak to the chojin in other rings across the world, as the others also continue to participate within the tournament. [12]

After Justiceman puts his scales on a corner-post, Ashuraman dives forward to attack. [13] Justiceman counters before an attack can land, as he drops a high-kick to Ashuraman's upper arms. This knocks off Ashuraman's armlets, and it lands upon the scales, which strikes a balance that shows he is neither evil or good. Asuraman proceeds to use an Ashura Six-Realm Lotus. Justiceman counters with a palm-press and a spin-kick. Ashuraman attempts an Ashura Torpedo, which is countered with a Chancery Drop.

Justiceman continues to perfectly counter Ashuraman's attacks, culminating in a double-arm suplex. [13] Ashuraman attempts a Paramita Lariat, but this is countered with a Large Three-Arm Lock. [14] Justiceman is able to predict with set of arms Ashuraman will use at any moment, which is due to the genetics of Milosman 'speaking' to Justiceman, and Justiceman uses a Judgement Crash. This wrenches off one of Ashuraman's arms, and a Judgement Twist removes another. [14]

A Judgement Avalanche removes two more arms, leaving him with two arms. [14] Ashuraman attempts an Ashura Izuna Drop, as his knees turn into hooks and hold onto Justiceman's feet, but Justiceman counters with a handstand. [15] Justiceman attacks with a knee-strike. Buffaloman encourages Ashuraman to continue, who attempts a Lariat that misses and lands on a ring-post. This slices off Ashuraman's remaining left arm.

Ashuraman attempts a hand blow, but his arm gets entangled in the ropes. This slices off his right arm. He proceeds to grow six new arms, borrowed from various Devil Chojin. [15] He proceeds to use a Revived Tornado Hell, which finally lands a blow on Justiceman. [16] This is followed by an Ashura Face-Change and a Tornado Hell and an Ashura Six Realm Lotus. He lands a series of blows against Justiceman, as he leaves no openings, and follows with an Angry Suplex. This is broken by Justiceman with a Judgement Windmill.

After the attack, Ashuraman takes two corner-posts and slices indents in them. They attach to the top two ropes on each side of the ring, as he slips between them on one side to use an Ashura Flaming Bullet. [16] Te two incessantly try to counter each other's attacks during the fall, until Ashuraman uses his Ashura Buster. [17] This is soon turned into a Blood Unit Ashura Buster. It fails to impact Justiceman, and - in anger - Ashuraman attacks Justiceman with a series of blows, but Justiceman dodges every single attack. [17]

Justiceman proceeds to break off several of Ashuraman's arms, and destroys his various faces, until only one is left. He follows this with a Judgement Penalty. [18] This destroys the rest of Ashuraman's arms and the final face. [19] Justiceman is declared the victor. Despite this victory, the scales on the side of the ring declare Ashuraman innocent and Justiceman tosses back his armlet to him. [19]

(More to Come)

Placeholder Arc

During the match between the Natural and Satan Cross at the Hill of Crosses, Ashuraman shows up. He calls out Satan Cross for leaving Makai without his permission. Satan Cross explains that he left Makai in order to redeem Team Intelligence as a whole. Satan Cross didn't tell Ashuraman as he felt that Ashuraman would never understand Satan Cross's resolve at all. Satan Cross came back to spit in this ridiculous world's face.

Satan Cross charges at The Natural with a Parmita Lariat. The Natural encourages this as The Natural wants more sport. The Natural catches Satan Cross and throws him aside before Satan Cross goes for a sweep kick, followed by a Tornado Hell to set up the Quadruple Buster. The Natural easily counters the Quadruple Buster by attacking Satan Cross's neck with one of his masks.

The Natural praises Satan Cross's move and notes the damage taken by Satan Cross before announcing that he will begin his counterattack. The Natural finishes off Satan Cross with a Natural Bone Crusher. During the grapple, The Natural praises Satan Cross for being the first Chojin to fight well and that it's a shame to kill him. Satan Cross admits that The Natural is right along on how The Natural is strong in comparison to him. Accepting his loss, Satan Cross is incomplete and empty. This incompleteness is what drives Chojin to evolve. Soon, a Chojin to outshine Satan Cross's imperfection will arrive and that The Natural will personally witness this.

The Natural will not forget this at all as he slams Satan Cross into the canvas. He notes that Satan Cross did well for a Chojin. Upon seeing Satan Cross's defeat, Ashuraman calls out Satan Cross's original name, Samson. The Natural retrieves the Capillaria Ray piece after finding it as one of Satan Cross's bracelets. Brocken is surprised at the piece's Now, that Satan Cross lived up to his promise, The Natural will dispose of him by crucifying him.

Ashuraman tries to aid Satan Cross, but Satan Cross harshly criticizes his own actions. However, Ashuraman believes that Satan Cross did well as he fought as the honorable Samson instead of his heel personality. Ashuraman cried tears of joy upon seeing that in action. Despite Ashuraman's help, Satan Cross will die soon enough. Now that Satan Cross is dying, it is up to Ashuraman to decide the Chojin world's future. And then Satan Cross passes away.

As Brocken Jr. and Ataru console Ashuraman's loss, Buffaloman and The Ninja arrive. Buffaloman notes the coincidence of the five in the same location. The Chojin Blood Oath Brigade has formed again. Ataru believes it is up to the Chojin Blood Oath Brigade to unite as one and put an end to the dangers of the Choushin. Ashuraman is the one who will step up to the plate first.

Kinnikuman Nisei

Ashuraman found a wife, who bore him a son, but the son became evil and killed his wife. This forced Ashuraman to kill his son, and - in his grief - he turned back to Satan and became a Devil Chojin again. He formed a part of the Demon Seed, while entering a new tournament as the tag-partner of Voltman; they defeat the Blood Evolutions, but ultimately loses against the The Young Masters. Ashuraman loses his newfound power, but is rescued by Sunshine who still cares for his old friend.

Demon Seed Arc

The Demon Seed reveal there are General Palasts across Japan, and - after using tentacles to kidnap the Army of Idols - take their individual opponents to their specific Palasts. [20] The General Palast breaks into five pieces, with each Death-Match Room going to the new locations. [21] Ashuraman first appears on the Ganryu Islands, Yamaguchi. [22] The final palast is a ring with a rib-cage that encases the exterior, which forms to become General Rib. [23] He exudes enough power to induce terror in the Justice Chojin. [24]

He is in the process of regeneration, as the tag-team with B-Evolutions (Mars & Kevin Mask) starts. Voltman works alongside him to form The Demolitions. Mantaro Kinniku notices that Ashuraman is struggling and weak, and that Voltman fights to distract the B-Evolutions from Ashuraman. [24] Once his regeneration is complete, he flees the ring to land on the statues of Musashi and Kujiro. [25] He possess the Musashi statue, until it contorts and transforms and he bursts forth in his true form of Ashuraman. [25]

The General Stone is sucked into his chest. [26] Ashuraman rejects Sunshine's offer to team-up, as he returns to the ring in order to fight. He reveals he also grew old, but the power of the General Stone restored his youth. It will be his first match in 34 years. They begin the fight in earnest, exchanging a series of blows. [26]

Ashuraman uses psychological tactics to torment Kevin. [27] He manages to gain an advantage and incapacitate Kevin Mask. [28] Kevin regains enough strength to knock Ashuraman from the ring, using a combination attack from Mars, and this infuriates Ashuraman. [29] He changes his face into one of rage, as he dives into the ring and attacks Mars (who uses his Mask of Madness). [30] When Mars uses his Ultimate Mars Buster, Ashuraman breaks his teeth to change the shape of his head, which allows him to escape. [31] He proceeds to use the Ultimate Ashuraman Buster. [31] After Mars dies, Voltman and Ashuraman proceed to flee to the last palast, where they await their final match against Kevin Mask and Mantaro Kinniku. [31]

Together, Ashuraman and Voltman bring forth all the palasts. [32]

The last palast emerges at the Osore Mountain at the Shimokita Peninsula, and they reveal it is the place of the Demon Womb, where they seek to resurrect General Terror. [33] They attach Meat's body parts to General Terror's statue, and reveal if Mantaro and Kevin are late that Meat will be absorbed into General Terror. [33] At the appointed time, they mock Kevin and Mantaro for being late, but both arrive just three minutes before the deadline. [34] The ring to the Demon Womb is on top of a column of deceased Muscle League members. [35]

Ashuraman levitates Meat's torso, arms and legs into a sac filled with fluid: demon amino. It will change Meat into General Terror, should the The Young Masters lose their match or not win within the hour. [35] After Mantaro changes costumes, it triggers a flashback in Ashuraman, as he remembers training his son and being with his family - he demands Sunshine ring the bell for the match. [36] Ashuraman starts strong, as Mantaro refuses to tag out and allow Kevin Mask to fight. [37] After Mantaro and Kevin bicker amongst themselves, The Demolitions counter against Mantaro with a Demolition German Suplex. [37]

This triggers Kevin Mask and Mantaro to work together. [38]

After Kevin Mask dies, after defeating Voltman, it leaves Mantaro to fight Ashuraman alone. [39] Ashuraman changes his face to Ashuraman: Cold-Blooded. [40] He proceeds to removed Voltman's General Stone, which kills Voltman, and Mantaro is left with 35 minutes to stop Ashuraman. Mantaro manages to snap Ashuraman's neck, partially decapitating him, but Ashuraman revives and puts his head back into place and employs a Nirvana Twist against Mantaro. [40]

The support of Kinnikuman for Mantaro triggers a series of flashbacks:

It is revealed that - after the Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne Arc - that Ashuraman married Ivonne, and that between them they bore a son named Shiva. [41] He is shown to be a doting father, as he trains his son about mind over matter, and that they trained together as a family. [41] We see that Shiva grew to be a ruthless fighter, even attacking unconscious opponents, much to Ashuraman's dismay. [42] Shiva later uncovered blood-soaked items, kept by Ashuraman to remember his past as a devil chojin, and becomes fascinated with the concept of evil. [43] When Shiva seems to neglect his training, Ashuraman goes into his room and uncovers dismembered insects and dead poultry bleeding in his closet. [44]

We then see that Shiva murdered Ivonne. [45]

Shiva feigns regret, but blames Ashuraman for the evil blood that courses through his veins and uses this as the reason for his murder of his mother. [46] Ashuraman then kills his son, in his grief and desire for retribution.[47] As a result of this, he returned to his ways as an Akuma Chojin and joined General Terror and the Demon Seeds.

The match continues, as Ashuraman allows Mantaro a moment of reprieve in order to extend the match and gain further gratification from his pain. [41] Ashuraman then proceeds to employ the Battle Hardened Bone Knee Lock, which exposes the bones of his knees and clamp them around Mantaro's feet like a padlock, before ramming him into the mat. [41] Mantaro manages to regain an advantage, culminating in the Power Bomb Position, but this causes the ring to shake and Meat's leg to fall closer to the Demon Amino. [42] Ashuraman then proceeds to slice off his own leg. [43] He begs General Terror for help and is granted a prosthetic leg made of crystal. [43]

Ashuraman lands several strong attacks, but Mantaro - after strengthening his bond with his father, after a momentary break of trust - employs an Evil Flesh Strike. [48] Ashuraman begins a mental breakdown, as he remembers his son, which allows Mantaro a further edge in battle. [46] The battle turns again, as Mantaro is seemingly incapacitated with an Ultimate Ashuraman Buster. [47] This is followed with a Funeral Prayer, which is enough to force Mantaro admit he is afraid. [49] Mantaro's confession reminds Ashuraman of his deceased son, allowing him to become distracted, and giving Mantaro a chance to counter the move, as he counters with a Muscle G. [50]

At 58 minutes, Ashuraman is defeated and falls from the ring. [51]

General Devil is revived, and Ashuraman - from outside the ring - reveals that the only thing that can damage General Devil's body is a part of his body. [52] Ashuraman forfeits his leg, made of General Terror's body, and uses that to slice off General Devil's head, preventing him from using Meat's head as his own. Ashuraman says that they are obliged to follow rules, even if they are evil, and that General Devil is breaking the rules. [52] It is revealed that - in his old age - Ashuraman made a pact with Genera Devil to regain his youth, and Genera Devil asks whether Ashuraman made a mistake in speaking against him, asking him to again pledge his allegiance: Ashuraman refuses to join him. [53] When Ashuraman continues to say that even Akuma Chojin must fight fair, to properly prove their dominance, General Devil removes his general stone. [53] Ashuraman returns to his elderly and frail form.

General Devil fades away and dies soon after.

As Ashuraman is alone, Sunshine returns to him and says: "there is friendship even among devils". [53] Sunshine helps Ashuraman to leave the crumbling arena, as he promises him to be friends no matter what and to always be there for him, and it is assumed they escape the arena in safety. [53]



Ashura Buster (阿修羅バスター)

  • Ashuraman performs a standard Kinniku Buster but uses his extra arms to also grab the opponent's arms and thighs, creating a tighter hold.

Improved Ashura Buster (改良阿修羅バスター, Kyourai Ashura Basutā)

  • Instead of doing a standard Kinniku Buster hold, Ashuraman grabs his opponent's arms and legs and then uses his third pair of hands to hold their head on top of the spike on his head.

Ultimate Ashura Buster (アルティメット・阿修羅バスター)

  • Based on Scarface's Ultimate Scar Buster. While performing a regular Ashura Buster, Ashuraman grabs the opponent's neck with his legs.

Blood Unit Ashura Buster

  • A version of the Improved Ashura Buster done with the arms of the fallen Devil Chojin. Used against Justiceman in the Perfect Origin arc

Tornado Hell (竜巻地獄, Tatsumaki Jigoku)

  • Ashuraman holds all six of his arms up to one side and then throws them down to the other, sending a small tornado towards his opponent.
Water Rope (ウォーターロープ)

Ashura Torpedo (阿修羅魚雷, Ashura Gyorai)

  • Ashuraman jumps onto the ropes and launches his body horizontally at his opponent.
Snowflake Great Blooming (雪花大輪咲き, Sekka Dairin Zaki)
  • In the anime it is called Rain Flower Great Blooming (雨の花・大輪咲き Ame no Hana Dairin Zaki).

Triple Body Slam (トリプル・ボディースラム)

Hell's Canvas (地獄のキャンバス Jigoku no Kyanbasu)

Ashura Izuna Drop (阿修羅稲綱落とし, Ashura Izuna Otoshi)

Ashuraman throws the enemy in the air, then he jumps in the air then stands on the enemy's feet with his knees and smashes the enemy into the mat.
Ashura Infinite Power (阿修羅(むげんだい)パワー, Ashura Mugendai Pawaa)
Ashuraman's power-up technique.
Ashura Lotus Strike (阿修羅・蓮華打ち Ashura Renge Uchi)

Ashura Six Realms Lotus (阿修羅六道蓮華 Ashura Rikudō Renge)

Ashura Vajra Entanglement (阿修羅金剛絡み, Ashura Kongō Karami)

  • A Kinnikuman Nisei technique.

Paramita Lariat (波羅密多ラリアット Haramitta Rariatto)

  • A Kinnikuman Nisei technique. Ashuraman entwines all three arms on one side into one giant arm and performs a powerful lariat on his opponent.

Nirvana Twist (涅槃ツイスト, Nehan Tsuisuto)

Makai OLAP (魔界鳴辣封(オラップ))

  • Ashuraman's version of Kevin Mask's technique done with six arms. To add more damage, Ashuraman leaps at a turnbuckle and slams his opponent's face into it.

Hell's Guillotine (地獄の断頭台 Jigoku no Dantōdai)

  • General Devil's technique. After grabbing his opponent, Ashuraman spins around rapidly so that the opponent is lifted off of his feet. Then, he releases the hold, sending them skyward, and jumps up after them. From there, he can finish the move by either placing a knee or shin against his opponent's neck as they descend in a guillotine-like position. Causes severe damage to the neck.

One Moment Three Thousand Chops (一念三千手刀 Ichinen Senzen Tegatana)

Mandala Arm (曼荼羅腕 Mandara Ude)

Head Size Change (頭寸尺変え Atama Sunshaku Kae)

Angry Suplex (アングリースープレックス)
  • Uses all six arms to combine a neck hanging and double-arm suplex.

Battle Hardened Bone Knee Lock

  • Ashuraman exposes the bones of his knees and clamps them around his opponent's feet like a padlock, before ramming them into the mat.

Career Record


  • Chojin Lumberjack Champion
  • Brutal Chojin Heavyweight
  • Akuma Chojin Carnival Champion ('79)
  • 2nd Kinnikuman Popularity Contest (9th Place)
  • 3rd Kinnikuman Popularity Contest (5th Place)
  • 4th Kinnikuman Popularity Contest (10th Place)


  • One of the Six Devil Knights
  • Chojin Blood Oath Army - Second Guard
  • Demon Seed No. 6


  • Demon Realm Prince
  • Shooting Machine
  • Mimicry Fiend
  • Legendary Strongest Devil Chojin

Win/Loss Record (Singles)

Win/Loss Record (Tag)

Stray Devil Chojin Combo (Sunshine)
The Demolitions (Voltman)



  • Laugh: Ka~KaKaKa (カーカカカ)
  • Submitted by: Yoshida of Hyōgo Prefecture and Nakata of Ishikawa Prefecture
  • Theme Song: "Ashura Hell (阿修羅地獄, Ashura Jigoku)" by Gakuro (feat. Daisuke Gori as Ashuraman)


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