Bath the Shower (バス・ザ・シャワー) is a Hercules Factory Second Year Student brainwashed by the d. M.p along with Jade. He fights Seiuchin in the Oden Tower's Daikon Ring.


Bath the Shower is a second-year student at the Hercules Factory, where he fights in the D.M.p Arc of Kinnikuman Nisei ~All Chojin Dai Shingeki~. He competes alongside characters such as Jade, while his match is scheduled against Seiuchin. He ultimately loses to Seiuchin, who defeats him with a Salmon Splash attack.


The Seigi Chojin finish the first part of their tournament against the D.M.p, which leads to them facing off against the second-year students of the Hercules Factory. [1] These students were kidnapped by the D.M.P, and forced to become Akugyo Chojin. Seiuchin jumps into one of the rings, where one of these new second-year students reveals himself to be Bath the Shower.[1]

They fight on the first storey ring, which is the daikon ring, and Seiuchin starts strong with a volley of knee blows. [2] This is followed by a Rolling Savate, which knocks Bath the Shower down, and - once down - he fills his body with hot water. This tempts Seiuchin to crawl inside him, so that he can relax in a warm bathtub. Bath the Shower convinces Seiuchin to use the 'bath salts', which contain capsaicin and cause Seiuchin to profusely sweat and lose his body mass. Seicuchin tries to wash it off with the shower-head, but it impaled with Icicle Shower. [2]

Bath the Shower begins to panic when Seiuchin picks up a new jar of 'bath salts'. [3] It is revealed to be a herbal bath treatment, which helps Seiuchin get back to full heath, and uses his strength to avoid a series of attacks, before countering with a Salmon Splash. This wins him the match against Bath the Shower. Bath the Shower is defeated. [3]


Hellish Killer Spa-Resort

  • Fills his body with hot water, then adds capsaicin, which makes his opponent's body profusely sweat until they start to lose body mass

Icicle Shower​​​​​​​

  • Icicles shoot out of the shower-head, impaling the opponent

Career Information

Win/Loss Record (Singles)



  • Submitted by: Takeshi Fujimoto (藤本剛) of Kanagawa
  • Laugh: Shawa-shawa (シャワシャワ)


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