Beansman (ビーンズマン) is a Seigi Chojin from Planet Rakka.


The disciple of Ingen, he is charged with gathering the Seven Chōjin to defeat the Uchu Nobushi. The anime version changed Beansman's origin to Prince Medaka of Planet Kingyo (in English: Prince Killifish of the Planet Goldfish).


On Planet Rakka, Beansman is first seen fleeing with Ingen, as their planet is attacked by bandits.[1] When Ingen receives an arrow through his head, Beansman tries to fly away to attack the bandits, as one of the last chojin on the planet; Ingen stops him and tells him he is no match for the bandits. Ingen tells Beansman to go to Earth, so that he can bring their strongest chojin to Planet Rakka in order to defend their people. Beansman flees in the escape pod, as Ingen seemingly dies. 

Beansman first lands in Texas, where he sends a Kaiju to attack Terryman to test his power, and next he tries to offer Ramenman money to help them, but Ramenman helps of his own volition. Later, Kinnikuman sees Beansman flying by and decides to join their group.[1]

Beansman chastises Kinnikuman, who complains about the exertion of the journey.[2] He attacks Kinnikuman when Kinnikuman eats his otafuku beans. They next recruit Puyo-Puyo, Crystalman and Brockenman Jr.. He proceeds to lead them to Planet Rakka. [2] After using Puyo-Puyo's magical abilities, they travel to the scene of the action to fight.[3]

They find there are no people in the area, but a random citizen reveals himself to be Beansman's elder: Ingen. He tells them that the survivors are waiting in a fortress nearby to be saved. [3] While the others defend, Beansman declares that he will attack the fortress with Crystalman.[4] After the Earth Seigi Chojin defend the planet and defeat the villains, Beansman thanks them and shakes Terryman's hand. [4]



  • Hobby: Kaijuu collecting [3]


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