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Beauty Rhodes is a WSC Champion, and an antagonist during the American Tour Arc. He acts as Edith Harrison right hand man.


Rhodes first appears when the leaders of the WSC and WSF challenge Kinnikuman for his championship belt. Later on, he is the first to be attacked by the mysterious 'Chanelman' (actually Kinnikuman in disguise). Later, when the WSF decide to go along with Kinnikuman's masquerade, he attacks Sheik Seijin, only to have his face ripped off by Skull Bozu. After the WSF try to steal the belt by getting Kinnikuman and Robin Mask killed in their rematch over the Grand Canyon, he, now with a metal plate where he face was ripped off, and the rest of the WSC appear and try to take the belt in a riot. When God Von Erich appeared and declared a tag tournament to decide the leadership of the American Chojin world, Jean Steamboard from France was selected to be his partner, forming the Emperors.

In the first match, the Emperors went up against Kinnikuman and Terryman, The Machineguns. Because of Kinnikuman's inexperience with tag teams, the Emperors quickly had the advantage. However, the match ended in a draw. In their second match, they were up against the Blood Illusions, Skull Bozu and Devil Magician. However, because of the Blood Illusions' dirty tactics, including splashing Rhodes with alcohol and setting him on fire, the match ended in their loss. At the final match, Rhodes and Steamboat managed to recover in time to help Terryman get his artificial leg back from Kinkotsuman.


Beauty Rhodes is a brutal chojin. He tends to be silent most of the time, and rely mostly on his pure strength. Despite this, he is still a Justice Chojin, and will fight with his power alone, without relling in external help or weapons.


He is a humanoid chojin dressed in an standard wrestling outfit, with a pair of shorts, boots and different kinds of protection around his body, like his knees and elbows. He has shaggy blond hair, and after having his upper lip ripped off by Skull Bozu, he wears a metal plate. This is temporaly, however, since in future appearance, he appears without the iron plate.



American Tour Arc

Beauty Rhodes is presented as the champion of the WSC under Edith Harrison’s command. He appears alonside her, Seijin Sheik and Skull Bozu in a big screen. He turna round in embarrassment after Sheik and Edith start to fight.

He then went to a match against Hulk Dogan, and using his prideful strategy, manage to easly defeat Dogan with an elbow drop. After wining the match, he is challenged by a mysterious wrestler that calls himself “The Chanelman”. Rhodes makes fun of him, because he hasn’t Heard about him, but The Chanelman makes a surprise attack, managing to K.O Beauty Rhodes, thus, defeating the champion of the WSC.

He then watched how the mysterious Chanelman defeats Bulldozer, and sends some of his goons to catch Chanelman, but they couldn’t find him.

Then, he and Edith go to the places were the WSF makes their ilegal matches, and before King Crusher and Skull Bozu could fight, Beaty Rhodes appear with a beaten up Crusher, declaring that is a “present” to Sheik and Skull Bozu.

After arguing who the Chanelman may be, Edith send Beauty Rhodes and his goons to attack him, but Rhodes is intercepted by Skull Bozu, how catch him and manage to rip off his upper lip.

After Kinnikuman's eventual victory in the American Tour Arc, God Von Erich declares that a tag-tournament will determine which organisation will control the USA. [1] Beauty Rhodes is introduced to Jean Steamboard at New York Airport. [2] They enter the ring for the opening ceremony of the tournament, where they insult The Machineguns, only to later engage in a free-for-all brawl with all the other teams. [3] Their first official match is declared to be against The Machineguns. [4]

Jean Steamboard starts with an advantage, while Beauty Rhodes focuses upon Terryman. Terryman forces Kinnikuman out of the ring, as he tries to fight alone primarily against Rhodes, but Kinnikuman eventually fights alongside him and the two teams are evenly matched. Kinninkuman accidentally knocks out Terryman. [4] The Machineguns are unable to finish their attack before the end of the 60 minutes time limit, and this causes the match to end in a draw. [5]

After driving to their next match destination, The Emperors decide to shower with Edith Harrison. [6] The next match is against Blood Illusions; the match is even in skill, until Devil Magician throws gasoline over Beauty Rhodes and Skull Bozu light him aflame. [7] The Blood Illusions then throw daggers at Jean Steamboard, until Edith Harrison gives up the match on their behalf - they continue to attack. After Terryman and Meat Alexandria come to their defence, all four men are left in a bloody mess upon the ring by the Blood Illusions. [7] The Emperors are later seen again when Terryman lose his leg in The Machineguns vs. Blood Illusions, as they retrieve his leg from Kinkotsuman and return it to him. [8]

21st Chojin Olympics Arc

Beauty Rhodes decides to enter the new Chojin Olympcs, were he appears alonside other wrestler, like Jesse Maivia or Skull Bozu. Sadly for him, he looses at some point during the preliminary trials, unable him to enter the main matches.

Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne

He appears alonside the other Justice Chojin that traveled to see Kinnikuman's final fight against Super Phoenix.

Anime Changes

In the anime, he was a Robo-Chojin and he had a more brief battle with Kinnikuman, being owned by him when Kinkotsuman releved accidentally his identify.


Elbow drop

  • After his rival has fallen to the ground, he throws against him, and hit his neck with his elbow.

Deadly Drive

Aeroplane Spin


Bear hug

  • Gives a powerful hug to his opponent.

Career Information


  • Champion of the WSC

Win/Loss Record (Singles)

Win/Loss Record (Tag)

The Emperors (Jean Steamboard)




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