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Benkiman is an ancient chojin from the Incan Empire based on a urinal.


Benkiman is a chojin based off the design of a squat-toilet, who hails from an ancient race from Peru. He is defeated by Kinnikuman and dies sometime before the events of Kinnikuman Nisei, but took a student before these events by the name of Wash Ass - Wash Ass carries on his memory and spirit in his matches against the new generation of wrestlers. He is renamed "Mr. P" in Ultimate Muscle, the English dub of Kinnikuman Nisei.



Benkiman ~Lost Incan Memories~

Benkiman awakes with no knowledge of who or what he may be, but only that he is a chojin wrestler. [2] He is named "Heladoman" by the local population, where he lives in Peru, due to the item on top of his head looking like an ice-cream, which is "Helado" in Spanish. We see him compete within the Peruvian preliminary matches for the 21st Chojin Olympics. [2]

Benkiman fights in the B-ring and defeats Aplercen. Due to Benkiman relying on submission holds, and not being a brutal fighter, he is unpopular with the crowds who throw ice-cream at him, due to the top of his head looking like soft-serve ice-cream. After the fights, Benkiman sees Marco in distress, as the boy needs to defecate, and allows the boy to defecate inside him. At this point, Benkiman is told that his grandfather is dying, and he goes to his bedside. [2]

Before his grandfather dies, he reveals that the Incan Empire invented the flushing toilet, and Benkiman was a bodyguard in the emperor's employ. He witnessed his parents murdered by invading forces, and - trying to defend them - was struck on the head and gained amnesia. The item on top of his head is revealed not to be ice-cream, but faecal matter. It is then revealed the Nazca lines are not of a monkey, but a person defecating from ancient times. [2] At this point, his grandfather dies.

The match then begins for the preliminary finals, as Benkiman tries a surprise Drop Kick, but it leaves no impact on Higanteman. Higanteman uses a series of blows to knock Benkiman out of the ring, and - as the countdown begins - Benkiman sees that Marco has been beaten and badly abused by Higanteman. He enters the ring and is able to counter Higanteman with a Crab Claw, as he seeks to avenge Marco. [2]

He follows this with an Ant Ball, before kneading Higanteman's body into a ball and shoving it inside himself, as he uses a Benki Flush. Benkiman then announces he is no longer "Heladoman", but "Benkiman" to the crowd, and the crowd - in appreciate of him - starts to throw faeces at the ring, instead of ice-cream as before. [2]

This victory enables him to enter as a competitor in the 21st Chojin Olympics. [2]


21st Chojin Olympics

At the 21st Chojin Olympics he fought against Kinnikuman. Kinnikuman eventually was sucked into Benkiman's toilet and flushed down. A person typically does not return once flushed. Kinnikuman, however, returned because he stuffed his shorts into the toilet causing it to back up. The back up resulted in Kinnikuman winning the match. Kinnikuman also saved the other Chojins that were flushed down Benkiman's toilet.

Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne Arc

Alongside the rest of the Justice Chojin, Benkiman travels to Osaka Castle to cheer for Kinnikuman in his fight with Super Phoenix.

Deep of Muscles 11

Kinnikuman 2011

Perfect Origin Arc

He was present at Meiji Jingu Stadium for the Fan Appreciation Day, and saw first hand how an unknown group of Perfect Chojin descended from the sky. And after seeing how Strong the Budo defeated and humiliated Tileman, both Benkiman and Curry Cook jump into action, but are quickly defeated and turned into humans. After that, they stay as spectators for some of the fights. It’s unknown how, but he then returned to his chojin form.

Omega Centauri's Six Spears Arc

The Omega Centauri's Six Spears invade the Sagrada Familia. [3]

They plan to take the treasure hidden beneath the building, attacking the training Justice Chojin on the rings atop the monument. [4] Gear Master kills one of the training chojin. [4] Wolfman proceeds to attack them in defence, but all six fight against him at once, until Benkiman arrives with Teapackman, Canadianman, and Curry Cook. [5] Benkiman takes Gear Master into a head-lock, before the two factions declare a set of five matches to determine the victorious group. [5]

Benkiman and Gear Master choose to fight one another on one of the rings, and Gear Master advances on Benkiman. [6] Benkiman attacks with a low leg kick. [6] As they fight on the Special A Ring, Benkiman takes him into an arm-bar. [7] Gear Master counters with a Genocide Gears, but Benkiman counters with a series of elbow blows to the head, before being flung to the corner-post.

Benkiman dodges in time of an oncoming attack, while Gear Master's gears destroy the corner-post. [7] After Benkiman is knocked down, Gear Master attempts a moon-sault, which Benkiman dodges. [8] Benkiman catches Gear Master in a Romero Special, only for Gear Master to break free when the gears on his wrists and ankles cut into Benkiman's flesh, after which he tries to force Benkiman into his Genocide Gears. A Heraldo Spin allows Benkiman to counter the attack, and - attempting to fly overhead - gets caught by Gear Master, who grinds into his body.

In an attempt to free himself, Benkiman sprays Gear Master with water. This washes off the oil from Gear Master's gears, stopping them from properly working and making them stop. [8] Benkiman attacks with a series of middle kicks. [9] This is followed by a one-hand back-breaker, which aggravates the wound on Benkiman's leg, but Benkiman uses Friendship Power too German-suplex Gear Master. Gear Master is thus skewered on the corner-post, but eventually stands and removes the skewer. [9] Gear Master reveals that the Six Spears are not aliens from Omega Centauri, but originally from Earth and are returning to their home-planet. [10]

After Gear Master destroys another corner-post, Benkiman uses his Benki Wash, but this is countered by a Gear Hurricane. Gear Master uses his gears to trap Benkiman in a Boston Crab, and - in desperation - Benkiman rams his heraldo into Gear Master's gears. Benkiman uses his own form of the Fire of Inner Strength to kick at Gear Master's head, as he proceeds to use a Secret Technique: Ant Ball, and finishes with his Benki Flush. [10] Gears start to encompass Benkiman's body, while Gear Master user his gears as a form of propulsion to climb back out of Benkiman.[11] Gear Master runs Benkiman through his Genocide Gears, which leaves Benkiman broken and unable to fight. The match is decided in Gear Master's favour. [11]

During the fight against Lunaight, the spirits of Benkiman and the other fallen reserve Justice Chojin show up to support Wolfman, activating his Friendship Power.

Kinnikuman Nisei

His student, Wash Ass, reveals that Benkiman died before the events of Nisei began.


Heraldo Spin

  • Benkiman spins the faeces on his head and slams it into his opponent's face

Benki Wash

  • Sprays his ooppnent with a blast of water

Secret Technique: Ant Ball

  • Rolls up his opponent into a ball

Benki Flush

  • Flushes his opponent into his body

Career Record

Win/Loss Record



  • In the manga he is depicted with a coil of faeces on top of his head, but the anime changed it to a water faucet.


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