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A chapter focusing on Benkiman in the One-Shot Collection. 


Yudetamago decided to write a one-shot for whatever chojin ranked twenty-ninth place in the 2013 popularity poll, which led to a story about Benkiman.


(More to Come)


Benkiman awakes with no knowledge of who or what he may be, but only that he is a chojin wrestler. [1] He is named "Heladoman" by the local population, where he lives in Peru, and we see him compete within the Peruvian preliminary matches for the 21st Chojin Olympics. The competitor for the final match is set to be Higanteman. Higanteman is seen to be cruel to his servant Marco. [1]

Higanteman fights in A-ring, while Benkiman fights in the B-ring and defeats Aplercen. Due to Benkiman relying on submission holds, and not being a brutal fighter, he is unpopular with the crowds who throw ice-cream at him, due to the top of his head looking like soft-serve ice-cream. After the fights, Benkiman sees Marco in distress, as the boy needs to defecate, and allows the boy to defecate inside him. At this point, Benkiman is told that his grandfather is dying, and he goes to his bedside. [1]

Before his grandfather dies, he reveals that the Incan Empire invented the flushing toilet, and Benkiman was a bodyguard in the emperor's employ. He witnessed his parents murdered by invading forces, and - trying to defend them - was struck on the head and gained amnesia. The item on top of his head is revealed not to be ice-cream, but faecal matter. It is then revealed the Nazca lines are not of a monkey, but a person defecating from ancient times. [1]

At this point, his grandfather dies.

Higanteman reveals that he does not intend to enter the Chojin Olympics, even if he wins, but to become a politician and build a city like Las Vegas over the Nazca Lines. The match then begins for the preliminary finals, as Benkiman tries a surprise Drop Kick, but it leaves no impact on Higanteman. Higanteman uses a series of blows to knock Benkiman out of the ring, and - as the countdown begins - Benkiman sees that Marco has been beaten and badly abused by Higanteman. He enters the ring and is able to counter Higanteman with a Crab Claw, as he seeks to avenge Marco. [1]

He follows this with an Ant Ball, before kneading Higanteman's body into a ball and shoving it inside himself, as he uses a Benki Flush. Benkiman then announces he is no longer "Heladoman", but "Benkiman" to the crowd, and the crowd - in appreciate of him - starts to throw faeces at the ring, instead of ice-cream as before. [1]

This victory enables him to enter as a competitor in the 21st Chojin Olympics.


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