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The final one-shot written especially for the one-shot collection.  


Brocken Jr is angry at Ramenman for causing his father's death, while Ramenman struggles to heal his wounds sustained from their quarter-final match together. They share a hospital ward, at which point Ramenman sneaks out so that he can heal his wounds and create a memorial to Brocken Jr's deceased father. They make amends.


In 1981, the semi-finals of the 21st Olympics take place. [1]

 Ramenman leaves the ring covered in blood, where he tells Brocken to put away thoughts of his father, as Brocken lies unconscious in the ring. Ramenman faints outside of the ring, and is taken to a Chojin Hospital, where he is given an MRI test to assess for brain damage. The MRI machine fails to detect a brain, before it explodes. [1]

 After standing upright, Ramenman states that no human technology will be able to measure his ability, and then resumes his training, stating no Western medicine has the power to help him. Brocken thinks that Ramenman is only working so hard to humiliate him, but Ramenman states that he trains this hard for every opponent out of respect for them. Ramenman goes to train near the Hakone mountains, were Brocken follows him. [1]

 The injuries Ramenman sustained are healed, as he trains alone on the mountain, and he takes a random tree and uses its energy to restore his chojin power. Ramenman senses Brocken, who tries to attack him in the heat of the moment, but Ramenman blocks every attack and states that Brocken will never win while he still bears a grudge in the ring about Brockenman. Ramenman asks whether Brockenman taught him anything except revenge. [1]

 Brocken Jr has a flashback to his youth. Ramenman tries to use the Camel Clutch on him, but this time he counters as he remembers how his father taught him how to fight, and uses his Red Rain of Pain, which narrowly misses Ramenman. It is revealed Brockenman died exactly one year ago to the day. Brocken - who had forgotten the date - notices Ramenman places a grave-marker on the mountaintop, and he has come to commemorate Brockenman with a memorial. The spirit of Brockenman joins them, as Ramenman lights a tree at the base of the marker, allowing Brocken Jr to talk to his father. [1]

 Brocken Jr finally forgives Ramenman and the two make amends. [1] 


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