Bibimba (ビビンバ Bibinba) is a character from Yudetamago's manga and anime series Kinnikuman and its sequel Kinnikuman Nisei. She is the love interest of Kinnikuman, the series' protagonist. She is renamed Belinda Muscle in the English-language Ultimate Muscle.


Bibimba is a popular female character. This is a character that serves as a firm supporter of Kinnikuman, as well as part of an initial love-triangle with Mari in the comics, and later she becomes his wife and mother to Kinniku Mantaro. In the manga, she ages into a strict and firm mother, but in the anime, she becomes a loving and gentle mother.



2nd Kaiju Extermination Arc

Bibimba was the daughter of Horumon Yaki, the leader of the Horumon tribe who has intense hatred to their arch-enemy, the Kinniku clan. Horumon Yāki dispatches his daughter Bibimba to kill the heir to the Kinniku throne, Kinnikuman (who was visiting his parents on Planet Kinniku). Despite being very good in her attempts to kill Kinnikuman, Kinnikuman was just too silly and ignorant of his impending death to actually die. Most of Bibimba's attempts to kill him ended with Kinnikuman helping her which eventually led her to fall in love with him. She travelled back to Earth with Kinnikuman and Meat Alexandria and was the cause for Mari Nikaido leaving Japan.

While on Earth, Bibimba tries her best to be a good wife for Kinnikuman. She cleans for him, walks around wearing nothing but an apron, and cooks him okayu, her specialty. But Kinnikuman already depends on Meat for everything (even wiping his bottom) and only eats gyūdon, so she becomes upset and runs away. She finds solace by joining the Earth Defense Force, which makes Kinnikuman jealous.

21st Chojin Olympics Arc

On entering the ring, Bibimba accidentally runs into Warsman. [1]  Warsman stops Mr Barracuda from attacking her. [2] Warsman trains for his match by seeing which inmates (on death row) can run past him, with the intent to kill them on their way past him Warsman kills all 149 prisoners, despite Bibimba's pleas, but allows one elderly man to live, out of mercy so that he may meet his grandson. [3]

Binimbap gifts him with a belt before his match. He is revealed to be 5kg overweight at his weigh-in; Barracuda demands he remove the belt, but Binimbap asks him to remove his claws, but - just as he decides to remove his claws - a child trips. Warsman offers to help them, but they attack him, and Warsman instead decides to remove the belt.[4]

Seven Akuma Chojin Arc

Bibimba appears at Kinnikuman's bedside, after his match agaiant Stereo Cassette King. [5] She also attends his match against Black Hole, where she watches alongside Mayumi Kinniku. [6] It is Bibimba that deduces that Black Hole creates a series of illusions, and only one of which is the real one. [7] After his match, when severely injured, it is Bibimba that brings him his fresh costume so as to hide his wounds from his next opponents. [8]

Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne Arc

When Sayuri Kinniku and Mayumi Kinniku are threatened by the guards, at the top of Osaka Castle, Bibimba appears
Bibimba 3

Bibimba in disguise (Survivor Match Arc)

in disguise - dressed as a knight with the visor down - to protect them and defeat the guards. [9] Bibimba explains to them that she sought to help them, in order to benefit Kinnikuman, and together they escape towards the ring-side to help both Kinnikuman and Kinnikuman Super Phoenix. [9] They spend several chapters attempting to reach Kinnikuman and Super Phoenix, where - as Bibimba prepares to protect them against an apparent pursuer - Meat Alexandria arrives. [10] Bibimba - as Meat explains his arrival and the situation - sees a listening device and destroys it with her sword.  

Super Phoenix - and his team - capture Bibimba, Meat, Sayuri, and Mayumi. Bibimba tries to warn Kinnikuman of Super Phoenix's plans and traps, but Super Phoenix sexually assaults her with a forced kiss to silence her from saying a word. [10] He threatens to force her to be his queen, should he win the tournament. [11] When Kinnikuman says that Phoenix is right, that she must marry the winner and not just him, and asks her to lead Ramenman and Geronimo to a hospital, Bibimba begins to cry in response. Bibimba agrees to please Kinnikuman, but cries again as Phoenix forces another kiss without her consent. This provokes Kinnikuman: he says he will fight not just for his friends, but for the love of Bibimba, and that he will fight immediately to save her from Phoenix. [11]

Bibimba is then - along with Sayuri, Mayumi, and Meat - tied to the chair for the two-against-three tag meatch between Kinnikuman and Super Phoenix. [12] Bibimba eventually manages to break her bonds, as she cuts the ropes with a fragment of glass, and - as she climbs to the top of the stands - threatens to throw herself to her death the second Kinnikuman gives up or quits his match. [13]  

Bibimba pleads with Kinnikuman Super Phoenix to fight fair, before she jumps in tears from the stands and towards the guest seats. [14] Phoenix and Kinnikuman call a momentary truce, as she falls towards her death, but she is caught in the flag of Planet Kinniku and survives the fall. [15] After she injures her face, Phoenix loses romantic interest in her, and Kinnikuman willingly is willing to throw his match in order to go to her side and be with her as a romantic partner. Kinnikuman swears to love her - even as she considers herself disfigured, and performs the Face Flash. [16]

The light from Kinnikuman's face - as well as his unconditional love - heals her wounds. [17] 

Kinnikuman's Wedding

After peace is restored, a wedding is prepared - half-a-year later - for Bibimba and Suguru. [18] Bibimba dresses in a Western-styled dress, with her father in attendance, and Kinnikuman appears - with bruises and torn mask from a sparring session - just in time to be wed. [19]

Kinnikuman Nisei

Hercules Factory Arc

While Bibimba still cares dearly for her husband, the passing of time has turned her, in Suguru's words, into "an old battle axe" not unlike his own mother. By Kinnikuman Nisei's era, Bibimba has grown visibly older, but still graceful, and less incline to ignore the most antisocial and weird character flaws of Suguru. Furthermore, she's the first to point out that, growing older, Suguru has lost his stamina and fighting prowess, urging him to slow down and let Mantaro take his place among the Seigi Chojins. Bimbimba and Suguru are described as having had Mantaro in their old age, apparently unable to get another son. As such, they both spoiled him as much as they could, impairing his early training.

Despite that, at the beginning of the story is Bibimba to urge Suguru to let Mantaro join the Chojins on Earth.

Ultimate Chojin Tag Tournament

During this arc, Kinnikuman is cursed with an hourglass on his chest. [20]

The curse will sap his life, taking time from his body, but no one can remove it from his chest. The curse can only be destroyed through one of three means, one of which is a kiss from a true love. After Mayumi Kinniku, Sayuri Kinniku, and Mantaro Kinniku try to hug him, being that they love him, he remains cursed. Bibimba attempts to reverse the curse; she comes closest, as the hourglass nearly disappears entirely, but is ultimately unable to reverse the curse, as it returns. [19] Desperate to save Kinnikuman, Bibimba finds Mari. [21]

Bibimba leaves them together, after giving them her full support, despite that she is in tears due to the fear that Kinnikuman may not be her true love, but is willing to sacrifice being with him to save his life. [21] It is revealed that Kinnikuman could not betray Bibimba by hugging another woman, so he rejected Mari and allowed the curse to continue. [22] Kinnikuman is ultimately saved by Terryman through other means.

Once Kinnikuman's match is over, Bibimba greets him as her love. [23]

Anime Changes


Many of Bibimba's arcs were omitted from the anime, including the 2nd Kaiju Extermination Arc. In many arcs, her character is often entirely replaced with either Mari Nikaido or Natsuko Shono, and she is only seen during ending credits for the most part, as a nod to her involvement within the manga.

Kinnikuman Nisei

In the anime is suggested that Bibimba left a much stronger impact in Mantaro's heart and education than Suguru: while in the manga Bibimba and Suguru act both annoyed by Mantaro's will to become a scholar (albeit a flawed, slacking one), in the anime Bibimba acts supportive, sending in Mantaro's room a plate of his favourite meal to eat after completing his studies.

Furthermore, while in the manga Bone Killer provokes Mantaro's reaction by mercilessly beating Ramenman, in the anime he smashes the Galbidon serving Mantaro had brought with him from Planet Kinniku, insulting his bond with Bibimba, having Mantaro loudly profess how deeply appreciates having a kind mother caring for him every day.

Career Information

  • Earth Defence Force Member
  • 58th Queen of Planet Kinniku
Win/Loss Record (Singles)




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