Bibimbap (ビビンバ Bibinba) is a character from Yudetamago's manga and anime series Kinnikuman and its sequel Kinnikuman Nisei. She is the love interest of Kinnikuman, the series' protagonist. She is renamed Belinda Muscle in the English-language Ultimate Muscle.


Bibimbap is a popular female character. This is a character that serves as a firm supporter of Kinnikuman, as well as part of an initial love-triangle with Mari in the comics, and later she becomes his wife and mother to Kinniku Mantaro. In the manga, she ages into a strict and firm mother, but in the anime, she becomes a loving and gentle mother.


2nd Kaiju Extermination Arc

Bibimbap was the daughter of Horumon Yaki, the leader of the Horumon tribe who has intense hatred to their arch-enemy, the Kinniku clan. Horumon Yāki dispatches his daughter Bibimbap to kill the heir to the Kinniku throne, Kinnikuman (who was visiting his parents on Planet Kinniku). Despite being very good in her attempts to kill Kinnikuman, Kinnikuman was just too silly and ignorant of his impending death to actually die. Most of Bibimbap's attempts to kill him ended with Kinnikuman helping her which eventually led her to fall in love with him. She travelled back to Earth with Kinnikuman and Meat Alexandria and was the cause for Mari Nikaido leaving Japan.

While on Earth, Bibimbap tries her best to be a good wife for Kinnikuman. She cleans for him, walks around wearing nothing but an apron, and cooks him okayu, her specialty. But Kinnikuman already depends on Meat for everything (even wiping his bottom) and only eats gyūdon, so she becomes upset and runs away. She finds solace by joining the Earth Defense Force, which makes Kinnikuman jealous.

21st Chojin Olympics Arc

Bibimbap becomes Warsman's friend in the manga

Seven Akuma Chojin Arc

Golden Mask Arc

Dream Chojin Tag Arc

Ultimate Chojin Tag Arc

Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne Arc

Kinnikuman's Wedding

Kinnikuman Nisei

While Bibimbap still cares dearly for her husband, the passing of time has turned her, in Suguru's words, into "an old battle axe" not unlike his own mother. By Kinnikuman Nisei's era, Bibimbap has grown visibly older, but still graceful, and less incline to ignore the most antisocial and weird character flaws of Suguru. Furthermore, she's the first to point out that, growing older, Suguru has lost his stamina and fighting prowess, urging him to slow down and let Mantaro take his place among the Seigi Chojins. Bimbimbap and Suguru are described as having had Mantaro in their old age, apparently unable to get another son. As such, they both spoiled him as much as they could, impairing his early training.

Despite that, at the beginning of the story is Bibimbap to urge Suguru to let Mantaro join the Chojins on Earth.

In the anime is suggested that Bibimbap left a much stronger impact in Mantaro's heart and education than Suguru: while in the manga Bibimbap and Suguru act both annoyed by Mantaro's will to become a scholar (albeit a flawed, slacking one), in the anime Bibimbap acts supportive, sending in Mantaro's room a plate of his favorite meal to eat after completing his studies.

Furthermore, while in the manga Bone Killer provokes Mantaro's reaction by mercilessly beating Ramenman, in the anime he smashes the Galbidon serving Mantaro had brought with him from Planet Kinniku, insulting his bond with Bibimbap, having Mantaro loudly profess how deeply appreciates having a kind mother caring for him everyday.

Career Information

  • Earth Defense Force Member
  • 58th Queen of Planet Kinniku
Win/Loss Record (Singles)