Name: Big Bombers (ビッグ・ボンバーズ)


Dream Chojin Tag Arc

During the Dream Chojin Tag Arc, only eight competing tag-teams are allowed to fight, and yet nine competing tag-teams arrives and wish to participate. [1] Asuraman states that they should eliminate the weakest team, which are the Big Bombers. They grow angry at the insult of being called weak, which causes Terryman to try and hold them back from starting a fight before the tournament has begun. [1]

They attack, but Sunshine and Asuraman swing them around and knock their heads together, and this is followed by a Hell's Combination (a collision of two Romero Specials). The two are instantly incapacitated, as they lie bloody on the canvas of the ring and eight teams are left by their elimination. [1]


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