Black Hole (ブラックホール) is a character from Yudetamago's manga and anime series Kinnikuman. He is voiced by Daisuke Gori (Kazuhiko Kishino in episodes 88~90 and Movie 4).


Black Hole was one of the Seven Akuma Choujin (悪魔超人, Devil Supermen). He had an all black body and a giant hole in his head in place of a face. He possessed the ability to travel through shadows and the hole in his head lead to another dimension, which he could suck his opponents into like a black hole. However, Black Hole's body is linked to the dimension, and any wound he receives creates a small crack in the dimension, giving his opponent a way to escape.

In the movie Counterattack! The Underground Space Chojins he is revived by Hydra King as the more powerful New Black Hole (ニューブラックホール), but he is eventually defeated by Ramenman.

Black Hole has a very gentlemanly demeanor, and will often converse with his opponent (usually in an attempt to trick them).



Seven Devil Chojin Arc

Black Hole first appears alongside Buffaloman and the other Akuma Chojin after the 21st Chojin Olympics. Like the others, he had been sealed away in a giant roach motel by 1,000 Seigi Chojins due to his brutal fighting style. When Buffaloman separated Meat's body as an incentive to get Kinnikuman to fight them, Black Hole took possession of his right arm. He is Kinnikuman's second opponent and they fight in a Solar House Death Match (ソーラーハウスデスマッチ) at Korakuen Stadium. Kinnikuman initially thought that this was to be nice, as the Solar House made it warmer inside the ring while it was cold outside. However, Black Hole's real reason was so that he could use his Shadow Travel technique.

Although Kinnikuman was still badly injured from his fight with SteCase King, Black Hole still relentlessly assaulted him with his 4D attacks. Black Hole then created many Shadow Clones and attacked Kinnikuman, but Kinnikuman singled out the real Black Hole by reflecting the Sun's light off of his body sweat. Black Hole than sucked Kinnikuman into the other dimension in his face hole. Fortunately, Kinnikuman finds a crack in the air, created as a result of Kinnikuman wounding Black Hole. He makes the hole bigger with a powerful fart (White Hole) and escapes. He then defeats Black Hole with a massive elbow drop and wins back Meat's arm.

He appears again, along with SteCase King, Mister Khamen, and The Mountain, during Kinnikuman's fight with Atlantis as part of Atlantis' Akuma Choujin Blood Bind technique.

Dream Choujin Tag Arc

When the Universal Choujin Tag Tournament is announced, Black Hole teams up with fellow 4D fighter Pentagon as the 4D Killer Combo (四次元殺法コンビ, Yojigen Sappō Konbi). Their first match was against the Muscle Brothers Kinnikuman and Kinnikuman Great (Prince Kamehame). Black Hole reveals his new 4D Warp technique against Kinnikuman before Great steps in. With the help of Pentagon's Chronos Change technique is able to gain the advantage and they put Great into the other dimension in his face hole with their 4D Cross technique. Kinnikuman tries to save Great with a White Hole, but Black Hole shows that he now had a double layered body which was immune to the fart.

After Kinnikuman defeats the Chronos Change, Black Hole sucks himself into his dimension and begins fighting Great. However, Great performs the Kinniku Buster on him and breaks out of the dimension. The 4D Killer Combo are then defeated by the Muscle Docking.

Kinnikuman (2011)

Perfect Large Numbers Arc

While waiting for Ramenman to appear, Dalmatiman is surprise-attacked by Black Hole. [2]

The match takes place on the Great Wall of China; Dalmatiman counters Black Hole's attacks with a Doggy Nail Kick, but his foot goes directly through Black Hole's face. [3] They exchange in a series of blows, until Black Hole appears in eight different places using his four-dimensional powers, and all eight attack Dalmatiman. [4] Dalmatiman is able to counter with a Speckle Control, followed by a Dalmatiman Clutch. After changing his head into a dog's head, he is able to track Black Hole's scent and rips the real Black Hole back into the match (after Black Hole tries to hide in his shadows). [4]

He engages in a series of attacks, the Mad Dog Tooth, which tears chunks of Black Hole's flesh from his body. [4] This is followed with a Mad Dog Flip. [5] He uses a Salivating Shield to stop shadows from reaching Black Hole, which stops him from disappearing and reappearing at will. To counter Black Hole's Black Hole Absorption, he uses his Speckle Control once more to focus his spots on his stomach, before using a Speckle Bomb. The canon - that emits from this attack - plugs up Black Hole's face hole. He then proceeds with his finisher: Dog Ear Crush. Black Hole dislodges the canon. [5]

After Black Hole retries his attack, Dalmatiman uses his Doggy Nails and Speckle Control to counter once again. [6] Black Hole uses an Extreme Black Hole to suck the entire body of Dalmatiman inside him, but Black Hole lures him back out using a bone-shaped hole, which enables him to use a flying-knee strike to Dalmatiman's face. He ultimately defeats Dalmatiman with a Fourth Dimension Kill. This knocks out Dalmatiman and secures a win for the Justice Chojin, but Black Hole uses a Red Mantle of Death to decapitate Dalmatiman, foiling his suicide attempt. [6]

(More to Come)

Jak Chi first appears during the Perfect Origin Arc. [7]

He arrives as part of the second group of the Perfect Chojin, where Nemesis speaks as their leader. [8] Jak Chi taunts Geronimo that he shall die, if he enters a ring with all the Perfect Chojin now gathered in one place, but Geronimo blows them away with his Apache War Cry. [9] Jak Chi retaliates with a Boiling Shot, before Marvellous and the others continue the attack. [10]

Jak Chi then goes to a seven-stepped pyramid to begin a new tournament against the Seigi Chojin and Akuma Chojin. [11] Jak Chi is assigned to fight Black Hole. [12] He hovers in the air above the ring-post, with steam that emits from his feet, and uses Boiling Shot upon Black Hole, who howls in pain, but - using the shadow of the Boiling Shot - Black Hole manages to escape. Black Hole gains the advantage with a Front Suplex. He later avoids another Boiling Shot by expanding the hole upon his head. [12]

Black Hole lands a Body Press on Jak Chi, but a second attempt at a Front Suplex is countered by Jak Chi's use of a Boiling Shot that reverses the direction of the suplex. [12] Jak Chi tries another Boiling Shot, but Black Hole escapes with a Shadow Hiding technique. [12] Jak Chi aims his Boiling Shot at the shadows,which causes damage to Black Hole, until Black Hole splits into multiple shadows. Eight versions of Black Hole appear, but Jak Chi uses Boiling Shot to attack all eight shadows. [12]

Jak Tea then uses Eye Dowsing. This forces the shadows to disappear until only the real Black Hole remains, and - when Jak Chi uses another Boiling Shot - Black Hole counters with a Glory Hole. Black Hole then uses a Canadian Back-Breaker and a Reverse Deadly Drive, but Jak Chi counters with a Double Boiling Shot, a Kick Fireball and Drill Dowsing. He Jak Tea finds an underground spring with the final technique, which causes a burst of water to shoot upward. The steam blocks out all sunlight, leaving Black Hole unable to uses shadows to escape. [12]

Jak Chi gains the advantage with a series of blows and techniques. [13] He taunts Black Hole with a hint of shadow from his Coolant Shot, but he makes the shadow disappear at the last moment and uses a Faucet Crusher. Black Hole retaliates with poking him in the eyes and kicking him in the groin, and support from Buffaloman and Springman motivate him by offering support. He uses Extreme Black Hole to suck in everything in sight. [13] Black Hole is incapacitated, but the match cannot end as his hand is still moving. [14]

It is revealed that even light itself was pulled into Black Hole's Extreme Black Hole, and this leads to him communicating psychically with Pentagon. He then uses a Fourth Dimension Cross, which causes him to turn into Pentagon. [14] Pentagon attacks Jak Chi with Angel Wing Claws, which burns Jak Tea's flesh about his face. [15] Pentagon attacks with a series of blows, ending with Space Shuttle and Space Falcon, and Jak Chi tries to retaliate again with a Faucet Crusher, but Pentagon stops it with a Chronos Change. This allows Jak Chi to take monumental damage. Pentagon then swaps places again with Black Hole. [15]

This defeats Jak Chi. [15]

(More to Come)


Shadow Travel (影移動, Kage Idō)
Black Hole Absorption (吸引ブラックホール, Kyūin Burakku Hōru)
  • Black Hole sucks his opponents into his realm using the centre of his face.
4D Warp (四次元ワープ, Yojigen Waapu)
4D Cross (四次元交差 Yojigen Kōsa)

Career Information


  • Pluto Junior Heavyweight
  • Seven Devil Choujin
  • Sleeping Lion (眠れる獅子, Nemureru Shishi)
  • Dark Mystery (暗黒ミステリー, Ankoku Misuterii)
  • Dark Hitman (闇の殺し屋, Yami no Koroshiya)
  • Assassin from Another Dimension (異次元からの刺客, Ijigen kara no Shikaku)
  • Black Magician (黒の魔術師, Kuro no Majutsushi)
Win/Loss Record (Singles)
Win/Loss Record (Tag)
4D Killer Combo (Pentagon)



  • Black Hole was originally meant to be the leader of the Seven Akuma Choujin, but was replaced by Buffaloman.
  • Submitted by: Hara of Ōme, Tokyo
  • Theme Song: "Bermuda Mystery" (バミューダミステリー) by Akira Kushida (feat. Daisuke Gouri as Black Hole)


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