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Black Hole (ブラックホール) is a member of the Seven Devil Chojin and the cousin of Pentagon.


Black Hole was one of the Seven Devil Chojin (悪魔超人, Devil Supermen). He possessed the ability to travel through shadows and the hole in his head lead to another dimension, which he could suck his opponents into like a black hole. Black Hole's body is linked to the dimension, and any wound he receives creates a small crack in the dimension, giving his opponent a way to escape.

In the movie Counterattack! The Underground Space Chojins he is revived by Hydra King as the more powerful New Black Hole (ニューブラックホール), but he is eventually defeated by Ramenman.

In the Perfect Origin Arc, Black Hole returns. His opponents are Dalmatiman and Jack Chi. In both fights, he displays new techniques and tricks in order to clinch victory. During the fight against Jack Chi, Pentagon tags in at the last second.


Black Hole has a very gentlemanly demeanour, and will often converse with his opponent (usually in an attempt to trick them).


He has an all black body and a giant hole in his head in place of a face. He also has a red star on his forehead, just above his hole, and has a red "B" and "H" on each pectoral muscle. He wears red shorts, boots, gloves, and a cape.



Black Hole has a very close relationship to his cousin. They met as young children, where they did not get along at first, but grew to become best friends and like brothers. Each one shared a similar goal to change the world, and they have fought together several times, with an unconditional trust. Pentagon is shown to worry about Black Hole and his physical condition, even asking after him and following him when believing him to be in danger.


Black Hole has the ability to open a gateway to other dimensions though the hole on his head, and can also clone his body in battle and travel through shadows. He is a brutal fighter, due to being a Devil Chojin.



Deep of Muscle

During a walk, Pentagon encountered the Bermuda III Chojin trio picking on his cousin Black Hole in a public park. He notes that the head family lives up to the stereotype of being barbaric. He rushes over to save Black Hole and escorts him over to a nearby mountaintop despite his protests.

After denying that he was bullied, Black Hole explains that the Bermuda III are the neighborhood bullies in charge of the kids in this extra-dimensional space. As they're triplets, Bermuda III do everything in unison, even their personal matters, which disturbs Black Hole greatly. Even if just one of them has a beef, the other Bermuda III will support them. This led to many incidents where the Bermuda III trio attacked innocent kids.

Because of this, Black Hole and Pentagon are inspired to form the 4D Killer Combo for the first time. And to test Pentagon's strength, Black Hole attacks Pentagon, causing the Justice Chojin to use Stop the Time in self-defense and freeze Black Hole in place.

Pentagon explains how the move works to Black Hole and even explains the Chronos Change ability as well. These abilities in combination with Black Hole's black hole powers should be a perfect match against those Bermuda III thugs. Some time later, Black Hole challenges the Bermuda III trio to a match with Pentagon. Despite the many insults from Bermuda III, Pentagon defends his cousin and praises him.

The Bermuda III attacks with a Triple Black Hole Suction, but the 4D Killer Combo counter with an Shadow-Clone Execution-Special! After Bermuda III's defeat, the head family's children stopped discriminating against the branch family's children and Black Hole became the leader among the children. Sadly, it is time for Pentagon to go back to Earth. Luckily, he and Black Hole will cherish the memories that they have formed.

Two years later, Pentagon finds that Bermuda III are up to their old tricks once again by picking on a boy for shoplifting. Pentagon learns that Black Hole is now in charge of an organization of delinquents. Bermuda III leads Pentagon to Black Hole's hideout where he learns the truth.

Pentagon is shocked at how Black Hole turned the lowlifes of the dimension into a ruthless organization, betraying Pentagon's ideals in the process. Black Hole retorts that the world doesn't run on just good will. Without a strong force like Pentagon around, things have gotten unruly around here. In order to mete out justice to these individuals, there must be absolute power. As a result, Black Hole has formed a mighty organization to become a necessary evil.

As of today, Black Hole will leave today and hand over the organization to Bermuda III. If Black Hole will become evil, then Pentagon will become a Justice Chojin to counter Black Hole. Despite this clash in ideals, Black Hole and Pentagon promise to meet each other once again.

Seven Devil Chojin Arc

Black Hole first appears alongside Buffaloman and the other Devil Chojin after the 21st Chojin Olympics. [4] He was sealed away with six other chojin, due to their excessive level of violence and brutal fighting techniques, and was sealed away - by 100,000 chojin - into a space "roach motel", which acted as a prison. [4]

Kinnikuman - during a celebration of his victory in the Olympics - is thrown so high that he strikes a button on their makeshift prison, which releases them. They travel to Earth to disturb a Chojin Fan Appreciation Event, and Warsman attacks one of them in self-defence. Warsman's hand goes through the man's face, where it is revealed he is Black Hole. [4] Black Hole wishes to be the first to challenge Kinnikuman, but Buffaloman breaks apart Meat Alexandria's body as an incentive for Kinnikuman to fight, as he must win matches to get back body parts. [5]

Black Hole confiscates Meat's torso. [5]

Despite initially having taken his torso, the match against Black Hole is to retrieve Meat's right arm. [6] Black Hole - after lighting a fire - realises Kinnikuman has not arrived and threatens to destroy Meat's arm, but Kinnikuman seemingly arrives in perfect health. He blocks a punch from Black Hole, which Black Hole notes is with his left hand despite being right-handed, and Black Hole also notes that his body is no longer muscular. [6]

Black Hole and his teammates reveal this is an intruder, only to beat him until he is bleeding profusely, and they show that this was Terryman. [6] The real Kinnikuman appears and challenges Black Hole to fight. [7] They fight in a Solar House Death Match at Korakuen Stadium. Kinnikuman initially thought that this was to be nice, as the Solar House made it warmer inside the ring while it was cold outside, but Black Hole's real reason was so that he could use his Shadow Travel technique. Kinnikuman begins the match with a punch, but his arm gets stuck in the hole in Black Hole's face. After a flurry of punches, Kinnikuman finally escapes, and kicks at Black Hole's chest, only to get his body stuck within the chest. [7]

Kinnikuman is soon spat out, only for Black Hole to use Shadow Travel. [7]

He uses a German Suplex upon Kinnikuman, before trapping him in a Cobra Twist. [8] He proceeds to clone his bodies and fill the ring with them, as all of them attack Kinnikuman at once, but Kinnikuman uses a Sun Muscle to dissipate the fake Black Hole clones. Kinnikuman lands a Flying Body Scissors Drop. [8] The inside of the hole on Black Hole's head then becomes a portal into space, which sucks Kinnikuman inside. [9] Kinnikuman manages to escape and breaks through the Solar Dome back into the ring. Kinnikuman smashes down on Black Hole with a Nikudan Elbow Drop, which effectively knocks out Black Hole and allows Kinnikuman to win and retrieve Meat's right arm. [9]

Black Hole somehow survived the match and headed off to a forest. And for losing to Kinnikuman, he will be punished by General Devil and Satan for failing them. Just as he is about to get punished, Pentagon shows up again and they have a friendly conversation. Black Hole didn't want Pentagon seeing him get humiliated at the hands of Kinnikuman. Maybe things will work out if they formed the 4D Killer Combo like in the past. Soon, Black Hole will get punished, but there's a silver lining. There are rumors of a way of coming back from the dead. And if Black Hole comes back, he promises to start things anew. They will reach the top of the Chojin world. Pentagon agrees to that promise and watches Black Hole leave once again.

Black Hole appears again, alongside SteCase King, Mister Khamen, and The Mountain as spirits. [10]

This happens during Kinnikuman's fight with Atlantis as part of Atlantis' Devil Chojin Blood Bind technique, where his spirit restrains Kinnikuman. He is stopped only by Brocken Jr., who travels - via a spell by Mongolman - to the spirit realm to fight Black Hole. He is implied to have defeated Black Hole, whereby he returns to the realm of the living and Kinnikuman can continue his match unhindered. [11]

Dream Chojin Tag Arc


In the Dream Chojin Tag Arc, the 4D Killer Combo are introduced by Mayumi Kinniku and Harabote Muscle as a chosen team for the tournament, and described as having excellent mid-air techniques. [12]

First Round

The 4D Killer Combo await the Muscle Brothers by standing on the ceiling above the first ring, and - as the Muscle Brothers enter - drop down upon them as a pre-emptive attack. [13] Kinnikuman strikes at Pentagon, who retaliates with a Flying Body Attack, but Kinnikuman throws him out of the ring when a 4D Warp is used (allowing Black Hole to suck Pentagon into his body). This counter allows Pentagon to appear behind Kinnikuman and strike him in the face with an Elbow Bat. [13]

Kinnikuman ignores Kinnikuman Great's attempt to tag in, despite bleeding profusely, and this allows Black Hole to swap places with Pentagon. [13] Black Hole throws Kinnikuman to the ropes; Kinnikuman Great reassures Kinnikuman they are equals, but Kinnikuman is determined to prove himself to what he considers his master. He still tags in Kinnikuman Great, despite his reservations, who uses a martial arts kick to attack Black Hole. They exchange several blows, but Kinnikuman Great temporarily incapacitates Black Hole with a Rolling Savate. [13]

The other teams leave their rings, so that they may watch the match. [14] Black Hole catches Kinnikuman Great off-guard and throws him to the ropes, in an attempt to engage in a German Suplex, but Kinnikuman Great counters with a Reverse Kick. Kinnikuman worries about loses the spotlight, as he starts to argue with Kinnikuman Great and trust breaks down, and this leads to the 4D Killer Combo gaining an advantage. As the 4D Combo use 4D Warp again, Great throws Kinnikuman out of the ring so that he may strike Pentagon midair. [14] This fatigues both Pentagon and Great.

Kinnikuman locks Black Hole in a Boston Crab, while Pentagon uses Chronos Change, which reverses their positions and allows Black Hole the upper hand. Each move Kinnikuman uses on Black Hole becomes countered with Pentagon's Chronos Change, and - as Great comes to the defence - Pentagon uses Time Stop to freeze Great and stop him with a Pile Driver. They stop Great with a 4D Cross. [14] Kinnikuman tries to counter with a White Hole, but Black Hole's body is now double-layered. [15]

Kinnikuman tries to fight alone, using a Body Slam on Pentagon, but Pentagon uses Chronos Change to switch Kinnikuman's place with Black Hole. 4D Combo tries to use a 4D Cross on Kinnikuman, but he counters with advice from the voice of Great. Kinnikuman forcibly spins the star on Pentagon's face, making him turn back time and enabling Kinnikuman to use a Pile Driver attack. Great tries to escape through Black Hole, grabbing his mask in the process, but Black Hole closes access to his dimension. [15]

Black Hole and Great fight within the dimension, and Great uses a Kinniku Buster to defeat Black Hole, while Kinnikuman uses the Kinniku Driver to defeat Pentagon. They combine their attacks into a Muscle Docking, which allows them to win the match. [16]

After the match, Black Hole and Pentagon reminisce on their past together, prominently noting their losing streaks as well. They remain optimistic as they will keep losing until they will finally obtain a victory. They pass out, forming a new promise to each other.

Kinnikuman (2011)

Perfect Origin Arc

Black Hole vs. Dalmaltiman

While waiting for Ramenman to appear, Dalmatiman is surprise-attacked by Black Hole. [17]

The match takes place on the Great Wall of China; Dalmatiman counters Black Hole's attacks with a Doggy Nail Kick, but his foot goes directly through Black Hole's face. [18] They exchange in a series of blows, until Black Hole appears in eight different places using his four-dimensional powers, and all eight attack Dalmatiman. [19] Dalmatiman is able to counter with a Speckle Control, followed by a Dalmatiman Clutch. After changing his head into a dog's head, he is able to track Black Hole's scent and rips the real Black Hole back into the match (after Black Hole tries to hide in his shadows). [19]

He engages in a series of attacks, the Mad Dog Tooth, which tears chunks of Black Hole's flesh from his body. [19] This is followed with a Mad Dog Flip. [20] He uses a Salivating Shield to stop shadows from reaching Black Hole, which stops him from disappearing and reappearing at will. To counter Black Hole's Black Hole Absorption, he uses his Speckle Control once more to focus his spots on his stomach, before using a Speckle Bomb. The canon - that emits from this attack - plugs up Black Hole's face hole. He then proceeds with his finisher: Dog Ear Crush. Black Hole dislodges the canon. [20]

After Black Hole retries his attack, Dalmatiman uses his Doggy Nails and Speckle Control to counter once again. [21] Black Hole uses an Extreme Black Hole to suck the entire body of Dalmatiman inside him, but Black Hole lures him back out using a bone-shaped hole, which enables him to use a flying-knee strike to Dalmatiman's face. He ultimately defeats Dalmatiman with a Fourth Dimension Kill. This knocks out Dalmatiman and secures a win for the Justice Chojin, but Black Hole uses a Red Mantle of Death to decapitate Dalmatiman, foiling his suicide attempt. [21]

4D Killer Combo vs. Jack Chi

Jak Chi first appears during the Perfect Origin Arc. [22]

He arrives as part of the second group of the Perfect Chojin, where Nemesis speaks as their leader. [23] Jak Chi taunts Geronimo that he shall die, if he enters a ring with all the Perfect Chojin now gathered in one place, but Geronimo blows them away with his Apache War Cry. [24] Jak Chi retaliates with a Boiling Shot, before Marvellous and the others continue the attack. [25]

Jak Chi then goes to a seven-stepped pyramid to begin a new tournament against the Justice Chojin and Devil Chojin. [26] Jak Chi is assigned to fight Black Hole. [27] He hovers in the air above the ring-post, with steam that emits from his feet, and uses Boiling Shot upon Black Hole, who howls in pain, but - using the shadow of the Boiling Shot - Black Hole manages to escape. Black Hole gains the advantage with a Front Suplex. He later avoids another Boiling Shot by expanding the hole upon his head. [27]

Black Hole lands a Body Press on Jak Chi, but a second attempt at a Front Suplex is countered by Jak Chi's use of a Boiling Shot that reverses the direction of the suplex. [27] Jak Chi tries another Boiling Shot, but Black Hole escapes with a Shadow Hiding technique. [28] Jak Chi aims his Boiling Shot at the shadows,which causes damage to Black Hole, until Black Hole splits into multiple shadows. Eight versions of Black Hole appear, but Jak Chi uses Boiling Shot to attack all eight shadows. [28]

Jak Tea then uses Eye Dowsing. This forces the shadows to disappear until only the real Black Hole remains, and - when Jak Chi uses another Boiling Shot - Black Hole counters with a Glory Hole. Black Hole then uses a Canadian Back-Breaker and a Reverse Deadly Drive, but Jak Chi counters with a Double Boiling Shot, a Kick Fireball and Drill Dowsing. He Jak Tea finds an underground spring with the final technique, which causes a burst of water to shoot upward. The steam blocks out all sunlight, leaving Black Hole unable to uses shadows to escape. [27]

Jak Chi gains the advantage with a series of blows and techniques. [29] He taunts Black Hole with a hint of shadow from his Coolant Shot, but he makes the shadow disappear at the last moment and uses a Faucet Crusher. Black Hole retaliates with poking him in the eyes and kicking him in the groin, and support from Buffaloman and Springman motivate him by offering support. He uses Extreme Black Hole to suck in everything in sight. [29] Black Hole is incapacitated, but the match cannot end as his hand is still moving. [30]

It is revealed that even light itself was pulled into Black Hole's Extreme Black Hole, and this leads to him communicating psychically with Pentagon. He then uses a Fourth Dimension Cross, which causes him to turn into Pentagon. [30] Pentagon attacks Jak Chi with Angel Wing Claws, which burns Jak Tea's flesh about his face. [31] Pentagon attacks with a series of blows, ending with Space Shuttle and Space Falcon, and Jak Chi tries to retaliate again with a Faucet Crusher, but Pentagon stops it with a Chronos Change. This allows Jak Chi to take monumental damage. Pentagon then swaps places again with Black Hole. [31] This defeats Jak Chi. [31]

(More to Come)


Shadow Travel (影移動, Kage Idō)

  • Black Hole travels across the ground using the shadows.

Black Hole Absorption (吸引ブラックホール, Kyūin Burakku Hōru)

  • Black Hole sucks his opponents into his realm using the centre of his face.

4D Warp (四次元ワープ, Yojigen Waapu)

  • Black Hole sucks Pentagon into the Black Hole on his head and warps him into inconvenient places for their opponents.

4D Cross (四次元交差 Yojigen Kōsa)

  • Pentagon suplexes his opponent into Black Hole's hole, sending them into Black Hole's dimension.

Fourth Dimension Kill

  • Ascending into the air with his opponent, Black Hole flips them upside and locks down their legs with his legs while grappling their arms with his own. He then slams his opponent's head into the mat.

Red Mantle of Death

  • Black Hole reveals a razor edge to his cape. Used to decapitate his opponent.

Shadow-Clone Execution-Special

Career Information


  • Pluto Junior Heavyweight


  • Seven Devil Chojin


  • Sleeping Lion (眠れる獅子, Nemureru Shishi)
  • Dark Mystery (暗黒ミステリー, Ankoku Misuterii)
  • Dark Hitman (闇の殺し屋, Yami no Koroshiya)
  • Assassin from Another Dimension (異次元からの刺客, Ijigen kara no Shikaku)
  • Black Magician (黒の魔術師, Kuro no Majutsushi)

Win/Loss Record (Singles)

Win/Loss Record (Tag)

4D Killer Combo (Pentagon)



  • Black Hole was originally meant to be the leader of the Seven Akuma Chojin, but was replaced by Buffaloman.
  • Submitted by: Hara of Ōme, Tokyo
  • Theme Song: "Bermuda Mystery" (バミューダミステリー) by Akira Kushida (feat. Daisuke Gouri as Black Hole)


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