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Black Shadow (ブラック・シャドー) was created by Kinkotsuman to fight alongside Iwao in the American Tag Tournament. An artificial wrestler prior to Warsman


Black Shadow, as described by Kinkotsuman, has the strength of Beauty Rhodes, the brutality of Ramenman, the technique of Robin Mask and the brains of Kinkotsuman. The last part of the description made Iwao worry, for good reason. During a riot at the opening ceremony, Black Shadow attacked its own partner.

Despite his allegedly formidable abilities, Black Shadow was torn to pieces by Skull Bozu and Devil Magician. His destruction forced Kinkotsuman to take his place.



American Tour Arc

When God Von Erich announced the tag tournament for control of American Chojin League, Kinkotsuman created Black Shadow to fight as Iwao's partner as representatives of the Kaijuu.

The Rugged Brothers make their debut at the opening ceremonies of the American Chojin Tag Tournament. [1] They promise to Kinkotsuman that they will not let him down, but soon a battle royale breaks out among the contestants; Black Shadow starts to attack Iwao, despite being on the same side. [1] Their first match is set to be against the Blood Illusions, which they knock The Machineguns out of the way in order to fight their opponents. [2]

The Rugged Brothers charge forward, but Devil Magician knocks Iwao out of the ring, before the Blood Illusions' focus their attentions on the Black Shadow. They rip off his arms in a blood-filled scene, before forcing the "8 Defence" on him, which - as Black Shadow can't give up (due to having no mouth) - they are able to completely dismember him. They toss his head at Jean Steamboard, while Kinkotsuman grieves his death. [2]


Indiscriminate Attack

Career Information

Win/Loss Record (Tag Team)

Rugged Brothers


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