Blue Impulse (ブルー・インパルス) is a tag team made up of Kinnikuman and Robin Mask.


Before the final matches for either side could begin, Nagoya Castle (site of Super Phoenix vs. Soldier) arose and flew to Himeji. The two castles then fused into one castle and the first final match took place.

Zebra started out the fight playing fair (even congratulating Suguru for countering his Mephisto Punch), but soon Parthenon stepped in and used his own shadow to blacken the white areas on Zebra, changing his fighting style to brutal. Shortly after, Suguru tried to do the Muscle Spark (one of the Kinniku Clan's 3 Great Techniques) on Parthenon but was countered, and later Zebra performed the Muscle Inferno (another one of the Kinniku Clan's 3 Great Techniques) on Suguru. Parthenon then tried to petrify Suguru and absorb him but Robin got in the way.

Robin was able to break out of Parthenon by using the Methane Gas of the Anoaro Staff. He then broke Parthenon in half with the Tower Bridge and finished him off with the Robin Special. The rest of the fight was between Suguru and Zebra. After a while of fighting, Zebra seemingly took out Suguru. He then told the story of how he “bought” his power from a God by killing his childhood friend, a zebra named Shimauma (Japanese for zebra). He then explained that he paid all of his teammates 3,000,000,000 Choujin Dollars each to join him. He tried to pay Robin and Ramenman 5,000,000,000 Choujin Dollars each to help him with the rest of the Survivor Match, but they refused and soon after Suguru got back up.

Zebra and Suguru continued to fight and Zebra almost hit him with the Muscle Inferno again. But the spirit of Shimauma helped Suguru counter the move and defeat Zebra with an Incomplete Muscle Spark. Team Kinnikuman advances to the finals in Osaka.

Career Record

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Japanese/English Cross Bomber (日英クロス・ボンバー Nichiei Kurosu Bonbā)

A variant of the Cross Bomber done by Robin Mask and Kinnikuman


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