A German chojin that kidnaps a child. 


Bockman is an Akugyo Chojin that kidnaps a child in hopes of food and money, but is ultimately foiled when Soldierman infiltrates the building in disguise and defeats him with a Napalm Stretch. Bockman is not seen again.


In Berlin, West Germany, we are introduced to Bockman: a robber. [1] He has taken a small boy hostage, as he demands both money and food. Soldierman reveals that - if anyone tries to break inside to save the boy - Bockman will kill the boy in a panic, so they must fin other means to defeat him. [1] Soldierman thus dons a disguise as a vicar, in order to appease Bockman and enter without harm. [2]

Bockman threatens to kill the child, but Soldierman states that he has food and comes in peace. Bockman allows him entrance, but - as he pats Soldierman down to check for weapons - he discovers Soldierman's muscles and uncovers he is a Seigi Chojin. Bockman drags him inside, intending to kill him, but Soldierman defeats him with Napalm Stretch. This thus frees the boy. [2]

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