original Wizardman design w/ "Mission Sword"

A dMp member that loses to Mantaro Kinniku.


Mantaro's first opponent. A dMp agent that can extend the cross on his chest outward to crush enemies. In the anime he was called Blood Killer, so as not to be confused with Bone Cold.


In the manga, Mantaro is trained by his father for most of his early childhood, but as Kinnikuman becomes increasingly busy ruling Planet Kinniku, his old friend Ramenman is brought in to finish Mantaro's basic training. [1] Ramenman has helped bring Mantaro's grades from a 0% to a 25%, as well as how to teach him the basics of wrestling and martial arts. When Ramenman is defeated by Bone Killer, Mantaro avenges him and defeats Bone Killer in his place, thus realising his potential. [1]

In the anime, Mantaro escapes Planet Kinniku and lands coincidentally on Earth, where he accidentally awakens Meat Alexandria. [2] Bone Killer finds them and attacks them, but Mantaro - with Meat's support - manages to overcome him and win the match (at this point the Muscle League send a ship to collect Mantaro in which to bring him to the Hercules Factory). [2]

Career Information

Win/Loss Record (Singles)


  • Submitted by: Osa of Aichi as Wizardman (ウィザードマン)


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