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Booton is a Devil Chojin that tries to kidnap Robin Mask.


Booton is an Evil Chojin that kidnaps Robin Mask from his office, in order to steal his book (which contains all of the Justice Chojins' weaknesses). He uses the book to attack the Justice Chojin and aim for their weak-points, until - despite his surrender - he is murdered by the Justice Chojin and his body is left discarded alone in space.


Robin Memo

While Robin Mask is writing in his journal, Booton breaks into his office with a club and demolishes the wall in the process. [2] He manages to knock Robin Mask out with his bookcase, before taking Robin Mask and the Robin Memo with him, as he flees the building to Weak Point Planet. He tells the other Justice Chojin to follow him there, if they wish to retrieve their friend and his book. [2]

He reveals that Robin Mask is tied to a crucifix, before using a multitude of canons to attack the Justice Chojins' weak-spots (as uncovered via the book). Brocken Jr. attacks him and takes over the canon, but - as he pummels him with the fists inside the canon - Booton is unharmed. Robin uses a red beam of light, from his helmet, to show Booton's weak-point and leave him vulnerable. [2]

The light shines on Booton's iron club, and Booton shouts our his surrender, but the Justice Chojin attack anyway with a Southern Cross Bomber. This murders him and sends his body parts scattering into a multitude of places, and Robin Mask is rescued - along with his book - while Booton lies dead despite his plea for surrender to the Justice Chojin. [2]

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