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Brocken Jr. (ブロッケンJr.(ジュニア)) is a major character in Kinnikuman and a supportive character in its sequel Kinnikuman Nisei, where he becomes the trainer of Jade and raises him from a child. His father is the German hero, Brockenman.


Brocken Jr. is the son of the Brutal Chojin: Brockenman. He initially is shown in a Nazi uniform, but this was rectconned into a generic military uniform. He initially fought in his father's brutal style, before turning allegiances to the Justice Chojin. After his father is killed by Ramenman, he hates Ramenman and seeks to avenge his father. Later he learns to forgive Ramenman, and they enter into a teacher-and-pupil type relationship. He later joins Kinnikuman and the Idol Chojin and defeats many Evil Chojin with his young German Spirit.

The Brocken Family - to which he belongs - are born human, but when a youth reaches adulthood he they are given a Totenkopf to wear on their uniform, which turns them into a chojin. In the anime Kinnikuman: Scramble for the Throne, the Totenkopf and Swastikas are replaced with generic skulls and eagles. In some European dubs, the Totenkopf is described as a simple "skull" with unspecified chojin powers.


At first, Brocken Jr. had a similar personality to his father: cold and brutal, as well as been motivated by revenge against the assassin of his beloved father, Ramenman. Despite this, he was also shown to have some morals and respect for others, since he decided to postpone his revenge in order to help Beansman to save his planet.

The Chojin Olympics mark a decisive point, both in Brocken Jr.'s life and personality. After his defeat at Ramenman hands, Ramenman advises him to forget about his father, so he can evolve and become a better person. Moved by his words, Brocken Jr. left his brutal side behind and became a true Justice Chojin, helping Kinnikuman in difficult situations. As a young hero, he still have lot to learn, since he is shown to be quite impulsive at times. He is also a formidable opponent, as shown in his fight against The Ninja. He does not like being looked down upon due to his youth and inexperience.


Brocken Jr. looks almost identical to his father in his first appearances, wearing the same Nazi uniform as him (although this was retconned into a generic military uniform). He later wears a military uniform colored green, with an iron cross on his neck, and a skull badge on his hat. He once wore a pair swastikas on his arms, but this was changed in future appearances.



Despite the hard training that Brockemman had made his son endure, he genuinely cared about him. One of his main resolutions is to come back to life and continue the training of Brocken Jr. in order to make him an invencible warrior.


At first, Brocken Jr. was burning in vengeance, and wanted to avenge his fallen father, killing the man who killed him. Their early rivality quickly becomes a teacher/student relation, when Ramenman takes him under his wing, after Brocken Jr. saw that revenge was pointless.

Ataru Kinniku

Once the Blood Oath Brigade was formed, Brocken Jr. sworn absolute loyalty to Kinnikuman Soldier a.k.a Ataru Kinniku, the big brother of Kinnikuman. He stays loyal to the end, and consider him a mentor and leader figure. The respect is mutual, since Ataru also sees the potential of Brocken, and choose him as his tag partner to fight the Omegas.


Jade has a close relationship with his teacher, whom he calls "Lehrer": Brocken Jr. They first met when Jade was an orphaned child in Germany, before he was unofficially adopted by Brocken and trained by him, and this relationship lasted for seven years (as of the Ultimate Chojin Tag Tournament). Jade lives by his Lehrer's teachings, and shows great distress when his Lehrer is injured or if he believes he has disappointed his Lehrer. In the English dub, they were changed to father and son.


Brocken Jr.'s chojin powers come from his Totenkopf, and without it, he is just a mere human. His trademark technique is the Red Rain of Berlin.



Brocken Jr. was raised in a strict environment by his father: Brockenman. [2] He trains Brocken Jr. in the red rain of Berlin by weighting down his arms and making him strike his hands over a flame, and strikes Brocken Jr. for having referred to him as 'father', demanding instead to be called 'Lehrer'. [2] Despite this hard and strict training, Borcken still respects him.


Brocken Jr. is the son of Brockenman, who was killed in a match against Ramenman. He initially enters the Chojin Olympics to defeat Ramenman, to avenge his father, but instead forms a friendship with Ramenman over time. Brocken Jr. appears consistently throughout the series, often in a supportive role, and occasionally fights in matches, which includes fighting in Team Solider during the Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne, under the leadership of Ataru Kinniku.

2nd Kaiju Extermination Arc

Beansman seeks to collect a group of Justice Chojin. [3] The seventh and final chojin is found within Berlin, Germany. [4] He is initially mistaken as Brockenman, as he commands a troop of soldiers to surround the group headed by Beansman, and - in the confusion - he reveals that Brockenman was his father. He orders his men to restrain Ramenman, before drawing his sword to kill him in order to avenge his father. He stops when he realises that he must save Planet Rakka first and foremost. [4]

He travels within Puyo-Puyo to Planet Rakka. [5] After travelling to Planet Rakka, the Space Samurai finally attack the planet and Brocken's group stand ready to defend. [6] Brocken stands alongside Ramenman, as they work together, and uses his Red Rain of Pain to attack the Space Samurai. Ramenman abandons Brocken, after Brocken is attacked and knocked to the floor, and Brocken barely makes it after them. [6] After a solid victory, he returns to Earth with the others. [6]

21st Chojin Olympics Arc

Harabote Muscle announces Brocken Jr will be a part of the new Chojin Olympics. [7] He comes in third-place during the third preliminary match: a ten-lap race. [8] He is matched against Watchman during the first round of the tournament, as decided by a pachinko machine. [9]

The match takes place in Korakuen Stadium, where Watchman begins with a barrage of blows against Brocken. [10] He takes Brocken into a Sleeper Hold, where he calculates how long it will take for Brocken to fall unconscious, and his face shows a literal countdown to this time. Brocken counters by punching him in the face and breaking his face. Brocken Jr then defeats him with a Camel Clutch, which tears him in half, before he tosses Watchman's head toward Ramenman. [10]

In his match against Ramenman, he has concrete poured over the canvas in the ring. [11] Brocken begins the match by lifting Ramenman upward with one hand, before slamming him onto the concrete. [12] This is followed by a knee-kick to the face, and a suplex that dislocates Ramenman's arms, before using a Pile-Driver that cracks the concrete with its force. Brocken tries to end the match with a Camel Clutch, but Ramenman counters with a Romero Special. He is declared the winner, while Brocken remains unconscious on the ring. [12]

Brocken Jr is made to share a hospital room with Ramenman, where Brocken chastises him for training when he should be recuperating from his injuries. [13] When Ramenman is permanently injured by Warsman, Brocken Jr demands that Kinnikuman avenge him in the finals. [14] Brocken then becomes Ramenman's carer, as his brain damage during battle requires him to use a wheelchair, and Brocken takes him to visit Kinnikuman before the final match. [15]

Beyond Love and Hate

The one-shot covers how Ramenman convinced Brocken Jr. that he was good. [16]

While recovering in the Intensive Care Unit after their match, Brocken Jr talks with Ramenman about Brocken Jr. and Brockenman's matches against Ramenman. Brocken Jr. also notes that Ramenman is in bad shape and can't fight against Warsman. Despite this, Ramenman still wants to prepare for his match against Warsman. [16]

At night-time, Ramenman sneaks out of the ICU, causing Brocken Jr. to wake up. Brocken Jr. follows Ramenman to the Hakone mountains. As it turns out, Ramenman is training on top of a nearby cliff-side. With the help of some gasses emitted by a mysterious shrub, Ramenman miraculously heals his injuries. [16]

Brocken Jr. confronts Ramenman and accuses Ramenman of wanting to fight Warsman to sate his blood-lust. Brocken Jr. launches an attack on Ramenman, but Ramenman casually blocks all of Brocken Jr.'s attacks as if he was playing with Brocken Jr. Ramenman critiques Brocken Jr. for holding onto his grudge against him. This grudge is the reason why Brocken Jr.'s attacks failed against Ramenman.[16]

Eventually, Ramenman places Brocken Jr. into a choke. Ramenman asks why Brocken Jr. used the Camel Clutch on Ramenman. Brocken Jr. says it was to get revenge on Ramenman. After a toss, Ramenman reprimands Brocken Jr. and reminds him that Brockenman taught Brocken Jr. something more important than revenge. Ramenman quickly places Brocken Jr. into a Camel Clutch. After a flashback, Brocken Jr. pulls a reversal and escapes. While reciting the words Brockenman once said to Brocken Jr., Brocken Jr. performs a Red Rain of Berlin on Ramenman. Ramenman dodged, but the tree behind him was cleaved in two. [16]

Ramenman reveals that today was the anniversary of Brockenman's death. Thus Brocken Jr. learns that Ramenman isn't heartless after all. While burning the shrub to commemorate Brockenman's funeral, Brockenman's spirit appears and Brocken Jr. gets a chance to talk to him. [16]

Seven Devil Chojin Arc

After Kinnikuman is too injured to continue to fight, Brocken appears. [17] He stands alongside Robin Mask, Warsman, and Wolfman. They declare that they will fight the remaining Devil Chojin in Kinnikuman's place. [17] The Devil Chojin pair off with the Justice Chojin, and Brocken Jr is thus assigned Mister Khamen as his opponent. [18] The match takes place in the Hokkaido Observatory, within a pyramid-like structure, and both Brocken and Mr Khamen assume their positions. [18]

Mister Khamen appears as a floating head, as he continually hides his body, and eventually bites down on Brocken's neck. [19] Brocken sacrifices the skin and muscle of his right shoulder, in order to escape from the biting hold. [20] He proceeds to use the Red Rain of Berlin to force Mister Khamen to reveal his body, due to the blood it produces. Mister Khamen counters by freezing Brocken with his eyes, followed by wrapping him and mummifying him in linens. [20]

Mister Khamen inserts a straw into the mummified Brocken, but - when he finishes drinking the life-force - it is revealed Brocken switched places with the referee. This time, Mister Khamen manages to mummify the real Brocken. [20] A mysterious figure appears in the ring to grab Brocken, and throws a smoke bomb into the ring. [21] The smoke stops outsiders from seeing inside the ring, as the mysterious figure fights Mister Khamen. Mister Khamen appears to gain the upper hand for a long while, until the mysterious figure defeats him with a Leg Lariat. Brocken breaks free from the linens and is declared winner. [21]

Brocken returns to the Tokyo Theatre, where he promised to reunite with Kinnikuman. [22] He returns Meat Alexandria's left leg, and - together with Terryman - they return to meet the other surviving Justice Chojin. [23] He later attends Kinnikuman's match against Atlantis, where Kinnikuman is attacked by the ghosts of the deceased Devil Chojin, and Mongolman uses a magic mirror to take Terryman and Brocken to the spirit wold, so they can defeat the ghosts to help Kinnikuman. [24]He appears at the end as Kinnikuman wins against Buffaloman [25] and witnesses Meat come back to life. [25]

Golden Mask Arc

Brocken Jr attends a chojin fitness day. [26]When the Gold and Silver masks on Planet Kinniku are separated, he loses half his power. [26] He is placed into a large plastic ball, which acts as a stasis machine, and this helps him to retain his draining power. [27] Kinnikuman is forced to enter a tournament to save their lives, which brings him into contact with Planetman, who starts to kill chojin in the pods with his powers. [28] Brocken Jr's stasis machine eventually breaks, and Planetman puts an image of Brocken's head on his body, linked to Brocken. [28]

This leads to Kinnikuman trying to win the match without harming his friends' images on Planetman's body, as he does not want to cause them harm. [29] Warsman sacrifices himself, which leads Brocken Jr - and others - to reappear back in full-health outside of the ring and outside of Planetman's body. [30] After the remaining members of Planetman's team go inside the body of the unconscious Warsman, Brocken follows.

Geronimo, Robin Mask, Terryman, and Kinnikuman go with him inside Warsman. [30]

A tower of five rings appears within Warsman. [31] Each of Planetman's team takes a ring of the tower, and Brocken Jr tries to confront them, only for them to knock him down from ring to ring, until he is left injured at its base. The four of Kinnikuman's team offer to distract Planetman's team, while Kinnikuman attempts to climb Warsman's spine to reach the top level. Brocken goes to Sunshine's level to fight Sunshine. [31]

Sunshine switches places with The Ninja, who attacks Brocken and throws him against the spine. [32] After Robin Mask wins his match, Kinnikuman notices that Brocken Jr looks very beaten up and in bad shape. [33] Brocken attempts a California Crash, but Ninja switches places with him and subjects him to it instead, and Ninja follows this by trapping Brocken in place with the rope rings. The Ninja then throws fireballs over Brocken to add to his suffering, but Brocken manages to switch their positions.

The Ninja appears dismembered, but his head remains alive. [33] The body parts then grab at Brocken, forcing him to use his Red Rain of Berlin. [34] Ninja reveals he had hidden his body inside the torso of a doll that looked like him, which is how he survived dismemberment, and then proceeds to turn the canvas of the ring into water. When Brocken is trapped, Ninja turns the water into oil and sets fire to its surface. Brocken stops the flames by aiming his hat at one of Warsman's internal ventilation systems.

This stops the flames and causes Ninja to catch on fire. Ninja stops the fire and then makes a volcano appear on the canvas, before tossing Brocken into the volcano. [34] Brocken pulls himself out of the volcano, and Ninja tries to steal his face, but Brocken drags Nina down into the volcano. [35] Two people who look like Brocken fall through the canvas onto Robin's ring, but Brocken's hat lands on Brocken, proving him the real one. This means the "Brocken" impaled on Junkman's corpse is Ninja. Brocken is thus the victor. [35]

Dream Chojin Tag Arc

Brocken arrives with the other Idol Chojin at Kinnikuman's house. [36]

They go to Kourakuen Hall, where they discuss the newly announced Dream Chojin Tag Tournament. Brocken states that he wishes to participate, so that he can get stronger as a chojin, and that he has already teamed up with Wolfman for the Dream Tag Tournament to form the Most Dangerous Combo. [36] They train seriously together, as shown by Mayumi Kinniku and Harabote Muscle. [37]

He later arrives at the tournament with Wolfman. [38] They race through Tournament Mountain, to see which opponent they will face, and they are pitted against the 20 Million Powers. [39] The gong for their match sounds, but Screw Kid and Kendaman arrive in the ring. [40] Brocken charges at them, but Kendaman strikes him with his ball-head. This breaks his ribs and forces Wolfman to hold him. They throw Kendaman into the air, but he counters with a Ball-and-Cup Headbutt. Screw Kid follows this by drilling into Brocken. [40]

After this, they combine to use a Hell's Screwdriver. [40] This severely injures both Brocken and Wolfman, while the crowd grows furious as they paid to see them fight. [41] Brocken manages to fight strength to stand, as he laments the loss of Wolfman and thanks the 20 Million Powers for their attempt to shield them. Brocken refuses to lose to Kendaman, so he makes Buffaloman pin him to the mat. [41]

This secures a win for the 20 Million Powers. [41]

Chojin Oath Brigade Formation!

Brocken Jr. and Buffaloman want to join Soldier's team, but Ashuraman and the Ninja aren't on board with that idea.[42] According to Ashuraman, Buffaloman is too easily swayed by his emotions, which is why he never became a Devil Knight despite having exceptional talent. [42]

Kinnikuman Soldier shows up and interrupted Ashuraman and the Ninja's departure. [42] In response, the Ninja attempted to read Kinnikuman Soldier's mind with his Expose the Heart jutsu, but there's nothing to read. Unlike the other Fated Princes, Soldier has no ambition to destroy his opponents and take over the throne. Ashuraman gets into a fight against Soldier, but Soldier easily fends him off. Soldier even escaped the Ashura Buster in a similar fashion to Kinnikuman and counters with a Dragon Cube Suplex. Buffaloman deduces why Soldier would pick those four. Pride is their main characteristic. [42]

According to Ashuraman, "all four chojin are bull headed guys who won't listen to anyone". Ashuraman asks if Soldier is a fake Soldier and Soldier confirms this theory. He ambushed the real Soldier's team while they were training near Mt. Fuji and stole the real Soldier's mask. The fake Soldier explains that he joined the tournament because the Friendship Power the Justice Chojin use is a sham and that the pride that they share can bring out their true strength. [42]

Ashuraman wants Soldier to prove why this team of outcasts would make an excellent team. Soldier tells him to be silent. A real man would never talk so much. Instead, he would silently watch the result with his own eyes. Ashuraman follows up with his Tornado Hell, but Soldier dodges, causing the building already worn down by the Rolling Cube Suplex to collapse on top of them. Soldier heals them all with a Face Flash. With this act, Soldier convinced them to join his team for the upcoming tournament. [42]

Survivor Match Arc

Brocken Jr celebrates Kinnikuman's upcoming coronation. [43]

He later attends the coronation ceremony itself, at Kokuritsu Stadium in Japan. [43] Ataru Kinniku - in disguise as Kinnikuman Soldier - goes to West Germany to Brocken Jr.'s home, to ask him to join his team. [44] Brocken is insulted by this, as he sees it as a betrayal of his allies, and he throws a chair at Ataru. Buffaloman, Asuraman, and The Nina appear within his home. Ataru seems to accept their decision to not join his team, and he leaves without complaint. Brocken Jr. and the others follow him. [44]

Brocken Jr changes his mind on seeing how Ataru defeats Bockman. [45] He proceeds to attend Nagoya Caste with Ataru and the others, where he joins Team Soldier. [46] Team Soldier help The Ninja in his battle by moving their chairs into certain formations to signal what to do in battle. [47] After a series of battles, it is decided that a six-person tag-match will take place: Brocken, Buffaloman, and Ataru vs. Prisman, Mammothman, and Super Phoenix. [48] The match takes place on a floating ring high above. [48]

Prisman is matched against Brocken Jr. [49] Brocken attempts - at Buffaloman's request - to run to Ataru in hopes of saving him, but is stopped by Prisman. He strikes at Prisman over and over, until his hands start to bleed, at which point Prisman uses his Rainbow Shower attack. Brocken barely avoids the attack, and it is revealed the attack uses the Seven Capillary Rays, which are fatal to chojin. [49]

Brocken is unable to save Ataru, while he is forced to keep avoiding the rays. This inspires him to use his Red Rain of Berlin, and the glass shards that this breaks off start to stick to Brocken's clothes, which creates a rainbow that allows him to reverse the attack. This blasts a hole through his ring into Ataru's. [49] Brocken then uses the ropes to shoot through the hole, and uses a Black Fog of Hamburg against Phoenixman. [50] Brocken then takes Ataru through the hole into his ring.

Mammothman and Prisman crash against their rings, which causes the tunnel to collapse and separates Brocken from Ataru. Brocken returns to fighting against Prisman, using a double-arm suplex against him, and this breaks apart Prisman's over-body, revealing his real body underneath. Prisman then uses his Crystal Compass technique, before using his Canvas Shurikens, and his over-body returns to him. [50]

Brocken then gives up his skull-badge, which turns him back into a human. He is thus able to protect Ataru from Prisman's rays. [50] Ramenman finds the skull-badge, as Kinnikuman's team worry about what this will mean for a now human Brocken, and soon the sun starts to set, which is the source of Prisman's power. [51] Brocken then uses a Flying Cross Chop. He then drop-kicks Ataru and Buffaloman over the edge of the ring, and he sacrifices himself so that his teammates will live.

Phoenixman's team use a combined technique of Chojin Tree Decoration. [51] Ataru tosses his skull-badge back to him, which returns his chojin powers. [52] He jumps off the ring with Prisman, and crushes his head against the Shachihoki Statues on the side of the Fighting Castle with a Bremen Sunset, which shatters him into pieces and kills him. Brocken falls into the valley of Mount Ibuki, where he dies. [52] He was later revived (along with the rest of Team Soldier) with Kinnikuman's Face Flash.

Kinnikuman 2011

Perfect Origin Arc

At the start of the arc, Brocken Jr. is in medical suspension, forcing Mr. Khamen to take his place. Brocken Jr.'s opponent would have been Crushman. Crushman defeats Mr. Khamen with a Crush Iron Glove after tricking Mr. Khamen into destroying Mr. Khamen's Cartouche Straw.

Brocken Jr. vs. Crushman

After the Justice Chojin go through tunnels that lead them to their rings, Brocken Jr. is allocated the fight against Crushman. [53] Crushman rushes towards Brocken with his Iron Glove, but is misled by his hat that was thrown preemptively ahead of him into the ring. [53]

Brocken shoulder-tackles him from behind. [54] They exchange a series of blows, until Brocken willingly dives into Crushman's Iron Glove, but - by skill alone - he manages to avoid being impaled and delivers a punch to Crushman's face. Brocken avoids every attempt at an Iron Glove through his speed. [54] Crushman reveals that he is waiting for Brocken to lose stamina, so that he can effectively use his Iron Glove. [55] Brocken attempts a low blow to avoid the Iron Glove, as he loses speed, but Crushman uses a Leg Iron Glove against him. Crushman then uses his Iron Glove to hide his body away, effectively the perfect self-defence.

He crashes again and again into Brocken, until Brocken - in the heat of battle - repeatedly tries to use his Red Rain of Pain with an injured hand. He collapses in a weakened state, which enables Crushman to trap him in an Iron Glove. [55] Brocken falls out of the ring, holding on by the rope alone. [56] Reinvigorated by Yujo Power, Brocken dives once more into the Iron Glove and uses a Tomahawk Chop, and then breaks off a spiked bar of Crusman's with a Camel Clutch. This finally allows him to use his Red Ran of Berlin against Crushman. [56] Crushman - being defeated - chooses to commit suicide by destroying his own heart. [57]

Crushman's corpse is carried out on a stretcher. [57]

Brocken Jr vs. Psychoman

Psychoman lands a series of blows on Brocken Jr., as he comments on Justiceman's perceived betrayal of the Perfect Origin, and drives Brocken Jr. head-first into the ring with a pile-driver. [58] Brocken Jr. tries to attack with a kick, but Psychoman counters with a kick in turn. [59] Psychoman proceeds with a series of Giant Reaching Palms, which removes a great deal of Brocken Jr.'s attire, and Brocken Jr. finds strength to attack with a Black Mist of Hamburg, followed by a Red Rain of Berlin. [59]

Psychoman throws him to the ropes, but Brocken Jr. stops an attack by placing his hand upon Psychoman's face, and uses a Grey Blade of Solingen. [59] This gives Psychoman a chance to use Ignition Dress. [60] Brocken Jr. tears off a piece of Psychoman's robe, before using a Bremen Sunset. This is followed by Thunder Sabres by Psychoman, but is countered by Brocken Jr's Red Rain of Berlin. The second attempt at a Red Rain of Berlin is defeated by Psychoman, who breaks Brocken Jr's hands. [60]

A Spear Dress technique removes the last of Brocken Jr's attire, while damaging his upper body, and Brocken Jr falls against the canvas. [60] Psychoman again targets Brocken Jr's broken hands, when Brocken Jr attempts to fight back despite his weakened state, and follows this up with a Phantom Cannon. [61] Psychoman then slams Brocken Jr's head into the canvas. Brocken Jr continues to show signs of wishing to fight, which prevents Harabote Muscle from calling a technical knockout.

Psychoman attempts a final move, but a burst of light in the sky stops him. The light reveals itself to be Silverman. [61] This tempts Psychoman to slam Brocken Jr again onto the mat,w which knocks him unconscious and causes the match to be declared in Psychoman's favour. [62] Silverman returns Brocken Jr to the Justice Chojin below, and Brocken Jr is thus allowed to survive the match. [63]

True Devil Chojin Arc

Full Metal Jackets vs Omega Glorious

At first, Brocken Jr. was sealed away with the other Justice Chojin by Satan, but Ataru freed him and formed the Full Metal Jackets against the Omega Glorious, a tag-team of Omegaman Aristera and Mariquitaman,

Aristera doubts Brocken Jr.'s capabilities and asks Ataru why he picked Brocken Jr. over the likes of Buffaloman, Asuraman, and the Ninja. Ataru stands by his choice. He even asks Aristera if he's truly prepared to fight against them.

Seeing as the Azuchi Castle ring is damaged beyond repair, the next match needs a new ring. Luckily, Super Phoenix reveals that he still has the remote for the six-way Anti-Gravity match from the Scramble for the Throne tournament. He activates the arena, giving the Full Metal Jackets and the Six Spears a suitable ring to fight in.

Kinnikuman and Wolfman cheer on Brocken Jr. as he left. Kinnikuman apologies to Brocken Jr., but Brocken Jr. thanks Kinnikuman for giving him a chance and says that he will take over for Kinnikuman. Wolfman cheers on Brocken Jr. because he was the last tag partner of Brocken Jr. before their loss to the Killer Game Combo. Despite that loss, Wolfman never regretted that defeat in his heart. Wolfman wants Brocken Jr. to win this match

When the Full Metal Jackets arrive at the location of the ring, they're glad that they're fighting in that arena again. Brocken Jr. feels that he's also fighting for the Chojin Blood Oath Brigade as well. Ataru agrees with that sentiment and says their previous loss in that arena won't have an effect on today's match. Ataru orders Brocken Jr. to not hold anything back.

The Universal Chojin Committee will preside over this match. The match starts off a bit rough for Brocken Jr. Mariquitaman seems to dominate him as he could counter his beloved Red Rain of Berlin technique. After that barrage, Brocken reminds himself that he's Kinnikuman Soldier's best choice and that he won't let him and his teammates down. Ataru pulls Brocken Jr. aside and gives him a dope slap, giving Brocken Jr. the motivation to fight back. Mariquitaman and Aristera discuss how Brocken Jr.'s more dangerous than he seems.

Mariquitaman demonstrates his Rorschach Dot technique on Brocken Jr., revealing that he's always depended on someone during his matches. Brocken Jr. accepts that and retorts that this is a tag match. He's always expected to depend on someone. Thus, Brocken Jr. and Ataru counter with their Battlefield Dropkick tag technique

The Omega Glorious pull off a comeback and demonstrate the Glorious Sanction Crash on Ataru. After the Omega Glorious wailed on Ataru for a bit, Brocken Jr. interrupts with a Black Fog of Hamburg technique. As it turns out, Aristera planned on Brocken Jr. being the tag partner of Ataru. Aristera and Mariquitaman will beat down Brocken in order to force Ataru to activate the Burning Inner Strength. This ends with Brocken Jr. reliving the memory of his loss with Wolfman to the Killer Game Combo. More specifically, the Omega Glorious's second tag-team move, the Ascension Gimlet, resembles the Hell's Screwdriver attack.

Brocken Jr. overcomes this fear and reverses the technique by using his impressive grip power. He breaks apart the combination with a roundhouse kick and follows up with a Blue Avalanche of Lorelei. When Brocken Jr. did that, Wolfman sheds a tear. He's proud of Brocken Jr. for overcoming the move that led to their defeat during the Tag Team tournament. In retaliation, Aristera places Brocken Jr. in a choke-hold in order to repay him for messing up the Ascension Gimlet. Ataru steps in, using his True Burning Inner Strength to hold Aristera in his tracks.

As Brocken Jr. observes Aristera fight against Ataru, Brocken Jr. compares Aristera to himself during that fateful match against Ramenman, seeing his past self as a man full of rage and hatred. He realizes that Ataru kept himself in because he noticed the similarity already.

Even though the Omega Gloriouses display rather brutal techniques on the Full Metal Jackets, they still manage to stand because of Friendship Power. When Mariquitaman uses his Rorscharch Dot technique on Brocken Jr., the dots form the letter L, a sign that Ataru believes that Brocken Jr. should never give up in the face of adversity. Mariquitaman doesn't understand the meaning behind it until Brocken Jr. explains it for him. Mariquitaman thinks that means the L stands for defeat, but Brocken Jr. corrects him.

Brocken Jr. brings up his former grudge against Ramenman and compares that grudge to Aristera's grudge towards The Man. Living with a grudge like that will rob a man of their future. Brocken Jr. reverses the combination technique, pulling off a Double German Suplex. When Mariquitaman tries to cut up Brocken Jr. with his wings, Brocken Jr. counters with a Red Rain of Berlin technique and slices off Mariquitaman's wing.

Brocken gets on the receiving end of a Brains Shutdown Bomber, yet he still stands strong. Brocken Jr. boasts that Kinnikuman Soldier brings out the best in him. The Omega Gloriouses attempt another Glorious Graveyard Splash, but Ataru interrupts it, performing a tag-team version of the Napalm Stretch, the Napalm Combination, on Mariquitaman. This takes Mariquitaman out of the match

Because of Brocken Jr.'s wounds, he's taken out of the match, leaving Ataru alone to fight Aristera, but Ataru easily defeats Aristera with an Ataru Muscle Spark.


When Aristera admits that the Omega Centauri culture needs to change, Brocken Jr. and Ataru are proud of Aristera for opening up for the first time. Even Brocken Jr. is crying tears of joy because of this moment. Satan shows up to ruin the moment, shooting off a black spike to kill Aristera after revealing that he planned on turning Aristera into his next vessel. Aristera is now useless to Satan. However, Mariquitaman blocks the spike for his leader, showing that he's still alive even after all that punishment.

Satan reveals that he can make a body of his own. He justifies using Aristera's body as a way to make achieving his plans much easier. After mourning Mariquitaman's death at the hands of Satan, Aristera goes on the offensive with a Four Finger Splash, but Satan says that the move's been weakened by that earlier fight. Satan proceeds to devastate the weakened Chojin with ease.

Luckily, Justiceman steps in at the last second and devastates Satan. Justiceman invites Ataru, Brocken Jr., Kinnikuman, and Pirate to Mon Saint Parfait, where they learn the truth behind the origin of Omega Centauri Chojin. The Man reveals that there were two separate factions: one lead by the God of Harmony and one lead by the God of Mercy, now The Man. The faction lead by the God of Mercy wanted to keep Chojin species alive, while the faction lead by the God of Harmony wanted the Chojin species to die.

Unnamed Arc

He and Ataru team up again to fight against the new menace: the Gods! But once they arrive to their destination, they find that Satan Cross was already there, and is him who challenge the Gods. One of then descents from the sky, and introduce himself as the God of Tranquility: The Natural. Ataru and Brocken Jr. stay at the sidelines, watching the whole match, until The Natural finally defeats Satan Cross, crucifying him.

Then, Ashuraman, followed by Buffaloman and The Ninja arrive to the scene, making the Blood Oath Brigade united again. After mourning the death of his teacher, Ashuraman promise that he will avenge him. So, once the Tower of babel was opened, Buffaloman and Ashuraman decide to enter, leaving the rest behind.

Kinnikuman Nisei

Brocken Jr. takes Jade as his student, when Jade asks Brocken Jr. to act as his coach. He raises him for seven years, as of the Ultimate Chojin Tag Tournament,[64] and teaches him his trademark technique: the Red Rain of Pain. He acts as Jade's coach throughout the series, as well as a strong father-figure. In the Ultimate Chojin Tag Tournament Arc, time is changed and Brocken loses his right arm; he still adopts Jade as his student, but teaches him Brocken's Return instead.


After Kinnikuman took the throne, he returned to Germany with no goals and became a drunk. After he was orphaned again, in 2009, Jade searches out the strongest Chojin in Germany, Brocken Jr., hoping to be trained by him.[65] When he finds him, Brocken is living as a drunk and is uninterested in doing anything to help himself, much less for someone else. But when Jade shows off how strong he already is without any training, Brocken changes his mind and sobers up.

Jade trains with Brocken for five years.[66] Over the next few years Jade goes through intense training and befriends a husband and wife who run a butcher shop. They supply him with support and extra sausage with his orders. Jade's training during this period involves karate chopping a scalding hot cauldron (Red Rain of Berlin training), doing reverse push ups with Brocken on his back, and running through the rain with a temple bell tied to his waist by a rope.

One day during one of his runs he collapses, causing Brocken to ask him why he pushes himself so hard. Jade then tells him about his adoptive parents. Brocken assumes this means Jade is motivated by hate, so he strikes him and tells him they were born with their powers in order to serve those weaker than them. Jade then headbutts Brocken in the gut and says that he wants to live out their dying wish by to doing just that: convincing Brocken that Jade has a pure heart. He then enrols into the Hercules Factory. He can be seen during the anime and manga as Jade's second and trainer, much like Meat Alexandria acts towards Mantaro Kinniku. He is at Jade's side during the second-round Jade vs. Scarface match, along with the first-round Jade vs. Gazelleman match.

HF First Year Replacement Matches Arc

He first appears in the Yokohama match between Gazelleman and Jade, as he hides his identity as Jade's trainer. [67] He watches from the crowd, blocking the view for paying audience members, and Meat realise - by powers of deduction - Jade was taught the Red Rain of Pain by Brocken Jr. [68] Jade was forbidden to use that move in the first round, which earns a disapproving look from Brocken who remains hidden in the crowds.

During the press conference to announce semi-finalist matches, he appears on stage in place of Jade, as he makes his first official debut by name. [69] He is embraced by Meat, who has not seen him in 29 years, and it is revealed he turned down a position as an instructor at the Hercules Factory to train Jade. [70] He is seen later observing the match between Mantaro and Clioneman, alongside his student Jade. [71] Later, in pre-game warm-ups with Jade, Scarface brings in a vat of concrete, which triggers post-traumatic flashbacks for Brocken Jr. of his father's death at the hands of Ramenman, and thus he is unable to act as Jade's second for the match. [72]

Chojin Olympics: The Resurrection Arc

Brocken Jr. reappeared in public to be Jade's Second. He is seen walking alongside Jade for his entrance for his match with Ricardo, where he also lifts the ropes for his entrance and advises Jade to target the face. [73] He inspires Jade by reminding him of the pain he endured during training, and that - if he could conquer that - he can conquer this match. [74] He offers advice and support in the match that follows, despite his panic and concern, and he proceeds to out Ricardo as a member of the dMp. [75] Jade is eventually taunted by Ricardo and breaks his mask, which he throws at Brocken Jnr. in an act of disobedience. [76]

Ricardo gains the upper-hand, which leaves Jade at risk of death; Brocken Jnr. always swore that one must never give up a fight, but equally loves and respects Jade, and he is left in a state of conflict about whether to throw in the towel. [77] Rinko throws in the towel in his stead. [77] Jade is taken to an ambulance, where he reunites with Mantaro and the power of friendship saves him, and Brocken Jnr. - with complete pride - realises he is no longer needed and retreats into the shadows so Jade can live his life on his own terms. [78]

Ultimate Chojin Tag Tournament Arc


(More to Come)

The Choppers vs. Five Disasters

During the first round of the tournament, Harabote Muscle announces a surprise reserve match at Kuramae Kokugikan.[79] With only a few seconds left to go to volunteer, Brocken Jr. - alongside Geronimo - takes the ninety-ninth spot from Specialman and Canadianman. [79] They state they were inspired by the Machineguns, while no other team has come forward to volunteer for the reserve match, and - meeting all other requirements - should be allowed to enter the tournament to fight the Five Disasters as the seed team . [80]

Kinnikuman and Terryman act as seconds to Brocken and Geronimo, as they help them to warm up. [81] Brocken looks to a locket of Brockenman and Wolfman before beginning his match, asking them to watch over him in spirit, and Terryman gives Geronimo a Native American headpiece and axe to enter the ring, while Kinnikuman names them The Choppers based on how they both use chopping motions to attack. The match begins with a double-flying cross-chop to Thunder's chest by both Brocken Jr. and Geronimo. [81]

They follow with a double overhead-chop to the head, with a back-fist to the carotid artery. [82] The Choppers attempt a double-flying body-attack, while Lightning remains inactive from the corner, and Thunder counters with a kick, which Brocken uses - grabbing the extended leg - to deliver kicks to the face. This is followed by a series of blows and a German Suplex, which downs Thunder, and Jade offers support from the side-lines. Distracted by Jade, Brocken succumbs to a Lariat by Thunder. Once Buffaloman and Ramenman appear in the stadium, Thunder uses his Legend Destruction Bell. [82]

This triggers traumatic memories from all Justice Chojin present, including Chaos. [83] Brocken Jr. attempts to stop the attack with his Red Rain of Berlin, but Thunder counters with his bell-arm. Lightning kicks at Brocken, before slamming him head-first into the bell and seemingly knocking him unconscious. [83] At this point, Geronimo sees the spirits of Ilioukhine and Barrierfreeman, and stops the barrage of attacks on the unconscious Brocken Jr with his Apache War Cry. [84] This is followed by his Apache Death-Cry, which merges with Meat's voice recorder and destroys the Destruction Bell on Thunder's arm. [84][85]

After Geronimo loses his voice, Thunder attempts to knock him out, but - awakened with the destruction of the bell - Brocken Jr. uses his Red Rain of Berlin to break what it left of the Destruction Bell to save Geronimo, who falls out of the ring. [85] Brocken follows this with a Uniform Rebellion, and a Stuttgart Sadness. [85] Brocken Jr. gains the upper hand, until Lightning tags into the match. [86] Lightning uses his Mouthpiece Acceleration, before using a Four-Point Impact, and proceeds to use his Acceleration to avoid Brocken's attacks.

After using a Reverse Brain-Buster on Brocken Jr., Brocken Jr. attempt to use his Red Rain of Berlin. [86] Lightning evades by using Acceleration, and holds Brocken Jr. into a lock so that Thunder can use his Lion Fingers. [87] After receiving the brutal blow, Geronimo and Brocken Jr. team up to use the tag-move "Tears of Friendship", and deliver a blow to Lightning. The Fiver Disasters both use Acceleration. [87] The Five Disasters finish with a Time Travel Illusion and a Justice Destruction Finale. [88]

Despite Geronimo being knocked out, Brocken Jr. shows signs of life. The Five Disasters use their Death Watch Branding, which amputates Brocken Jr.'s arm at the shoulder. [88] Brocken Jr. offers words of consolation to a hysterical Jade, as his locket necklace snaps off, and he and Geronimo are moved onto stretchers. The doctors reveal both men wore fake skins, to hide their wounds obtained during the Universal Chojin Tag Tournament, and it was possible they may have won at full health. Jade takes the locket and goes to Brocken Jr., and the two shakes hands spiritually despite the lost arm.

Brocken is then taken the the hospital.[88]

He later regains his arm with one of the Trophy Bulbs. [89]

Anime Changes

In the anime Kinnikuman: Scramble for the Throne, the Totenkopf and Swastikas are replaced with Eagles. In some European dub, as Germany has a long-standing ban of Nazi paraphernalia, and other countries are sensitive about Nazi themes, the Totenkopf is described as a Mystery Skull with unspecified Chojin Powers.

In the English dub of Kinnikuman Nisei, Jade is revealed to be his long-lost son.


Solo Techniques

Red Rain of Berlin (ベルリンの赤い雨, Berurin no Akai Ame)

  • First used during the Space Samurai Arc. Brocken unleashes a chop at high speed and slices his opponent's body. The "Red Rain" in it's name comes from the fact that when Brocken slices his opponent, blood spews out. His father taught him this technique in his childhood, and later his student Jade learns it.

Red Downpour of Berlin (ベルリンの赤い豪雨, Berurin no Akai Gōu)

Brain Claw (ブレーンクロー)

  • A special Iron Claw, as Brocken uses his high gripping power to apply great pressure on the head.

California Crush (カリフォルニア・クラッシュ)

  • First used in the Chojin Olympics against Ramenman. A running Oklahoma Stampede.

Jungyaku Jizai no Jutsu (順逆自在の術 Order and Betrayal At Will)

Black Fog of Hamburg (ハンブルグの黒い霧, Hanburugu no Kuroi Kiri)

  • Used in the Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne on Kinnikuman Super Phoenix during the 6-Man Tag Match. Brocken performs a handstand on his opponent's head, then flips forward and kicks them in the face with both feet.

Bremen Sunset (ブレーメン・サンセット)

  • Used in the Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne on Prisman during the 6-Man Tag Match. Brocken jumps up and grabs his opponent, becoming face-to-face in midair, then flips upside-down and dive-bombs his opponent head first into the ring.

Camel Clutch (キャメルクラッチ)

  • The same technique that Ramenman used to kill Brockenman. Brocken Jr. wants to use it against him in revenge.

Chojin-Killer Mist (殺超人ミスト, Satsu Chōjin Misuto)

Uniform Revolution (叛乱の制服, Hanran no Seifuku)

  • Used in Kinnikuman Nisei: Ultimate Chojin Tag Arc on Thunder during the Reserve Match. Brocken removes his uniform jacket and uses it to trip his opponent wrapping it around their legs. Serves as a set up for the Stuttgart Depression.

Stuttgart Sadness (シュトゥットガルトの憂鬱, Shututtogaruto no Yū'utsu)

  • After taking down his opponent with the Uniform Revolution and with his uniform jacket still wrapped around the opponent's legs, Brocken performs a Boston Crab.

Brocken's Repatriation (ブロッケンの帰還, Burokken no Kikan)

  • Learned by Brocken in place of the Red Rain of Berlin after the Time Chojin altered history by severing his left arm. Brocken transforms his left leg into a giant sickle and attacks his opponent.

Whirlwind of Berlin (ベルリンの旋風(つむじかぜ), Berurin no Tsumuji Kaze)

  • An anime original technique.

Grey Blade of Solingen (ゾーリンゲンの鈍色刃 Zōringen no Biiro Yaiba)


  • Used in place of the Bremen Sunset in the anime adaptation.

German Suplex


Blue Avalanche of Lorelei

  • Brocken Jr. does a double front neck chancery drop. Used in the match against the Omega Gloriouses.

Tag-Team Techniques

With Kinnikuman Soldier

Battlefield Dropkick

  • Ataru and Brocken Jr. leap off the ring ropes and do a double dive-kick on the opponent's back.

Drill A Hole Cannon Driver

  • Ataru grabs his opponent and crosses their arms. He proceeds to slam them into the ground, face first, while Brocken Jr. stomps on the feet for added damage.

Napalm Combination

  • Ataru does a Napalm Stretch, but Brocken Jr. assists with the process. The move carves in the first initial for their first names and forces the opponent against the turnbuckle.

Career Record



  • Chōjin Blood Brigade - Second-in-Command


  • Red Rain of Berlin (ベルリンの赤い雨, Berurin no Akai Ame)
  • Proud Germanic Soldier (誇り高きゲルマン戦士, Hokoritakaki Geruman Senshi)
  • Hero of West Germany (西ドイツの英雄, Nishi Doitsu no Eiyū)
  • Dämon Lehrer (鬼の師匠(レーラァ), Oni no Reeraa)

Win/Loss Record (Singles)

Win/Loss Record (Tag)

Most Dangerous Combo (Wolfman)

The Choppers (Geronimo)

  • X Five Disasters (Prelude to Justice Crumbling → Death Watch Branding)

Full Metal Jackets (Ataru Kinniku)

  • O Omega Glorious (Napalm Combination on Mariquitaman → Ataru's Muscle Spark on Omegaman Aristera)

Win/Loss Record (Anime Only)

Speech & Quotes


  • "My way of achieving victory [...] is to always finish any task you set yourself, no matter what kind of obstacle or hardship you face!" - Brocken Jr.


Kinnikuman was banned in France because of Brocken Jr.'s presence, as he was supposed to be a "good Nazi", which has complex and problematic connotations in France due to its historical occupation by Nazi forces. Likely for similar reasons, when the M.U.S.C.L.E. toy line was brought to America, Brocken was absent from the selection of figures and was eliminated from the tie-in Nintendo game and replaced with Geronimo. Although, a character who looks like Brocken can be seen in the last panel of the story comic that came with large figure packs.

As of Kinnikuman Nisei, his swastikas have been removed due to Japan's increasing cultural sensitivity.



  • Favourite Food: Beer and Sausage
  • Hobbies: Reading [90]
  • 200 Gripping Power (Can crush an apple with one hand) [91]
  • Submitted by: Hiroyuki Nagao (長尾弘幸) of Nagasaki.
  • Theme Song: "Red Rain of Berlin (ベルリンの赤い雨)" by Takayuki Miyauchi
  • In the English dub, his relationship with Jade was changed to that of Jade being his long-lost son
  • His name was originally spelled as Brocken Junior (ブロッケンジュニア)


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