A Zangyaku Chojin that is a Nazi competitor of Ramenman.


A brutal Nazi chōjin with aspirations of world domination. He was ripped in half by Ramenman. His death was very gruesome and in a way set the tone for some of the more important fights in how violent they could/would be. However, his death was censored in the anime, being changed to Ramenman merely breaking his back, turning him into ramen noodles and then eating him. His name comes from The Brocken and from Count Brocken. Brockenman is also known for being the father of Brocken Jr., who wants revenge on Ramenman for the former's death.

Despite these ambitions, Brockenman genuinely cared about Brocken Jr, to the point of personally training him. In the Brocken Jr. & Ramenman one-shot, Brocken Jr's memory of Brockenman lets him easily slip out of Ramenman's Camel Clutch. And during this one-shot, Ramenman thought he was a worthy opponent, to the point of celebrating the anniversary of his funeral during the Chojin Olympics. Brocken Jr. even got to talk to Brockenman's spirit.

Brockenman became a posthumous character. When his son Brocken Jr. fought against the Six Spears of Omega Centauri in a tag-match, Brocken likens his former grudge against Ramenman to Omegaman Aristera's grudge towards The Man. If a grudge lingers within the heart, it will ruin the future of that person.

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