A rival to Curry Cook.


The descendant of the British Chojin Viceroy, the governor general who represented Great Britain's rule in India during the British Raj. He arrives in New Delhi claiming that he was entitled to taxes as the people owed the Viceroy for his hard work. Curry Cook - (named Singh around this time) - tries to stop him, but can't because of a promise to not get angry. 

However, when Cambridgeman tries to frame an Indian woman for running a cannabis smuggling ring (so he could have a reason to take over the local market), it pushes Singh to the point of wearing a "Mala" and gaining the strength to - not only beat, but - brutally murder Cambridgeman with his Charkha Sting.  


Cambridgeman enters the village on a palanquin. [1] He is described as a descendant of the British Raj, and the people are threatened by his men that they must pay "taxes" to Cambridgeman to ensure their safety. Meena refuses to submit to Cambridgeman, causing the villagers to revolt against him, and so he removes his outfit to reveal that he is in fact a chojin wrestler. He attacks the villagers, killing one with his Kingdom Hail technique. [1]

Curry Cook tries to stop Cambridgeman from leaving the village, but - due to his promise to remain passive and not give into his anger - he does not attack back, thus is beaten unconscious by Cambridgeman. [2] The next day, Cambridgeman plants cannabis on Meena at her stall in the market, and orders his men to destroy her stall and thus her livelihood. After Cambridgeman strikes Meena, this inspires Curry Cook to fight back. Curry Cook gains an advantage by tossing curry into Cambridgeman's eyes, before using a Chakra Sting to murder him. [2]


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  • Submitted By: Takayuki Wakisaka (脇阪孝行) of Kanagawa and Ken Hiroshima (ケン・広島) of Hiroshima
  • Wrestling Style: Catch as Catch Can


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