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An opponent of Mammothman.


He fought Mammothman to a draw by simultaneously hitting each other with a clothesline (in actuality, Phoenix had Mammothman throw the fight).

When Rampageman appeared at the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor, he, Golemman and Pinchman have showed up to stop him. Sadly, they failed as Rampageman devastated him.


Cannonballer vs. Mammothman

After his teammates had fallen to Mammothman, Cannonballer steps in to avenge them. Despite struggling to beat him, Cannonballer manages to force a stalemate with his Cannon Lariat. In reality, Mammothman threw the match, so Kinnikuman Super Phoenix could have a shot against Kinnikuman Big Body.

Cannonballer, Pinchman and Golemman vs. Rampageman

Just as a wounded Kinnikuman Big Body charges at Rampageman, Pinchman, Golemman and Cannonballer reveal themselves and confront Rampageman. The trio will not let Rampageman hurt their captain. Cannonballer starts off strong with a Cannon Lariat, but Rampageman stops it and throws Cannonballer aside, calling him pathetic. Pinchman moves in with a Pinch Claw, hoping to avenge Cannonballer's loss. Rampageman stops the Pinch Claw in its tracks and bends Pinchman's pincers with no effort. He then impales Pinchman with a Punishment Engraver straight from his chest.

Golemman tackles Rampageman with a Golem Spear. Rampageman kicks him aside, but Golemman catches Rampageman by his legs and follows up with a Golem Giant Swing. Just as Big Body cheers on Golemman, Rampageman breaks free and elbows Golemman in the chest. After Big Body's futile effort at ordering Golemman to run away, Rampageman finishes off Golemman with a Cathedral Bomber.

Disappointed by how easily he defeated them, Rampageman notes that they may not need the Capillaria Rays to wipe out the Chojin race.

Career Record

  • Team Big Body: Second-in-Command


Cannon Lariat

  • Cannonballer charges at his foe with a standard lariat. Used to end the match with Mammothman with a draw.


  • Submitted by a fan as Canoballaman from Iran Flag of Iran.svg 


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