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Space Kaiju Attack is the first chapter of Yudetamago's manga series Kinnikuman.

It was adapted as Episode 3A of the anime.


Kinnikuman is called upon to stop evil space Kaiju.


It's 1979 and over 100 space Kaiju head towards Earth. At the Earth Defence Force HQ, a member notices the Kaiju on the radar and quickly tells the Chief. He tells them that the Kaiju will be arriving in Japan at 12, which is only an hour away. The Chief tells his subordinate to contact the Ultra Brothers but they can't be reached because they're at a hot springs vacation. The Chief then asks about PP-Man (whose getting his cape cleaned and can't come to Japan), Spider-Man (who is in intensive car after sliding down a wall) and others (who are all spending time with their families). The two men start (comically) wrestling, where the Chief is able to beat his subordinate. Another member (wearing sunglasses) soon yells at them to stop. The Chief then remembers that there still is one chojin left, although he always loses. [1]

We then see Kinnikuman, eating gyudon in his shack of a home. Kinnikuman is quickly taken to the HQ where the Chief tells him that they need him to fight against space Kaijuu, lying that the other chojin are all at a conference. Kinnikuman gets angry and starts throwing the Chief around but then prepares to fight the Kaijuu. The EDF gives him info on some of the Kaiju. Kinnikuman first blows off some of the first Kaiju shown, such as Okamarasu & Eraginesu (a reference to the fact that Kinnikuman had fought them both in the two pilot chapters). However, when some of the stronger Kaiju, such as Abdullah, are shown he becomes scared. Other Kaiju, such as Sheik-Seijin & Acrobat-Seijin, are shown and it becomes obvious that Kinnikuman doesn't have a finishing move. For a few panels, Kinnikuman trains to find a finishing move that can surpass the Kinniku Flash. He gets the move, known as the Kinniku Beam, but it turns out that it takes a lot of his energy in which the only way for him to gain the energy back is if he eats garlic. [1]

It's 11:55, and the Japanese public learns of the Space Kaijuu but they just blow it off saying the Ultra Brothers will save them. Kinnikuman then tells them that the Ultra Brothers won't be coming, which causes everyone to leave Japan quickly. Despite the obviousness that no one believes in him, Kinnikuman eats his garlic and grows giant. It's 12:10, which causes Kinnikuman to become confused. The EDF man comes and tells them that the Kaiju didn't want to fight an idiot like Kinnikuman and so they reversed their course (much to the shock of everyone). [1]

Character Debuts

  • Kinnikuman
  • Don Picadillycaone
  • Ultraseven
  • Ultraman
  • PP-Man 
  • Spider-Man
  • Okamaras
  • Eragines
  • Abdullah
  • Sheikian
  • Acrobat-Seijin


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