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The 52nd chapter in the Kinnikuman series.


Kinnikuman arrives in Hawaii, USA, to begin his championship tour.


Kinnikuman crashes through a planet, on his space-ship, on May 30th 1980.[1] He has been allowed to return to Planet Kinniku, before his world tour, and travels with Meat Alexandria and SW-26. The Kinniku Clan and Alexandria Clan await their return on Main Street, but SW-26 only touches down on the planet and flies off again. SW-26 states that the World Supermen Association controls Kinnikuman's schedule, and this triggers Kinnikuman to look at his championship belt and realise the weight of his responsibility as champion. He agrees to go on his tour straight away. The tour is to begin in Hawaii, USA, where Kinnikuman believes he will meet many women, but the women express disgust of him when he arrives.[1]


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