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The 53rd chapter in the Kinnikuman series.


Kinnikuman agrees to fight against Prince Kamehame.


Kinnikuman arrives slightly late in Hawaii, where he is greeted by Kaz Nakano.[1] He announces that Kinnikuman has a wrestling match that same night; they arrive at a hotel, where many women swarm around Kinnikuman, but they are there for Jesse Maivia and not Kinnikuman. The arrival of Jesse Maivia is preempted by Prince Kamehame, who Kaz reveals was the previous Hawaiian champion. Kinnikuman is told that it is Prince Kamehame he will fight.

He is invited to a discussion with Duke Kamata, who says that it is standard practise for the attendant of Jesse Maivia to weed out weak opponents from the strong, so that Jesse only fights the strongest of people. Kinnikuman and Jesse both bet their belts on the outcome of the match, and Kinnikuman agrees, despite the extensive track record of Prince Kamehame.[1]


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