For only a fool would ponder the notion … that I’d turn my back on my wondrous friends!
— Checkmate [1]

Check Mate (チェック・メイト) is a character from Yudetamago's manga and anime series Kinnikuman Nisei (Ultimate Muscle).


Check Mate is trained by Sunshine, in which he is expected to take revenge on the New Generations. He is impervious to pain, but can still be injured and harmed, and has the ability to change form according to button presses on his chess-piece shoulder-pads.

He can take the form of a castle or the form of a horse (rook and knight respectively). After being defeated by Mantaro, he becomes a Justice Chojin. It as at this point that he becomes a supporting character in the anime, where he often appears as comic relief or providing commentary for matches.


Kinnikuman Nisei

d.M.p Arc

Check Mate was just a homeless child on the streets, when he happened to run into veteran devil chojin Sunshine, who saw potential in him and decided to train him to become a perfect chojin. [2] Sunshine used gruelling techniques to teach the boy not to feel any pain of any kind, and forget words like failure or defeat. After the battle with Rex King, Terry the Kid was in no condition to take on Check Mate. Sunshine infuses Check Mate with his essence, giving him strength to fight instead of Rex King. [3] Mantaro is set to battle Check Mate in the next round, but decides against this out of fear, until the popularity polls are released and Check Mate outranks Mantaro. [4] This reinvigorates Mantaro fight.

In the match's early moments, Mantaro appears to be in control as he unleashes a barrage of nonstop attacks on the barely-resisting Check Mate. It is when he applies a newly invented hold, that Check Mate reveals his attacks are ineffective, as he is impervious to pain. [5] Check Mate proceeds to dislocate own joints to escape Mantaro's submission hold. He proceeds to dominate the match, often damaging Mantaro while Sunshine cheers and supports him from the ringside. [6]

After Check Mate sees that Mantaro is of little threat, he turns against Sunshine and prepares to murder Mantaro even when Sunshine expresses horror at this turn of events (still abiding by an old honour code). A young child runs up and starts to attack Check Mate, at which point Sunshine intervenes to save the child - Check Mate proceeds to attack Sunshine. [7] The crowd grows rowdy in their disapproval of Check Mate's actions, but Check Mate is indifferent to their protests due to a lack of emotion. Mantaro intervenes to protect Sunshine.

True to Sunshine's previous warnings, even though Check Mate could not feel Mantaro's attacks and holds, they were still taking a toll on his body. As a result, his knee spasms from the damage it had taken. [8] Check Mate activates all three of his heads, which exerts enough force that it could kill an opponent due to his sheer strength and weight, and continues to put Mantaro in a High Horse Driver hold in an attempt to finish him. Mantaro breaks free of the attack when the crowd cheers for him, attacking Check Mate's injured patella until it explodes with blood. [8] Mantaro escapes to perform his own Kinniku Buster, which knocks-out Check Mate and wins him the match. [9] Sunshine refuses to allow anyone to touch the injured and defeated Check Mate, but proceeds to carry him out of the ring with a promise to train him to be stronger. [9]

Fire of Inner Strength Challenge Arc

Check Mate makes his first appearance in the west entrance of the stadium. [10] His presence intimidates Mantaro Kinniku, but Mince offers him a seat beside him and states Check Mate is no threat, and - when Fork the Giant attempts to attack Mantaro outside the ring - comes to Mantaro's defence and blocks an attack. [11] Check Mate claims to be neutral, and is merely stopping an illegal move, before he admits that his defeat at Mantaro's hands changed him; he desires a good fight over hatred and victory. [12]

Check Mate follows Mantaro to his next match, which is located in Kyoto. [13] He changes into street clothes and blushes at some geisha, before it is revealed Mantaro is too weak from his match to fight in the next round. [14] He watches the Hanzo vs. The Ninja match alongside Mantaro. [15] After Mantaro wins against Fork the Giant and Hanzo, Check Mate joins his teammates to relax and sing karaoke, before they watch a staged fight for entertainment. [16] Check Mate intervenes when Bone Cold disturbs the match, and saves the life of Mince from assassination. [17]

Chojin Olympics: The Resurrection Arc

Check Mate is paired with a person named Shinya, who - being unfit - worries that they are holding Check Mate back and preventing him from winning, and it is revealed Check Mate picked them for being his biggest fan and believes in their inner strength. [18] Mr. Gacha then attacks them, but Check Mate turns into knight-form and evades the attacks. This accidentally adds further damage to Shinya. To protect Shinya, he cuts the ties that bind them and allows himself to be disqualified, and carries Shinya to safety. [18]

Demon Seed Arc

After Mantaro's loss to Kevin Mask, Check Mate, Kid, Seiuchin, and Gazelleman try to cheer him up. He and Gazelleman later sit at ringside for Kevin Mask's and Scarface's fight with Ashuraman and Voltman. He also joins forces with Jade to help Kevin train for his match against Voltman.

Ultimate Chojin Tag Tournament

Check Mate is first seen training alongside Ilioukhine. [19]

Two Time Chojin - named Thunder and Lightning - arrive to disrupt their training, only to leave immediately into a past timeline. [19] He later attends an awards ceremony, at which point Kevin Mask starts to disappear from existence, and it is revealed this is due directly to the Time Chojin killing Robin Mask in the past. [20] A seminar takes place, where Check Mate learns he must help in building a time-ship, so that he may go back in time and defeat the Time Chojin in order to save Kevin Mask and the present timeline. [21]

He is one of the chojin - in Group 2 - to go to Fujiyama, in order to retrieve the spherical section of the Fujiyama TV headquarters for the cockpit of the ship, and later he uses his Stallion Honourable Driver to help build the ship. [22] When it is time to board the ship, he is the fifth person to volunteer to go to the past. [23] On the day of departure, he brings an abundant amount of protein pills and drinks. [24] On the ship, he is placed in charge of the air-conditioning unit. [23]

Check Mate dives out from the ship with the Time Warp 8 to save Robin Mask. [25]

When Alisa Mackintosh is accidentally injured in place of Robin, her life is at risk and the original generation believe that the New Generation as in league with the Time Chojin. [26] Check Mate attempts to use his mobile phone, only to be attacked by Terryman. [27] Harabote Muscle announces a new tournament to settle matters: the Ultimate Chojin Tag Tournament. [28] Check Mate pleads with Seiuchin to train and participate in the tournament, and Check Mate attempts to team up with Seiuchin, but Seiuchin refuses. [29]

After Mantaro shows ingratitude to Seiuchin, Seiuchin chooses Neptuneman as a partner and leaves. [30] Check Mate follows them and witnesses Seiuchin's beastly transformation. [31] He overhears Neptuneman talks about a Perfect Chojin Revival, which leads Check Mate to attack with his Black Neigh of Centaurus. Neptuneman proves too powerful and Check Mate is defeated with a Cross Bomber so powerful that the skin of his face is removed. Check Mate lies unconscious on the cave floor. [31]

Neptuneman and Seiuchin carry Check Mate in a coffin, during the Opening Ceremony for the tournament. [32] They reveal Check Mate's face has been added to Neptuneman's collection, and Check Mate - still alive - warns them the New Generation of Seiuchin's transformation, before he is taken away by paramedics. [33]

(More to Come)

Recently, a shadowy figure with boots and a cape similar to Check Mate's was seen boarding a bus heading for the tournament.

Kinnikuman Nisei ~All Chojin Dai Shingeki~

When Kinniku Mantaro and Terry the Kid head to DMp headquarters, in order to rescue Meat Alexandria, they find that the final - and third - opponent that they must face is Check Mate. He hides behind a door styled after a chessboard, and inside is a room with a ring also styled after a chessboard. [34]

Sunshine hides in a far corner, where he states that he will only return Meat if they can defeat Check Mate. Check Mate proceeds to burst forth from Check Mate's body, and he lands within the ring, where he challenges Mantaro to a fight. Mantaro dons his body with shogi pieces, before - after seeing how Kid is still hurt - jumping into the ring to be the one who shall fight Check Mate. Mantaro attacks him with a Drop Kick. Check Mate counters by changing into his Rook Form, which stops Mantaro's attacks from taking effect. [34]

Check Mate changes into his Knight Form and uses an Honorable Stallion Style Drop. [34]

He flashes back to his rough and abusive upbringing by Sunshine, and is overwhelmed by Sunshine's sudden praise in regards to his gaining an advantage over Mantaro. [35] When Mantaro starts to take back the advantage, Check Mate combines all three of his forms, and uses a Human Desk Bomb Drop. Mantaro summons his Friendship Power and shoves a Shogi piece inside Check Mate, which renders him immobile as it turns him into wood. Mantaro then wins with a Kinniku Buster. [35]

Sunshine tends to Check Mate, but Check Mate - hearing how the dMp plan to renege on their deal, realises the power of Friendship, and uses his Knight Form to rescue Meat from certain death. [36] Sunshine, however, to save Check Mate, allows himself to get the blow of a falling spike that rams through his chest. Sunshine self-destructs the dMp headquarters, but his love for Check Mate commands him to flee with the others, and he stays behind to die along with the other Evil Chojin. [36] Check Mate follows the others to the crater of the mountain, where Qilinman and Shimao have set up a second tournament for the Justice Chojin. [37]

Check Mate - to prove his worth as a Justice Chojin - challenges Captain Macko. [38]

Check Mate lands on the ring atop the 'boiled egg' portion of the oden, on the second story, and Captain Macko reveals his true identity by removing his disguise. [39] Check Mate climbs the top corner and use a Flying Body Attack, but Captain Macko counters with his Whale Mouth. [39] Check Mate struggles to break free, and so he uses his Chess-Piece Change to change into his Knight Form. He attacks Captain Macko with a Gallop Kick. [40]

He throws Captain Macko into a Reverse Full Nelson, before attempting an Honorable Stallion-Style Drop, and Captain Macko stops this with a Macko Water-Spout Pillar. This reverses the pressure, allowing him to use a Deep-Fried Fish-Drop. Check Mate vomits up blood. He riles up Captain Macko, before changing into his Rook form. [40]

Check Mate angles his legs upward, so that - as Captain Macko - attempts a Deep-Fried Fish-Drop again, it turns his leg-movement into the counter of a Drop Kick. [41] Captain Macko breaks out with a Whale Twister, which forces Check Mate to change back into a King Piece, and Captain Macko stomps continuously on him, while saying he can come back to the d.M.p, if he apologises to their leaders. On the whale body of Captain Macko, a black liquid starts to leak out. [41]

Check Mate realises this is whale oil, and clashes his bracers together, which creates a spark that ignites the oil that's leaking onto the mat. This ignites Captain Macko, and Check Mate - while his body is aflame - is able to take him into a Reverse Full Nelson. Check Mate then uses his finishing move: King-Style Brilliant Throw. This smashes Captain Macko into the corner-post of the ring. He follows with a double-arm suplex. This knocks Captain Macko out, but this also results in Check Mate fainting in turn. [41]

The match ends with a double-knockout. [41]


Chess Piece Change (チェス・(ピース)・チェンジ)

  • A special power which allows Check Mate to use the two chess pieces on his shoulders to alter his form and power.
  • King ((キング)) Check Mate's normal human form, the form most seen.
  • Knight ((ナイト)): Used by pushing a button on the Knight piece on his left shoulder, it causes the piece to replace Check Mate's head and and his lower body to turn into that of a horse, making him a sort of centaur. In this form, he is able to move much quicker and use all four of his horse feet for more powerful kicks
  • Rook ((ルーク)): Used by pushing a button on the Rook piece on his right shoulder, it causes the piece to replace Check Mate's head and his entire body turns to solid stone, making him harder to damage and allowing him to use the stone body to inflict more damage during attacks.

Grand Slam (グランドスラム)

  • Check Mate's ultimate move, used by pushing both the Knight and Rook buttons at the same time, it causes his face to turn to a face with King crowned with the Rook's top part on the left half, and Knight on the right half, his lower body becomes that of a horse like in his Knight form, and his body gains the stone properties of his Rook form, as well as symbols on his body, a simple crown on his lower waist, two horse heads and a much more detailed crown on his chest, and a rook castle on both shoulders. This move allows him to combine his powers such as combining the tactical skill of his King form and the speed of his Knight form with the near indestructible stone body of his Rook form.

Stallion Style Honorable Driver: (馬式誉れ落とし, Uma-shiki Homare Otoshi)

  • Used in Check Mate's Knight and Grand Slam forms, he grabs an opponents arms, and leaps up, carrying them up in the air, he then throws them upside down, and as their falling, places his front horse feet onto the bottom of the opponent's feet and pushes down, slamming the opponent into the mat while using his speed to increase the speed of the fall and the power of the impact.

The Centaur's Black Neigh (ケンタウロスの黒い嘶き, Kentauros no Kuroi Inanaki)

Gallop Kick (ギャロップキック)

Rook Sky Twister (ルーク・スカイツイスター)

Open The Rook Gate (オープン・ザ・ルークゲート)

Close The Rook Gate (クローズ・ザ・ルークゲート)

Separate Body (解体城(セパレーツ)ボディ)

Blood Binding Windows

  • Used in the Grand Slam form. Little openings on Check Mate's thighs and chest which trap the ankles and hands of an opponent. Followed up by the Human Desk Bomb Drop.

Window Blinds

Human Desk Bomb Drop (落爆人机, Raku Baku Hito Tsukue)

  • With his opponent trapped and his front exposed, Check Mate jumps and falls facing the mat, crushing the opponent trapped in front of him.

King Style Brilliant Throw (王式絢爛投げ, Ou-shiki Kenran Nage)

  • A V-Jump technique. Essentially a double under-hook face-buster.

Career Information

  • Invulnerable Choujin (不死身の超人, Fujimi no Choujin)
  • High Limits Choujin (極限の超人, Kyokugen no Choujin)
Win/Loss Record (Singles)
  • O Gorgeousman (???)
  • X Mantaro Kinniku (Kinniku Buster)
  • O Awesomeman (Stallion Style Honorable Driver) Chojin Olympics qualification match
  • Δ Captain Macko (King Style Brilliant Throw→ Double KO) (V-Jump)
Win/Loss Record (Tag)
Win/Loss Record (Other)
  • X Mr. Gatcha (Bridge Gatcha-Pon, Three-Legged Race) (with Shinya)



  • Favourite Food: Gōyā Chanpurū, Yudofu


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