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The Chief of the Cherokee tribe, who raised Geronimo and his sister.


Chief Cheyenne is the leader of the Cherokee tribe in Oklahoma, where he raised Geronimo and acts as a leader to his people. He saves Terryman's life and aids Geronimo in breaking his vegetative state, so that he regains his mobility and consciousness. He is a strong supporting character for a part of the Dream Chojin Tag Arc.


Deep of Muscle

After the death of Geronimo's father, Chief Cheyenne unofficially adopts Geronimo and Amy. [1] He explains to Geronimo, when he becomes ten years old, about his father and how his father died. After Geronimo is saved by the God of the Superman Road in that same year, Chief Cheyenne supports Geronimo in his dream to become a Justice Chojin and trains him. He continues to be a strong influence on Geronimo, such as educating him on racial/political issues, and guides him to become a good person. Chief Cheyenne also has an altar to the God of the Superman Road, to whom he prays.[1]


After returning Geronimo to his tribe, the tribes-people attack Terryman and threaten his life: Chief Cheyenne intervenes to save him from certain death. [2] He reveals that he cannot bring Geronimo back to life, as it is impossible to revive a human, but he could potentially bring Geronimo back as a Justice Chojin. [2] Geronimo must face a trial, going from the human God to the chojin God, but this may risk his life in the process. [3] He places Geronimo on an altar beneath a large totem pole, and calls forth the human god to ask that Geronimo be reborn as a chojin.

He announces the presence of the 'Superhuman Road', which Geronimo must climb to go through his various trials, and he must pass three obstacles. [3] In the final of the three trials, an image of Chief Cheyenne - perverted by evil - appears and threatens to kill children, but Geronimo destroys this visage of Chief Cheyenne. This allows Geronimo to become a chojin of justice. [3]


  • In the original printings his title was shūchō (酋長), but has been changed to the more politically correct zokuchō (族長) in recent printings.



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