The Chojin Blood Bind is a technique used by Atlantis during his match with Kinnikuman and used by


Ashuraman during the tag team match against the Muscle Brothers. Atlantis uses this to bring back the spirits of the fallen Akuma Chojin, which then assist Atlantis by ganging up on the opponent. It can be stopped if there's a way to enter the spirit realm like the Spirit World mirror. Luckily, Mongolman had one, so Terryman and Brocken Jr. used it to stop the fallen Akuma Chojin spirits from interfering in Kinnikuman's match with Atlantis.

Ashuraman's version is known as Hell's Canvas. He covers the ring with a canvas sewn together with patches from the previous matches against the Devil Chojin. This time, The Mountain figures out the Spirit Realm trick and boots out Brocken Jr. and Wolfman before they could help the Muscle Brothers. However, Kinnikuman Great realizes that salt (from Kinnikuman's evaporated sweat) can be used to exorcise these evil spirits

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