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Chōjin Graveyard (超人墓場 Chōjin Hakaba)


Ruled by Chojin Enma and managed by the Graveyard Demons, it is the land where the souls of dead Chojins are sent. [1] Through undertaking serious labour a Chojin will receive Lifeforce Spheres (生命の玉 Seimei no Tama), and if four are collected they can be revived (however, this will not work for people who have died from old age or illness). [2] Therefore, whenever a killed Chojin reappears in-story without explanation, it can be assumed that they underwent this ordeal. However, there are Chojin that - while there - simply float around doing nothing. [2][3]

Unique Items

Life Balls

Every time the Hakamori approve of a deceased chojin's work, that chojin will receive a 'life ball'. [2] You may return to the world of the living with four of these life balls, but it is not easy to obtain them, as it may take between six months and a century to earn even one life ball. [2]

Forbidden Mortar

The graveyard houses a Forbidden Mortar, which is the first artificial chojin-power generator; it is this device that allows chojin to return to life, by creating power with which to restore their souls to the living world. [1] If this giant mortar is stopped, it will prevent souls from coming back to life. [1]


(More to Come)


One's initial arrival is being greeted by many graves. [2]

The chojin that died during a death-match, within a ring, are shown floating in an abyss. The Graveyard Demons are there to greet newcomers and induct them into their new 'lives', and take the new spirits into enforced labour camps (it is unclear why some spirits linger in the abyss and why some actively work). One can avoid attention of the demons, so long as they work enough to appease the 'graveyard manager'. Through hard work, one can earn 'life balls', and - on obtaining four balls - one may escape the afterlife and go back to life again. [2]

The entrance and exit is located towards the section with the many graves, just beyond the floating chojin that appear to float in the abyss, and is beneath a large tomb with the face of a woman. The tomb has four slots, in which one may place the balls and allow the tomb to open for the chojin. [2]

In a deep cave, one may encounter a large rock with sparkling light and flowers. [4] They emit a light that comes from the world of the living, and the flowers that grow are the only living things in this realm, and the stone from the rock can be crafted into artificial organs. [4] Once a person is alive, the Graveyard Demons are unable to prevent a chojin from escaping and are rendered helpless in matters. [5]

The entrance is protected by an intricate illusion, created by Mirageman, of a picturesque paradise. [3] It is designed to distract people who may get lost, preventing them from escaping or entry, depending on their reason for being so close to the main entrance. [3] It is shown that Abyssman is the Inspector General of the graveyard, who seeks to protect it from those that would cause harm. [6]

It is shown that only the Chojin Enma has the ultimate authority to restore chojin back to life. [1] Only the Graveyard Demons and Perfect Chojin can transcend between the graveyard and world of the living, and turning back the Forbidden Mortar would connect the two worlds that should not be connected. [1]

Known Inhabitants

Deceased Chojin

Graveyard Rulers


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