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Chojin Power(超人強度), literally Superhuman Strength and known as Chojin Power Levels in some fansubs of Kinnikuman, is the system for measuring the strength of Chojin. They are measured by units called Power (パワー) (ex: 950,000 Power).


The existence of Chojin Power is first mentioned during the Warsman/Buffaloman fight during the Seven Akuma Chojin Arc. Warsman, being the Chojin Olympics runner-up and a big-wheel in the Chojin World, has the highest Power amongst the Idol Chojin (1,000,000 Power). Buffaloman, however, possessed a 10,000,000 Power

In the series, from then on, when new chojin appear their personal Power is noted. In the final story arc, Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne, chojin with a 100,000,000 Power appear, but are defeated by Kinnikuman, Robin Mask, and others with less than 1,000,000 Power; this lead many fans to believe that the Power Levels had very little to do with a chojin's abilities after all.

In the sequel, Kinnikuman Nisei, the concept of Chojin Power is continued, but although each chojin's personal power is noted it is almost never important to the story and they are rarely far away from the 1,000,000 mark.

Notable Uses of Chojin Power

  • Buffaloman's Kinniku Buster Reversal requires him to increase his Chojin Power 10-fold.
  • Buffaloman was originally a regular 1,000,000 Power Chojin, but was promised 1,000,000 Power from Satan for each chojin he defeated, leading to his trademark 10,000,000 Power.
  • During the Devil Chojin Arc, Buffaloman was shown to be able to raise and lower his Chojin Power from 0 to 10,000,000 at will. When lowered to 0, he could move so fast no one could see him.
  • Chojins can give amounts of their power to other chojin, and if they use an amount equal to a deceased chojin's Power they can be revived. This does not work on regular humans.

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Main Chojins' Power

The confirmed highest Chojin Power is the Chojin Gods' 100,000,000 Power, while the smallest is Kani Base's 2 Power. Most Power are listed in the 10,000 Power.

Below are the Chojin Power that are particularly significant to the story.

For individual chojin's chojin Power, see List of Kinnikuman characters and List of Kinnikuman Nisei characters.

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