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The choushin are the chojin gods that have taken a physical form. They are a primary group of antagonists from a later (currently unnamed) arc in Kinnikuman (2011).


The choushin are chojin gods that have assumed a physical form to exist in the mortal plane. The have come to Earth to purge the entire chojin race, but for that, they need the Capillaria Rays to do it, and because some pieces aren't in their possession (the five pieces from the Five Evil Gods), they have to fight Super Phoenix's team first.

After some matches, and losing a couple of their comrades, The God of Harmony decides to open the Tower of Babel, challenging the whole chojin race to fight them there.



The choushin created chojin in order to increase the number of gods.[1] There were 108 seats in heaven for the gods to occupy, but - while their numbers changed over time - the maximum number of seats filed only reached 107 and not the 108 potential seats filled. The God of Compassion saw this as proof that the choushin were imperfect, as such he created new beings (chojin) in hopes of filling the empty seats. The first of these beings were Goldman and Silverman.

In time, the chojin proved unworthy and the gods eradicated the chojin using the capillaria rays. They leave ten chojin alive, with the Man giving up his choushin status to become a chojin, so that he may manage them and watch over them. These ten chojin will become the Perfect Origin. They continued living and evolving for thousands of years without incident, until the Man was defeated by General Devil, which caused the gods to question whether chojin - again - were worthy of existence. The God of Harmony believed the issue was that the issue was there were too many chojin candidates for the choushin seat(s), which led to their manifesting in physical form and coming to Earth to test the chojin.[1]

Kinnikuman 2011

Unnamed Arc

The choushin descent upon Earth to find the last 5 Capillaria Rays. They first attack Big Body at the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor, and the God of Commandments, now with the name of Rampageman, tries to attack him to tell them were the other capillaria rays are. But before they could fight, three of Big Body's teammate appears and try to defeat the God. But Rampageman easily win the fight. But again, another of team Big Body members enters: Leopardon.

They have a fight, and despite the power differences, Leopardon manages to receive a great amount of damage, before also been defeated. But the match between Big Body and Rampageman is again interrupted, now by Super Phoenix, who tells the gods where the capillaria rays are, sending them to fight three of his teammates and himself.

The first battle is in Egypt, between Prisman and the God of Wrath, now with the name of Bicorn. Despite ending heavily wounded, Prisman manages to kill Bicorn, then proceeds on passing his capillaria piece to Geronimo, before dying. The next match is held in Siauliai of USSR between Satan Cross and the God of Tranquillity, known as The Natural, but this time, is the Gods who score a victory, after The Natural defeats and kills Satan Cross, who in his last moments, decides to face him as his former self, Samson. Next match is in the USRR at Darvaza, where Mammothman fights the God of Discipline, now with the name of Caucasusman. Despite winning the fight, Mammothman sacrifices himself by giving his power level away together with his piece to bring another chojin back to live.

Now, at the Colosseum of Rome, Big Body and Super Phoenix face off against two Gods: the God of Reason and the God of Madness, who were a brilliant tag team back in the Celestial Realm. So the two Fated Princes decide to also face them as a tag team, and despite their differences, they manage to do a good teamwork, and defeat the two choushin. These victories earn them the admiration of the God of Harmony, who decided to challenge the chojin personally, so he opens the Tower of Babel, and tell the chojin to choose eight representatives to enter and fight them, forming the group called "The Real Deals" that consists of Kinnikuman, Robin Mask, Warsman, Geronimo, Buffaloman, Ashuraman, Sunshine and Neptuneman.

At the first level, they have to face off against the God of Evolution. Geronimo, willing to show his improvement, jumps into action, and after a hard battle, he manages to defeat the God of Evolution, who reveals himself to be the God of Superman Road who gave Geronimo his powers back when he was human, and then explains that his motives were to test if the chojin were really worthy or not.

After the three doors opens, the team splits into a group of three, with the Devil Chojin, Ashuraman and Sunshine, go through one of the doors, while Neptuneman and Robin Mask go to the other door, leaving Kinnikuman, Warsman and Buffaloman alone.

In their next level, Neptuneman faces off against the Choushin known as Leviathan, the God of Fortune and Misfortune, who at first wears an overbody similar to Big the Budo. After their match, Leviathan reveals his motives to descent from heavens, and lets Neptuneman to ascend to the top of the Tower. Meanwhile, Kinnikuman, Buffaloman and Warsman arrive to the next level, where Warsman faces against the new choushin, the former God of Reformation, Onyxman. After a heated battle, the match ended in a draw with Warsman succumbing to his injuries that made him unable to get up and Onyxman getting terribly wounded by Warsman's Double Claw Screw Driver.

On the next floor, Ashuraman and Sunshine get to fight in a tag match against The Natural and the God of Self-Control known as The Berserker who together make the tag team named "Honesty."

Customs & Culture

As gods (or former gods), they are all equal, despite looking as if the God of Harmony is their leader. Each of them have their own agenda and beliefs to descent upon Earth, as revealed by The Executioner.


Capillaria Ray Immunity

  • An aura that protects Choushins from the Capillaria Rays and any other hazardous and poisonous substances. However, the aura can be pierced if they get physically wounded, thus, exposing them to the Capillaria Rays.

Diamond Power

  • The ability to change their body hardness to that of a diamond.

Unique Items

Capillaria Rays

  • There are 108 Capillaria Rays, one for each god. Until the 2011 run, only 105 were known to exist (100 for the good gods, and 5 for the evil gods)


  • The overbody reminiscent of Strong the Budo and Big the Budo is a type of armour donned by the gods when they were resolved to a course of action; this was not the original outfit of the Man, but something he wore to show his commitment to abandoning the celestial realm




(More to Come)


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