Crystalman (クリスタルマン) is a really tall chojin made of crystal.


Crystalman was submerged in Antarctic ice, where he waits until Beansman finds him and asks him to help in protecting Planet Rakka against space bandits. He agrees to help and learns the space bandits weakness, which is their hearts, and this helps lead to their defeat.


In his search for strong Seigi Chojin, to help him defeat evil space bandits, Beansman leads his growing group into the Antarctic. [1] Crystalman appears in the ice beneath their feet, where he reveals he has been asleep for more than 100,000 years and his body has weakened. He agrees to join them for basic money and food. They then go to Berlin together, to recruit Brocken Jr., and depart for Planet Rakka. [1]

They travel via Puyo-Puyo's 'space-coaster'. [2] After they land, they struggle to find the space bandits, and only learn of their location from an elderly man that finds them. [2] Crystalman goes with Beansman to attack the fort. [3] They fight for a long time against the space bandits, until Crystalman realises their weakness is the heart on their chests. After defeating the space bandits, he returns to Earth with the others. [3]


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