Cubeman (キューブマン) is a Rubik's cube chojin.


Cubeman defeated Mindpuzzleman in the first round of the 21st Chojin Olympics Arc, but he lost in the second round to Wolfman, who threw him out of the ring to his death.


In the final preliminaries, Cubeman is the first Seigi Chojin to be loaded into the pachinko machine. [2] He is paired against Mindpuzzleman in Block B. [2]The match takes place in Koushien Field, but taks place in a secluded section outside the outfield. [3] Mindpuzzleman attacks first, but he tries to solve the cube puzzle on Cubeman's head. Cubeman retaliates, but - in turn - tries to solve the puzzle of Mindpuzzleman. He solves the puzzle very quickly and makes a speedy - yet anti-climatic - victory. [3]

The next match is against Wolfman, where they begin by staring each other down before a huge crowd. [4] Wolfman proceeds to leave a series of slaps to all of Cubeman's square parts, which causes them to swell and extend; the red sides are blood blisters, the yellow sides are pus, and the blue sides are bruises. Wolfman then uses a Double Crush, before tossing Cubeman out of the ring. He bounces like a ball, until an elderly person pops him with an umbrella, which causes him to explode and die. [4]

Cubeman later comes back for Wolfman's retirement ceremony, helping to cut Wolfman's topknot, as Cubeman was one of Wolfman's opponents. Wolfman's slaps were the most painful moves Cubeman had ever experienced. It's a shame Wolfman's retiring because Cubeman believes that Wolfman's still in his prime. [5]

Career Information

Win/Loss Record (Singles)



  • Likes to solves puzzles in toy stores [6]


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