Curry Cook is initially an opponent of Kinnikuman.


Curry Cook is a character introduced during the 20th Chojin Olympics Arc, where he battles against Kinnikuman. The wrestling style he uses is Mala Wrestling (頭載格闘術(マーラレスリング)) and his seiyuu is Masaharu Sato. He has a cameo role during Kinnikuman Nisei as a trainer at the Hercules Factory.



The Holy Man of Love and Fury

Curry Cook attempts to enter into a Mala Wrestling School, where he breaks several dummies to impress the three judges before him. He is told that he cannot enter the school, despite having mastered all techniques, as he has too much rage in his heart. If he can control his temper and become a Justice Chojin, for a full year, they will allow him to wear a "Mala" on his head and join their school. [1]

Two days before his final exam, while in New Delhi, he meets a woman named Meena, who makes a delicious curry. He faints from hunger and Meena offers him curry, but he reveals he dislikes curry, and it is then that Cambridgeman enters. The men of Cambridgeman threaten the people in return for "taxes", and Cambridgeman makes a sexual offer to Meena, who - after slapping him - incites the people to fight against Cambridgeman and his men. Cambridgeman then reveals he is not just a chojin, but a wrestler, and attacks the people. Curry Cook tries not to be angry, as instructed by his teachers, and Cambridgeman takes advantages of this to attack him in turn. [1]

Cambridgeman knocks Curry Cook unconscious, and Curry Cook awakes in Meena's home. [2] He reveals that his name is "Singh" and thanks Meena for her help, and he returns to sleep, but - when he awakes again - the house is empty. He flees in search of Meena, where he finds Cambridgeman has planted cannabis upon Meena and accuses her of being a drug dealer. He says that he will arrest everyone at the market as accomplices, and he will run a monopoly on the market, before destroying Meena's stall. [2]

When Meena objects, he strikes her across the face.

Curry Cook tries to resist getting angry, but sees a plate of curry that he can use as a "Mala". He dons the dish and his powers increase enough to defeat the henchmen, and Cambridgeman attacks him several times, before attempting a Kingdom Hail. Curry Cook attacks him with a Garam Masala Thumbing, which blinds Cambridgeman, and then slices a cut down Cambridgeman's side. The match is concluded when Curry Cook uses a Chakra Sting, which impales Cambridgeman with his foot. [2]

He tells Meena that she is safe, but she is afraid of his violence.

Curry Cook accepts his fate as a Brutal Chojin. [2]


20th Chojin Olympics

Kinnikuman had made it into the eight finalists of the 20th Chojin Olympics, which included Robin Mask, Terryman, Ramenman, Skyman, Brockenman, Canadianman, and Curry Cook. After a drawing, Kinnikuman was placed in B-Block which consisted of Curry Cook, Brockenman, and Ramenman, all known in the Planet Kinniku Grand Library for brutal fighting styles, hence them being Zangyaku chojin.[3]

Due to the brutality of the chojin, Harabote placed the B-Block matches in the small Korakuen Hall which would only be broadcast on radio, compared to the massive Korakuen Stadium in which the A-Block matches were taking place and would be broadcast on television. The A-Block match against Robin Mask and Canadianman ended quickly with Robin taking down Canadianman in only a few moments. The B-Block match between Ramenman and Brockenman began with Brockenman using fowl and cheap tricks, such as spiked-knuckles and poison gas. Ramenman was able to take the upper-hand by taking Brockenman down with his Chinese Kenpo, finishing him off with his Camel Clutch, ripping Brockenman in half and which terrified Kinnikuman, Meat, and Mayumi.[4]

After seeing the brutal death of Brockenman, Kinnikuman's fears of dying the same way at the hands of Curry Cook caused him to try to run away from the match. The only way Kinnikuman was able to get into the ring was because Meat and Mayumi dragged him back and told him that Curry Cook's face resembled that of a kappa. The match became a steel cage match and Curry Cook began the match by taking a weapon out of his curry sauce and stabbed Kinnikuman's forehead. While wallowing in pain, Kinnikuman was able to break Curry Cook's curry plate which caused Curry Cook to steal some gyuudon from the audience.

The sauce that had been stabbed into Kinnikuman's forehead caused him to act different, in which he bashed Curry Cook against the steel cage and even drank the milk that Curry Cook was originally going to use against him. Kinnikuman's insane tactics caused Curry Cook to give up the match and run away, advancing Kinnikuman to the semi-finals.

Kinnikuman (2011)

True Akuma Chojin Arc

He later fought against the Omega Centauri's Six Spears with a rag-tag group of reserve Justice Chojin led by a semi-retired Wolfman. He's beaten, and killed, by Mariquitaman, willing holding off his own Friendship Power by keeping himself enraged and savage, fearing that adding the knowledge of the Friendship Power to the one of the Magnetic Power they were sent to retrieve and their impressive physical abilities could made the Six Spears unstoppable. Despite Kinnikuman himself begged him to calm down and use the Friendship Power to net a win and save his life, he lost the match, along with his life, finally at peace.

Kinnikuman Nisei

Despite Akuma Shogun's request to Enma Chojin to prevent the dead Chojin to further return to life, an older, wiser and calmer Curry Cook is seen as one of the instructors at the Hercules Factory, reasoning that as the first generation of Justice Chojin is now too old to fight the dMp is now imperative introducing the second generation to galactic wrestling.


Allspice Shield: Curry cook chucks a handful of curry at his opponent.

Mandala Fireball: Using his flexible body, Curry Cook bends his body into a ball and slams into his opponent.

Garam Masala Thumbing: Curry Cook smears a bunch of curry into his opponent's eyes, blinding them.

Ganges Breaker: Curry Cook takes advantage of his flexible body and places them into a torture rack backbreaker between his legs and shoulders.

Demolition Asana: While in an Asana pose, Curry Cook attempts to tear a hole into his opponent's stomach with his hands.

Curry Roux Gouging: A follow-up to Demolition Asana. Curry Cook attempts to rub curry into his opponent's wounds.

Charkha Sting: Curry Cook does a dive kick into his opponent's gut and attempts to punch a hole into them.

Kingdom Hail Reversal: With his flexible body, Curry Cook breaks free of his opponent's clutches. He follows up with a Garam Masala Thumbing and slices his opponent's gut open with a kick. He then finishes off his opponent with a Charkha Sting.

Career Record

Win/Loss Record

Tag Team (Joint Number 1 w/Skyman)



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