The vampire Kaiju that kidnaps people from Planet Kinniku.


Dai King (ダイキング Great King) is a vampire kaiju who kidnaps citizens of Planet Kinniku in order to fight Kinnikuman. He learns of Kinnikuman's weakness to milk and uses it to his advantage. Kinnikuman eventually gets a garlic boost from Meat's sister Rare and defeats him.


Kinnikuman returns to Planet Kinniku, where Mayumi Kinniku reveals that Dai King has been kidnapping their citizens and that he will only fight Kinnikuman. [1] Dai King explains that he knows Kinnikuman's only weakness: Morinaga Milk. He will use the milk to eradicate Kinnikuman's garlic power; Kinnikuman asks him to release the hostages, but Dai King tricks him by instead unleashing a bottle of milk and pouring it over Kinnikuman. [1]

Dai King shows his true form, which is that of a vampire-like creature that seeks to drink Kinnikuman's blood direct from his neck. Kinnikuman starts to see his life flash before his eyes, but Medium Rare Alexandria throws him some garlic and restores him to full health. This gives him enough strength to decapitate Dai King with a single punch. This releases the hostages. [1]


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