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Dawn of Terry the Kid is a part of the Kinnikuman Nisei series. 


This chapter was published in the 2009 "Weekly Playboy".

It is a prequel piece to Kinnikuman Nisei, which focuses on how Terry the Kid became a wrestler, as well as his bond with his father. It was republished on July 27th, 2020 and August 3rd, 2020 in Shueisha


In the story, Kid - who is the captain of a Chojin wrestling school - loses to a male student that has transferred schools and can masterfully work jujitsu. The boy is revealed to be The Volcano, who takes over as the club captain, and challenges Kid to a duel death-match. Kid eventually wins the match, after learning to embrace the Terry family techniques.


The story opens on Terry's ranch. [1]

Kid returns home bruised and injured, which causes Natsuko Shono to chastise him, as he has came home from school with injuries every day for two weeks. After Terryman talks to Kid, Kid reveals that a new jujitsu chojin has transferred to his school. This chojin proceeded to defeat every member of his after-school wrestling club, before defeating Terry the Kid, and Terry the Kid - needing to defend his honour - fought this chojin every day since he lost the fight, only to continue to lose each time he tries to fight him again. The jujitsu chojin then forms a new jujitsu club without Terry the Kid. [1]

After Terry the Kid expresses a desire to join the jujitsu club, giving up wrestling, Terryman takes him out onto the ranch to fulfil a Terry Clan family tradition, which is to remove tree stumps at least once a day from the male chojin's tenth birthday. After Terryman cuts down the trees, he tells Kid to remove the stumps, but Kid grows tired and fails to remove any more. A group of Kid's ex-teammates show up, where they proceed to mock him for the training with his father, and mock Terryman in the process, at which point Volcano reveals he was the jujitsu chojin that displaced Kid and stole his teammates for a new club. [1]

Terryman recognises him as the son of The Mountain, and Volcano declares that he wishes to challenge Kid to a fight to the death, which will occur in two days time. The Mountain is driving the truck that takes them away, and rams a street-sign that is sent hurtling against Terryman, who is injured by the pole. Terryman teaches Kid not to be afraid, which inspires Kid to train and remove all the remaining stumps, and Terryman leaves to go to bed for the evening. The following day, Kid has removed all stumps but one. [1]

There is a four-leafed clover under the roots of the final tree, but Kid remove the tree stump without harming the four-leafed clover, and this begins the creation of his new signature technique: the Texas Clover-Hold. This move is witnessed by Terryman, who watches in surprise the success of his son. [1]

Kid drives to the Palo Duro Canyon with his father. [2]

He reads a letter from Volcano, which specifies the time and date of the duel, and arrives at the ring, which hangs over the valley (for the intended death-match). Terryman watches from the side-lines, as Kid expresses fear at the upcoming events, and his club cheer on for Volcano. [2]

The Mountain reveals that he chose the venue due to his match against Terryman happening in a mountain range, and discusses how - after he died and went to the Chojin Graveyard - that Satan gave him a chance at a new life in order to exact his revenge. He raised his son to exact revenge on his behalf. Terryman states that he believes his son will win, as his son has the passion and heart. The bell rings and Kid can only dodge for the first few minutes. [2]

Kid tries to attack, but all his attacks come up short. Volcano traps him in a Soaring Arm Cross, and - when Kid fails to tackle him - uses a Rotating Hell Shuffle. Kid manages to find inspiration, which leads him to kick Volcano, and this angers Volcano to attack in earnest. A Volcano Eruption and Magma Boiling Lava follow, which nearly kill Kid. Terryman reiterates that he believes in his son. At this point, a four-leafed clover charm falls from Kid's pocket and Volcano threatens to destroy the charm. This angers Kid. [2]

Kid proceeds to use the Texas Clover-Hold, which defeats Volcano and secures him a victory. After Kid manages to save his lucky charm, Terryman appears on the ring and reveals that is where the name of their family-technique originated, as well as that he is proud of his son. [2]

The story ends with the victory of Kid's first match. [2]



  • Terry the Kid is listed as 10yo in the first printing (2009), but 11yo in the reprint (2020)


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