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Dead Signal (デッド・シグナル) is a living Traffic light from Japan. He was defeated by Mantaro in the first round of the HF First Year Replacement Tournament (also the only member of Generation EX to lose in the first round)


Dead Signal is a chojin composed primarily of traffic lights. He is a member of the second generation graduates from the Hercules Factory, named Generation Ex. He is a teammate of Scarface, Jade and Clioneman. We see him mostly during his first round match against Mantaro Kinniku, where he is swiftly defeated and is not seen again within the series. He attacks mostly with road-related attacks and techniques.


Kinnikuman Nisei

HF First Year Replacement Arc

Dead Signal is introduced alongside his colleagues in the Hercules Factory Replacement Matches, where he graduates with honours alongside Jade, Scarface, and Clioneman. [1] It is announced that the new graduates - Generation Ex - will battle the old graduates in a tournament much like soccer divisions, to see who will stay on Earth as its protectors. He is matched against Mantaro Kinniku in the first rounds. [2]

He watches eagerly during the Seiuchin vs. Clioneman match, where he mocks Seiuchin's defeat as boring and claims a stray dog provides more interest. Mantaro places the dog before him, which urinates over him, and provokes a fight, causing both men to be held back and stopped. [3] He enters Kawasaki Stadium for the Block B second fight; Mantaro starts strong, but Dead Signal plays a 'Detour' sign, changing his face-plate to a road-signal, and Mantaro is forced to swerve away. [4]

Dead Signal gains the upper-hand, even bringing in weapons to attack Mantaro, but Harabote Muscle rules that the moves are legal due to Dead Signal not leaving the ring during his attacks. [5] Mantaro gains an advantage by learning he can create road-signs in return, which must be obeyed, and he uses his blood to make these signs. [5] Dead Signal releases tar over the ring and turns the surface into concrete, after which the two exchange a series of attacks and Mantaro saves a dog from Dead Signal's wrath and worst attacks. [6]Mantaro defeats Dead Signal with a Butt Buster. [7]

Anime Changes

Althought he didn't return after his defeat, he makes a little cameo in the anime-only arc of the Poison Six Pack arc, during Mantaro's fight against Maximillian. Dead Signal, along with Clioneman and Sunshine, are shown watching Mantaro fight on TV, and are cheering him on to win.


  • Traffic Sign (交通標識(トラフィックサイン)殺法 Traffic Sign Sappō)
He can control his opponents movements by using various roads signs with hypnosis and weather control.
Direction to be followed B.svg Left Turn Only (指定方向外進行禁止 Shitei Hōkōgai Shinkō Kinshi)
Falling rocks.svg Watch For Falling Rock (落石注意 Rakuseki Chūi)
Crossing B.svg Dead Railroad (死の踏切り(デッドレイルロード))

🔰 Dead Guard Rail (デッドガードレール)
Japanese stop sign.svg Sign Rotary Saw (標識(サイン)丸鋸 Sign Marunoko)

The stop sign that makes up his head spins around like a buzzsaw blade to slice into his opponent.

Japanese stop sign.svgDirection to be followed A.svgRight Sharp turn.svg Triple Rotary Saw (トリプル丸鋸 Triple Marunoko)
Road works.svg Paved Road (舗装道路)
Descent.svg Nasty Drop (ナスティー・ドロップ)
Traffic lights.svg Signal Smash (シグナル・スマッシュ)

Smashed Mantaro into his traffic signals.

Career Information


  • Generation EXecelent

Win/Loss Record (singles)



  • Submitted by: Hiroshi Matsui (松井大) of Chiba as Mr. Kōtsū Dōtoku (ミスター交通道徳) Flag of Italy [8]


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