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"Deep of Muscle!! Kinnikuman: Real Novels" are light novellas written by Yudetamago, [1] which are based on Yudetamago's manga series: Kinnikuman.


A series of novella works by Yudetamago, which tells the secret stories of the chojin who appear in "Kinnikuman". They are pieces that could not be drawn in manga, for various reasons. They are serialized on Shueisha 's mobile site: "Weekly Pre-Mobile". This is a subscription service that currently costs ¥300 a month. Each episode is split into multiple chapters, sometimes with each chapter into smaller parts. The length varies from piece to piece, but is typically around 10-20k words.

One special episode was published in the January 31, 2011 and June 6, 2011 issues of "Weekly Playboy".


Weekly Pre-Mobile Publication

Episode 1: "The Secret of the Birth of a Super Unique Combination!"

  • This explores the time from the first meeting of the Justice Idol Chojin, Skyman, and one of the world's three most Brutal Chojin, Curry Cook, to the formation of their tag-team.

Episode 2: "Phantom Cruel Group! True Soldier Den"

  • The past of the new Kinnikuman Soldier (Soldierman) and the revelation of the unknown battle of the New Soldier Team.

Episode 3: "The Ninja: The Secret of his Path to Evil!"

  • The story of how The Ninja was led into the Devil Chojin world during his youth.

Episode 4: "Yumenoshima Mixer Emperor!"

  • The story behind the sad birth of Emperor Mixer and how he joined the Team Mariposa.

Episode 5: "This is Kinkotsuman Institute!!"

Episode 6: "The Anguish of a Hawaiian Genius: Jesse Maivia"

  • A unique insight into the strength of the talented Jesse Maivia.

Episode 7: "Hobby War Again! Mindpuzzleman VS Cube Man II"

  • The story of the resurrection of the old-fashioned toy chojin Mindpuzzleman, who was defeated by Cubeman at the Chojin Olympics: The Big Fight.

Episode 8: "The Emotions Hidden in the Mongolian Mask! ~ Doctor Bombe Heads West ~"

  • In order to make a mask for Mongolman, Dr Bombe goes to the mystical land of "Gandhara" with a Brutal Chojin: Gokuman.

Episode 9: "Black Hole & Pentagon: The Secret of the Checker-Board Cousin Tag-Team"

  • The dramatic story of a lifelong promise, and unbreakable bond, between childhood companions: Black Hole and Pentagon.

Episode 10: "The Thief George and the Tragedy of Prince Mariposa-"

  • Kinnikuman Mariposa's half-life and the real reason he named himself as a candidate for succession to the throne.

Episode 11: "Detective Copper Bellman ~ The Mystery of the Ancient Inca Toilet War! ~"

  • A surprising relationship between Copper Bellman and Benkiman .

Episode 12: "Resurrection of Sunshine ~ The Secret Story of the Birth of the Cursed Roller ~"

Episode 13: "Tears in the Eyes of Demons!? The Origins of the Chojin Graveyard!!"

Episode 14: "Legend of Berlin - The Story of the Eve of the Formation of the Chojin Blood Oath Brigade"

  • The truth about the Berlin robbery withdrawal case, which triggered the formation of the Chojin Blood Oath Brigade Army.

Episode 15: "Home Appliance Chojin Story ~Old-Fashioned Heroes~"

  • The suffering and efforts of home appliance chojin left behind the times, such as Stereo-Cassette King and Mr. P.C.

Episode 16: "A Rare Magician! Devil Magician Wandering Record"

  • The background of the Devil Magician, where a beautiful boy turns into a Brutal Chojin.

Episode 17: "The Secret of Mammothman 10,000 Years Ago"

  • Confined since time immemorial in permafrost, a tale of how Mammothman remained alive in the snow.

Episode 18: "Terryman, to Texas! ~Soul Successors~"

Episode 19: "Bikeman & Motorman! ~ Hybrid Fate~"

  • Bikeman and Motorman's fateful encounter; from their united front until their departure.

Episode 20: "Little Boy Geronimo ~ Can't Tell a Lie~"

  • The story of Geronimo's childhood days, when he still adored chojin, and how he came to be in the guardianship of Chief Cheyenne.

Episode 21: "God Demon Death! Phantom Thief Chojin Lupin Visits!!"

  • "The Great Thief of Justice" Lupin receives an important job request from Harabote Muscle, Chairman of the Universal Chojin Committee.

Episode 22: "Unchangeable! Sneagator's Devil's Transformation Course"

Weekly Playboy Publication

Legendary Kinniku Special!

  • Published in the January 31, 2011 issue.
  • The secret story of the birth of Kinniku Special and the secret of the seal. In addition, it is a mechanism that links with "Kinnikuman Nisei: Ultimate Chojin Tag Tournament ".

The Seven Devil Chojin: The Eve of the Invasion!

  • Published in the June 6, 2011 issue.
  • The Seven Devil Chojin, on the dawn of challenging Kinnikuman to a fight, are shown their fate by Mr. Khamen.

New Chojin

Chojin who were introduced in the original chojin application, but could not appear in the main story, and chojin who are original to this work have also appeared.

Tail Lamp

  • Is a Dutch light bulb Chojin that appeared in Episode 2. Kinnikuman Soldier (Soldierman) tried to choose him as the advance guard of the true Soldier team .


  • Appeared in Episode 8. A Brutal Chojin who once participated in the Chojin Olympics as a representative of China. He accompanies Dr. Bombe on a trip with his old friends Gojoman and Hakkaiman.


  • Appeared in Episode 8. Gandhara's gatekeeper. An incarnation superhuman of mah-jong tiles, a mah-jong tile warrior consisting of three sons, Haku, the eldest son, Hatsu, the second son, and Chun, the third son.


  • Appeared in Episode 8. He is a chojin choosen by the gods to guard and guide the pilgrims that arrive to Gandhara. Despite his extremly tall and slim build, he is extremly strong.

Bermuda III

  • Appeared in Episode 9. A triplet chojin who is the same clan as Black Hole. Their Special Move is "Suction Triple Black Hole" from the formation "Formation γ" in which three people are in series.

Toilet Baron

  • Appeared in Episode 11. He is a pupil of Benkiman's dojo, who was kidnapped by Benzaman's Martial Arts school to lure Benkiman into a trap.


  • Appeared in Episode 11. In the world of toilet bowl Chojin, he is the general manager of the Western style sect, which is the best of both worlds. His Special Move is "Emerald Barrett". Superhuman hardness is 7-8.


  • Appeared in Episode 12. An Evil Chojin who taught Sunshine the Cursed Roller technique. His Special Move is "Desert Roller Mystery Body Fluid Dehydration Squeezing".


  • Appeared in episode 14. A robber that Kinniku Ataru (Soldier) defeated in West Berlin . An asylum superhuman who escaped East Berlin with his mother.


  • Appeared in Episode 15. Emerging music player superhuman. He made a fool of saying that Stereo-Cassette King was out of date and was hit back.

Devil Magi

  • Appeared in Episode 16. Devil Magician's father. A magician of the superhuman world, a former Evil Chojin who was once called a Spanish nightmare.

Magnitude-1 Man

  • Appeared in Episode 18. A rock chojin, who tried to secure the character of Terryman at the order of the Chojin Committee. He was called the "manager" by the superhuman committee.

Mister F.C

  • Appeared in Episode 15. An old-school console chojin who can't compite with the new consoles. His main pride is a giant collection of old-school games from the Super Famicon, like Dragon Quest.


  • Appeared in Episode 15. A record player chojin that can manipulate other's emotions playing the perfect music at the right time. Searching for a substitude to his needle.