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The Devil Chojin (悪魔超人, Akuma Chojin) are a type of chojin that are defined by their birth in the Demon World and/or their allegiance to Satan.


In Kinnikuman (as well as Kinnikuman Nisei), there are two different meanings to the words Devil Chojin given by Yudetamago:

  • In the broader definition, the Devil Chojin are a race of chojin who reside in the Demon World (魔界, Makai) (or are their descendants). The race was founded by Satan (サタン), who had done so for the sole reason of obtaining the power of the General Stone (ジェネラル・ストーン).
  • In the more narrow definition, they are Chojin who have sold their bodies, minds, and blood to Satan and follow his will through different factions: The Seven Devil Chojin (7人の悪魔超人, Shichi-nin no Akuma Choujin), Six Devil Knights (悪魔六騎士, Akuma Roku Kishi), and Demon Seed (悪魔の種子) all fight against the Justice Chojin under the control of Satan. Additionally, the Nightmares (ナイトメアズ) was formed by a former Demon Knight: Sunshine.

Furthermore, their history is long, and therefore their long battle against the Justice Chojin is not limited to just the characters in the Kinnikuman and Kinnikuman Nisei.


The student of Justiceman, named Milosman, and was the first Perfect Chojin to lose to the Devil Chojin in an official match. [1] The ancestors of Ashuraman proceeded to steal Milosman's arms, after which Ashuraman's clan - the Ashura Clan - rose to glory as leaders of the Demon World. The Demon World was a place created by Goldman to emulate the Chojin Graveyard and house his new faction of chojin: the Devil Chojin. [1]

Demon World


The Demon World is ruled by the Ashura Clan, a clan of ancient devils from which Ashuraman is the heir.


It was established after the defeat of Milosman, a Perfect Chojin, by an ancestor of Ashuraman. [2] After this, Goldman used it as his base of operations and styled it after the Chojin Graveyard.


There exists a grand palace on a high hill, with guards that directly serve the Ashura Clan. [3] In the midst of a grand stadium, which lies some distance from the palace, is a statue of Milosman. [2]


Seven Devil Chojin

The Seven Devil Chojins were the reputed to be the most powerful and ruthless chojin in the universe. According to Harabote Muscle it took 100,000 Justice Chojin to capture them and imprison them in a space roach motel. They were accidentally freed by Kinnikuman. Desiring to fight the strongest Justice Chojin, they split Meat's body into pieces to force Kinnikuman to fight them.

Lost Devil Chojin

These Devil Chojin appeared with those mentioned above when they challenged the Justice Chojin (immediately following their escape), but then inexplicably vanished.

Six Devil Knights

The elite forces of the Devil Chojin, formed by the most powerful and ruthless of their kind. They act with direct orders from Satan and General Devil. They once stole the Gold Mask, which later become General Devil's body.


Sunshine top students in Kinnikuman Nisei.

Demon Seed

The new formed troops of General Devil/Satan. Formerly, weak and miserable chojin, they are given new bodies and new powers to fight for their lord.

Omega Centauri's Six Spears

They are natives from Planet Omega. Their kind was originally form Earth, and they want to get revenge on the Perfect Chojin. They also want to get the power of Friendship to save their planet, and their alliance with Satan is just temporary.




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