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Akuma Chōjin (悪魔超人, Devil Supermen) are a type of Choujin from Yudetamago's manga and anime series Kinnikuman and its sequel Kinnikuman Nisei.


In Kinnikuman (as well as Kinnikuman Nisei), there are two different meanings to the words Akuma Choujin given by Yudetamago.

In the broader definition, the Akuma Choujin are a race of Choujin who reside in the Demon Realm (魔界, Makai) (or are their descendants). The race was founded by Satan (サタン), who had done so for the sole reason of obtaining the power of the General Stone (ジェネラル・ストーン).

In the more narrow definition, they are Choujin who have sold their bodies, minds, and blood to Satan and follow his will through different factions: The Seven Devil Choujin (7人の悪魔超人, Shichi-nin no Akuma Choujin), Six Devil Knights (悪魔六騎士, Akuma Roku Kishi), and Demon Seed (悪魔の種子) all fight against the Seigi Choujin under the control of Satan. Additionally, the Nightmares (ナイトメアズ) was formed by a former Demon Knight, Sunshine.

Furthermore, their history is long, and therefore their long battle against the Seigi Choujin is not limited to just the characters in the Kinnikuman and Nisei.

Seven Devil Choujin

The Seven Devil Choujins were the reputed to be the most powerful and ruthless choujins in the universe. According to Harabote Muscle it took 100,000 Seigi Choujin to capture them and imprison them in a space roach motel. They were accidentally freed by Kinnikuman. Desiring to fight the strongest Seigi Choujin, they split Meat's body into pieces to force Kinnikuman to fight them.

Six Devil Knights


The six devil choujins and akuma shogun


Demon Seed

Omega Centauri's Six Spears


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