The World Supermen Association (世界超人協会 Sekai Chōjin Kyōkai) (WSA) Chairman. Parody of Lord Blears. He was once a student of God Von Erich, along with Edith Harrison and Sheik Seijin.


Flears cares very much for the Chojin in his group, and very passionate about making sure they get their dues. To that end, he had a theme park built in St. Louis. Although a mostly serious person, he (Like many others in the series) will occasionally break character for some outlandish stunt, like suggesting he be Kinnikuman's partner in the US tag tournament, sounding completely serious.


20th Chojin Olympics

Flears appears at the end of the 20th Chojin Olympics, sending the champion Kinnikuman on his world tour.

World Tour

When Kinnikuman and Meat arrive in California, Flears is forced to admit that during the Chojin Olympics that the World Supermen Council and World Supermen Federation have been taking the WSA's US territory, reducing it to just California and Missouri. After the California champion loses to Skull Bozu, the WSA are forced to flee to Supermen World. There, after being challenged by the champs of both of WSC and WSF, Flears comes up with a plan to retake control of the US. By using shoe polish, Flears disguises Kinnikuman as a chojin named Chanelman, and has his disguised champion attack the WSC state champions at their matches, hoping to disrupt the alliance between the WSC and WSF.

Though 'Chanelman' succeeds in attacking the WSC's fighters and infiltrates the WSF, his identity is discovered and Kinnikuman is forced into a rematch with Robin Mask, the former WSA champion. After Robin's death in the Grand Canyon airborne match, God Von Erich, Flears' former master, decides that the feud between the three groups will be settled in a tag tournament. When it appears that Kinnikuman will be without a partner, Flears decides to take the position. Luckily, Terryman is convinced to help out, and the tag team of Kinnikuman and Terryman, The Machineguns, is formed. Flears spends much of the tournament cheering for the Machineguns when they are winning, and going into a depression when it appears they might lose. In the end, the Machineguns are victorious, and the WSA regains total domination of the USA.



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