A group of organised and uniformed individuals that fight Kaiju.


The Earth Defence Force is an organisation comprised primarily of humans, in which their main goal is to defend Earth against Kaiju when the Chojin are otherwise unable, and they are known to drive around in cars and use rocket launchers to attack their opponents. They have a rivalry with Kinnikuman, which is made worse when Bibimba joins their organisation in order to gain independence.


The Earth Defence Force is introduced at Christmas. [1]

They are driving around Tokyo at Christmas, as they seek out Kaiju to defeat in the name of justice. They spot Kinnikuman and decide to follow him, as he is often seen around Kaiju, and they introduce themselves as the Tanokin Trio of the Earth Defence Force: Mach, Yocchan, and Toshiyori Tahara. They chase after Kinnikuman when he laughs at them, until they are all stopped by the presence of Monster Turkey. [1]

They hide under a force-field, which Kinnikuman and Meat Alexandria enter for protection, and they shoot it with a rocket-launcher, which turns out to be a firework. They try again with an actual rocket, while Kinnikuman attempts to use his Kinniku Flash, and both strike Monster Turkey at the same time, which results in it being roasted alive and collapsing down onto the street. The Tanokin Trio argue with Kinnikuman over who killed the creature, while Meat eats its corpse. [1]

The EDF are next seen when Bibimba is attacked by Gonta[2]

The Tanokin Trio arrive to save her, at which point they fire their Miracle Dream Canon towards Gonta, only for Gonta to knock the rocket from the rocket launcher back at them. While Kinnikuman and the Tanokin Trio argue among themselves, Bibimba frees herself and tries to defeat Gonta, until Kinnikuman saves her. This inspires Bibimba to join the EDF, as she wishes to gain independence and strength from fighting without Kinnikuman to protect her. Bibimba dons their uniform and is whisked away by their car. [2]

The newspapers chronicle the successes of Bibimba and the EDF. [3] (More to Come)



An EDF member in the anime


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