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The 7th episode of Deep of Muscle.

The following is a fan-translation of the Japanese content.

Credit and thanks to Gunnar Iron


Kinnikuman Mariposa's half-life and the real reason he named himself as a candidate for succession to the throne.


Chapter 1

Part 1


It is widely known that there were five candidates for the succession to the throne of Planet Kinniku that fought Suguru Kinniku, aka Kinnikuman, who fought for one of the most important posts in the chojin world, the position of the 58th Great King of the planet Kinniku.

The five candidates for the throne, other than Kinnikuman, fought it out and were later dubbed the "Five Fate Princes". Each of them has been recognized and backed by the God of Evil, and all of them have had a very intense and tumultuous life.

We've heard bits and pieces about their pasts throughout the act, but they're only a small part of their epic lives, and if the whole of their pasts were to be revealed, no one would be able to help but feel sorry for each of them.

They were not all chosen to take part in the battle for the throne simply because they happened to be born on the same day as Kinnikuman, in the same hospital. All of them were destined to participate in this battle, and all of them are fierce fighters who have lived through such a great drama that they have to be convinced that they are truly worthy of being called the "Five Fate Princes".

If you looked at the world through the eyes of Kinnikuman, they might have all looked like villains. But that's not to say that all villains are really bad guys.

The villains often have their own philosophies and aesthetics, and we may not be able to accept all of them, but if there is one thing that shines through, we are sure that they would be very happy if you paid attention to it.

For example, Kinnikuman Mariposa, the first of the five princes to fight Kinnikuman.

As is well known, his past as George the Thief is partly told in the story itself, but it's not really the full story.

His official profile says that he is from Mexico, but in the story he says that he grew up on Moctezuma, a planet with very little oxygen, and that when he was a child he stole the heirloom Anoalo staff from the Robin family's house in England, and that he was born there. Mariposa was born in a hospital on the planet Kinniku, as is widely known... so the details of her early life are a complete mystery.

In this article, we're going to take a look at Mariposa's background, his memories of his life as a thief and the incidents that led him to become a candidate for the throne.

Part 2

The life of Kinnikuman Mariposa, one of the five princes destined to compete for the throne of Kinniku, began when he was born at the 8th Chojin Hospital on Kinniku, the fifth planet in the Great Kinniku Nebula, some 50 billion light years from Earth.

On the same day, the Prince of Kinniku was born in the same hospital, but for him, born to a poor family, this was a completely different story. During his stay in hospital, the hospital caught fire, but nothing serious happened.

They named their beautiful son George, after George Washington, the first President of the United States of America, and hoped that he would grow up to be a strong man, able to move forward against all odds and pioneer the untamed wilderness. It is rumoured that the name was chosen with this in mind, but the truth of this is not known.

However, if this is true, then it is likely that his parents, foreseeing the difficult road ahead of them, gave him such a powerful name as a consolation prize.

George's family was one of the poorest in the world.

His father worked as a day labourer, looking for a new job almost every day. He would find a short-term job and work from morning till night to provide for his family, bringing home a small daily allowance, and then go to work again early the next day. While the mother takes care of her young child and does the housework, she finds time to work at home, pasting envelopes and making artificial flowers.

No matter how hard they worked, their lives never got any easier, and although they never said it, they must have been aware of the hardships their son George would have to endure when he reached a certain age.

A major turning point in their family came when George was just two years old. When George was just two years old, his father finally found a job that would provide him with a stable, long-term income.

It was in a country called Mexico, on a beautiful planet called Earth, far from the planet Kinniku where he now lives. In the mountains near the capital, Mexico City, a wealthy man discovers a huge hidden silver mine, and recruits miners from all over the universe.

So, with new hope, the family moves to Mexico, a country on Earth far away from Kinniku.

The main inhabitants of the planet are not chojin, but humans. However, as the planet has been inhabited by chojin since ancient times, their rights are recognized to a certain extent, and it is widely recognized throughout the universe as a good place for chojin to live. Moreover, chojin are physically superior to humans, the main inhabitants of the planet. This was one of the main reasons why they decided to move to Earth.

"'I'm going to work a lot harder and earn a lot more money, George, and I'm going to feed you a lot better!”

"Yes, dear! Ugh... there really is a God, isn't there? Now we can finally have a normal life... Good for you, George."

The couple, dreaming of a bright future, boarded a spaceship for Earth with their son, who did not yet understand the language.

For some time after their arrival, the father's work in the silver mines was highly valued, as he had originally planned. His wages increased rapidly and the family's finances finally stabilised to the point where they could be described as prosperous.

Soon George had a new family member, a younger brother, bringing the total number of family members to four. Everything was going well and they were at the height of their happiness. If only time had stopped, they would have been happy forever. In retrospect, it was a very happy period.

But peak is a complicated word, and a very sad one, as it implies that you are one step away from going downhill. So, unfortunately, their happiness did not last long.

Their father, a good-natured man who had done all he could for his family, who was held in high esteem in the silver mine, and who was loved by all the miners around him, suddenly lost his life in an accident while working...

Part 3

It was said that there had been a major rock fall in the mine. But the most important thing to be proud of was his father's bravery.

His father, a chojin, saw the danger in the early stages of the accident and, protecting the other human workers, single-handedly held up the mine as it was about to collapse and evacuated all the people. Just as he was about to make one last attempt to evacuate himself, a full-scale collapse occurred and his poor father was the only casualty. George was only three years old.

Despite the sad news, his mother was a strong woman. Choking back tears, she told George, who was just learning to speak, in a firm voice: "George. A kind and reliable father who loved you, my son, my brother and me, his wife, with all his heart, has today been called by God to go to heaven. But you know what? Don't feel sorry for him. Because he was called to heaven to fulfill his most important mission as a superhuman: to save human beings. Thanks to him, dozens of people in the same workplace have been saved. So, George, you should be proud of being the son of such a great father, and walk straight through the long life ahead with your heart on your sleeve. That's the best we can do for you..."

His mother's words were too difficult for George, who was three years old, to understand, but he could remember the serious look in her eyes and the expression on her face.

"An important... mission...?”

"Yes, an important mission. The pride of a superhuman. I'm sure you'll understand how important it is for a chojin to live a straightforward life with their heart on their sleeve.”

"Yes! I'm going straight!”

Such was George's innocent reply that his mother could no longer hold back her tears! Quickly she cradled her son's head in her arms and said to him, as if wishing again and again: "Yes!”

"Yes, yes! Live your life straight! You and your mother and your brother will work together and live straight for your father for many, many years to come!”

At that moment, George felt a hot drop of water on his left shoulder, which must have been his mother's tears. His mother's hands were so warm, so big and so comforting that George never forgot them.

But despite his vow, the reality of what followed was harsh.

Although his father was greatly admired for his actions, his employer, a wealthy family, was not so kind as to say that they had no use for a man who was dead and gone. The compensation for the families left behind was a mere pittance. They are now back in the red again.

The people who were saved by his father also helped him at first, but they were not all that wealthy. As time went on, this goodwill ran out, and George and his family found themselves alone again.

His mother tries her best to fill the gap, working harder than ever and trying to raise her two sons. But the mother's hard work finally took a toll on her health, and the family's financial situation became completely untenable. This was when George was five years old.

"'Oh no! My father gave up his life for the well-being of humanity, but the people who rule this planet do nothing to help the chojin in their time of need! This is inequality! This world is not right, mother!”

But the sick mother still looked a little sad and said to George: "George. That is the fate of those who are born superhuman. No matter how poor you are in life, you must not be poor in mind. Keep straight and be proud and be a superhuman with a fine soul like your father.”

"But mum, you've been working so hard and living so straight, and now you have this body! I want to help her! I want to help her, but at my age, no one will hire me, and I'm sure nothing good will come of living a straight life..."

Pshaw! The sound of his mother slapping George on the cheek as she half rose from her bed was loud enough to interrupt his words.

"I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that. Apologise!"

But today George had a look of determination on his face and refused to back down.

"Ugh! But your father will be more angry with you if you leave her like this! Enough! I don't want to live in poverty any more! I have my own ideas and from now on I want to be left alone! From now on, I'm going to earn my own money!

"George! Wait a minute, George!

George ran out of the house and into the night alone.

──To be continued

Chapter 2

Part 1

It's midnight and George has just left home when he arrives at a seedy meeting place for the local kids. There were a lot of kids there, playing loud music on boom boxes, riding motorbikes, smoking cigarettes and doing all sorts of nasty things. There were about 30 of them in total.

George was unafraid to stand in front of the group and shout: "Hey! Will you let me be one of you?”

The boys were quiet for a moment and then burst into laughter at the sudden appearance of the young visitor. When the laughter had died down, the two boys who seemed to be the leaders of the group stood in the middle of the room, and the bigger, sturdier of the two spoke to George.

"You're still a hell of a kid! Do you know who we are? We don't want you to join us just because we're playing!”

"I know who you are! We're here to teach you how to be good thieves!”

Upon hearing this, the leader of the group wrinkled his brow for a moment and said: "Huh! Well, well, well. You've got a lot of nerve for a boy, don't you?”

"Yeah! Well, I guess I'll be a bit better off in the GG!”

The "GG", as George called them, were a famous gang of boy bandits who were currently raiding all over Mexico. And it's made up of almost every child under the age of fifteen in George's town, which is about 180! In other words, every child in the town is an accomplice to the banditry, and each time a select group is chosen for a particular job.

Of course, most of the adults are aware of this fact, but they keep quiet about it. As long as they don't get caught red-handed, they have a good alibi. It's not easy for the authorities to identify the bandits.

"I'm begging you! I want to join you guys as soon as possible and make a lot of money. I want to be one of you and make a lot of money, so please teach me how to be a thief!

It's a shame that George, who was brought up in a decent family, should be saying this, but it must be rather difficult for a child to grow up in a town so desolate that everyone tolerates the existence of a GG without being affected by his environment.

In the first place, in a town full of poor people like George's family, there is a kind of openness to the act of stealing. There was too much poverty in the town to care about morals, and, what's more, those who had lost their moral compass and were involved in wrongdoing were the first to leave the poorhouse. Sadly, this was the reality of George's life in this town.

He had managed to resist the temptations of the devil for some time, but now he had made his decision. In order to save the mother he loved, he would have to go against her teachings and turn to evil. It might make her feel sad for a while, but in the end she would understand her feelings. There are people who have done it, and they're happy, so we're going to do it ourselves.

But the leader of the group, a boy named Gomez, who has been answering our calls for some time now, is not very forthcoming.

“I know how you feel," he said, "but I still don't think you're ready to join us. I know how you feel, but it's still hard for a little guy like you to join us. How old are you, anyway?”


"No, no, you're too young! You're strong for a five-year-old but, first and foremost, you don't eat much, do you? You're small and skinny. I don't need someone who's going to be such a weakling and a liability. This is not a charity. If you get caught, it's the end for all of us, for this whole town. So... well, come back in five years or so! So that's it, you're out!"

On cue, several of GG's underlings came over to grab George. But George took advantage of the opportunity to show off his skills by unleashing a flurry of blows that defied his slender frame, quickly knocking out the older guys. The boys around him rolled their eyes and stared in disbelief.

The other leader of the group, a tall, rather wily-looking boy named Garcia, saw the action and called out to George.

“Wait a minute," he said. You're only five years old and you're not even human, are you?”

As if he had been waiting for the answer, George replied confidently: "Yes, I'm a chojin! I'm still small and not very strong, but I'm as quick as any human being! Come on, let me join the GG! I'll make sure I'm useful, please!"

The faces of the boys around him suddenly changed, and Garcia continued to ask him.

"Are you the son of the chojin who died in the accident at the silver mine?

"Yes, my father died in the silver mine and I'm very proud of him! What's wrong with that?”

Garcia hears this and asks the leader, Gomez, something. It was obvious that George was up to something, but he was only five years old. But George was only five years old, so he didn't notice anything suspicious and just waited for their reply.

Then Gomez suddenly grinned and called George over to him.

"Well, if you're a chojin, we'll let you in! But you must obey our orders, no matter what. Okay?”

"Yeah, thanks! I'll do my best!”

In contrast to George's innocence, both Gómez and García had sly smiles on their faces. George was very happy, but the other boys just looked at him with a pitying expression.

The next day he received a call from Gomez: "I'm going to take you to work right now.”

"'Hey, you want money now? Are you up for any hard work?”

"Of course not. Of course not, I was recruited into this organisation to earn money quickly. How could I refuse?”

"That's a good answer. That's a good answer, because I've prepared a very special target for you today. I'll only tell you once, so listen carefully. There are eleven of us today, including you, me, the leader, Garcia, the sub-leader, and a handful of other elite members. The target is the mansion of Delacruz, the owner of the silver mine, located about 80km southwest of here! We'll be taking a huge amount of antiquities and gold lying in a large underground warehouse!"

Part 2

From the moment he heard the name of the target, George could feel his arms trembling with anticipation and excitement. His heart kept pounding and thumping and wouldn't stop.

"Gomez! Delacruz, the owner of the silver mine... could it be?"

"Yes, he owns the mine where your father used to work. He's the reason why your family is poor, isn't he? So I decided to give him his revenge.”

"Thank you! All right, this is going to be fun!”

"Ha-ha-ha. That's right, that's right. Ten of us are going to come in from the side of the house and you're going to burst through the gate and charge through the front. There'll be guards and guard dogs and everything, but you'll be fine. You're going to have to take out all the adults and dogs that come at you. Then you'll go on a rampage in the garden until we give you the signal. Easy, isn't it?"

Obviously it was just a decoy, but George, at the age of five, was not yet equipped to judge whether it was a good idea or not.

"Yes, it's good! It's so easy!”

"Yeah, you're the only one who can do it.”


In the meantime, Gomez and his friends went out the back door to pick up the treasure, a very simple plan.

"I'm sure you'll agree that the security of this place is the best in the area. Can you really keep him in check by yourself?"

Gomez's question was answered by Garcia with a wicked look on his face.

"Oh, no problem. Throwing one chojin in there is like throwing a tank into the street: a five-year-old is still a chojin. A pistol bullet won't kill him. You'd have to have a rocket launcher or something to take him down.”

"I'm sure you're right. Chojin are amazing, aren't they?

"Yeah, we'll just let him rampage on and on, and when he's tired, we'll catch him and he'll take the blame for everything we've done.”

"That's good. That's two birds with one stone, isn't it?”

After stealing the treasure, Gomez and his men left George to frolic in the garden as planned, and quickly returned to their hideaway. It worked out as planned. All that was left was for George to be caught and all would be well...

But a few hours later.

"Hey, Gomez, Garcia!"

Gomez and the others were astonished to see George return as if nothing had happened.

"Oh, you... you've been caught, haven't you?”

"'Oh my God, he didn't even say anything, he just left!”

"I was worried about you. But you've got a good job, haven't you? Here, give me some money!

"Oh, yes... Yes, yes. Well... here you go."

With shaking hands, Gómez handed George a thousand pesos.

"'Wow, thank you! I'll work with you again!”

Gomez handed him a thousand peso note with a shaky hand.

“Okay, bye..."

After George had left, Gomez and the others hurried to look at the news on television.

As expected, the house of Delacruz, which was almost completely destroyed in the fierce battle, was shown on a large screen. By the way, almost all the guards were seriously injured, with a total recovery time of six months.

Gómez and García were both grumbling to each other about the devastation.

"What are we going to do about this guy?”

"I don't want to have anything to do with him anymore...”

"Yes, let's do that..."

George, on the other hand, is happy to have a thousand-peso bill, so he can buy his mother a nice meal.

After buying as many tacos as he could, George returned home, looking rather unhappy. He peeked into his mother's bedroom.

“I'm sorry I was so cheeky, Mum," he said. I've bought some tacos to make up for it and we can all eat them together!”

But there was no reply. I wondered if he was asleep, but then he mumbled something.

"Mum, you're not moving.”

When I touched her, her skin was cold. I touched her and found that her skin was cold and her mother had already died.

──To be continued

Chapter 3

Part 1

There must be some mistake!

George sincerely hoped so. He tried to believe it. He wanted to believe it was a bad dream. No matter how sick and weak she was, his mother could not die so easily!

But no matter how hard I tried to deceive myself, the reality that lay before me was too cruel. No matter how much you ask, cry or scream, his mother will not answer any of his questions... Normally, she would have scolded him first if I had shown such a shameful behaviour. How dare he ignore me?

He is still too young to understand anything, and he just stares at his brother anxiously, distraught.

"No, wait!"

But then George thought about it one last time, hoping for the best. But then he thought about it again, for there must be an emergency call button by his mother's bed, in case of emergency!

"Yes, she said it would be there in case of emergency!”

It was a lifeline, a button that, if pressed in an emergency, would send a doctor to the house. George saw a glimmer of hope in his despair.

"I know I'll be all right..."

As he looked at his mother's hand, the wave of despair engulfed him again. On closer inspection, he saw that she was still clutching the emergency call button. But there was no sign of the doctor.

"Why... why... why did you say that the doctor would come as soon as I pressed this button...?”

The TV was on, making a lot of noise. But when he saw the screen, George was very upset. On the news, the incident at the Delacruz house, where he had just been attacked, was being widely reported. The injured guards and guard dogs were being taken to hospital one by one. The announcer of the local report spoke quickly and clearly.

"Due to the sudden large number of injured people, there is a serious shortage of doctors in nearby hospitals! This chaos is not likely to end until around midnight!"

What a mess! It was his fault that the doctors couldn't get here... it was his fault!

Then, as if on cue, the doorbell rang loudly.

Ding dong!

”Excuse me, we need to speak to you!”

He looked out of the window at the front door and saw several police cars parked on the street. It's the police.

"I'm going to get caught!"

In the midst of his grief, his pursuers had arrived, and George was beginning to feel confused. The only thing he could think of instinctively was....

"I've got to get away..."

As soon as he thought this, he was running out of the back door of the house with his little brother in his arms. He just kept running and running. Everything must be a bad dream. No, he didn't even want to think about it now, because if I stopped, he would just feel sad and cower, so I did my best not to think about it.

He ran over fields and mountains, running away from all reality, from all thoughts, carrying his brother until he ran out of energy. He runs and runs and runs until he finally runs out of steam and dives into the cargo hold of a spaceship docked in a port. When he was finally able to catch his breath, he whispered to his brother in a whisper so that no one would notice.

"Look, we can leave the Earth and go to a distant planet. There we can forget everything and start all over again! We don't have a father or a mother, we don't have any money, we don't have anything, but there's nothing we can't do. We're going to live out our lives in a new world, and we're going to be strong! So don't worry, you just follow your brother. Do you understand me, John?"

His brother... his name was John, and he was sure he didn't quite understand. He was, however, a little relieved to see his brother's determined, hopeful and serious face. For the first time since he left home, he finally smiled at his brother.

The innocent smile on John's face seemed to give George more strength and courage than anything else. George was so relieved that he and his brother fell asleep in the cargo hold of the spaceship.

Then the engines caught fire and with a roar the spaceship soared into the sky. With their two young siblings on board, they set off for a planet they had never seen before.

On the outside of the spacecraft was a large sign that read Earth to Moctezuma.

──To be continued

Chapter 4

Part 1

By the time brothers George and John wake up, the spaceship has already arrived at its destination.

"Where are we...?”

So they went outside, and George soon spotted a large banner on the port control tower, which read.

Welcome to Moctezuma, the planet of cacti and beautiful lakes!

Planet Moctezuma? He has heard that name before. As George and his brother wandered off, he suddenly heard a loud voice behind them calling out for attention.

“What the hell are you doing out there? If you don't wear an oxygen tank when you work here, you'll suddenly collapse!”

“Oxygen cylinders? I'm not sure what you're talking about" George said, noticing for the first time that he felt strangely breathless. His brother was gurgling, too.

"Well, look at you..." he said, "are you a tourist?"

"Yes, we're from a planet called Earth.

"Hmm, you're from a nice place, you must be a rich lad to come all the way to such an obscure place to play, hahaha. Well, let me tell you something, this planet is famous for its extremely low oxygen content. When you find out, you'd better tell your mother or father and get them to buy you an oxygen cylinder. In the meantime, I'll give you these and you can use them.”

The man then gave me two portable oxygen cylinders.

"He gave me two portable oxygen cylinders, but they were small ones, so they wouldn't last more than three hours.”

"Thank you, sir!”

"Hahaha, from the Earth, then. I'm jealous of you guys... Well, this place is rich in nature, so let's just relax, go sightseeing and make some good memories. I'll see you soon, I hope.”

"Yes, thank you!”

Who's a rich lad? Who's got a father and mother? Even though George hid his frustration deep inside, he still felt flattered by the man's kindness. It was the first time in a long time that he had been treated kindly by someone outside his family.

At the same time, George felt a little uncomfortable about the man's strange phrasing.

"What does he mean by "only" nature is rich, so only "good memories" should be made...?”

But the man's intentions became clear as soon as they got into town... or rather, they surprised George.

"What on earth is wrong with this planet?"

The front streets of the city are beautiful, but turn down one of the back alleys and the plating starts to come off. Half of the people you see there have completely dead eyes. There is no sense of hope, no sense of optimism. You can almost feel the despair swirling around the city.

And we know, because we have been there. This is the look in the eyes of the starving poor. These are the eyes of the starving poor, who have lost all morals and will commit any criminal act to survive.

And it was in those eyes that George finally remembered where he was.

The planet Moctezuma... he had been here once before, when he was a child. It was the planet where his dead father and mother had been born and raised, a refugee camp in the farthest reaches of the universe!

The final resting place of the persecuted on every planet in the universe. But what awaits them there is far from a safe haven, it is the unbearable life of the poor.

Only a privileged few are wealthy. More than 90% of the inhabitants are poor and are forced to work in factories like slaves.

This is why those who come here want to accumulate a small fortune as soon as possible and leave again for another planet. They want to clear their miserable past of persecution, erase their background, and start over on another planet, completely reborn. In fact, I think I've even heard that my parents did the same thing and moved from here to Kinniku.

"This is the perfect planet to start our life all over again!”

This development, which could only be the result of his parents' guidance, gave George a sense of destiny.

Part 2

The immediate problem, however, is the lack of oxygen. The man they met in the harbour was right, they'd soon run out of breath. He need to find a job, or at least be able to buy an oxygen cylinder...

But it's no different on Earth, where there are no employers who would take on a child, let alone an adult. George looked around desperately for a job, but no one would take him. No job. But he had to live.

For the time being, George and his brother John spent their days scavenging the town's leftovers. Of course, they had no oxygen tanks, so they were constantly losing their breath.

"We've got to get out of here! Don't litter our bins, you miserable cats!”

They would catch him huffing and puffing and beat he and his siblings together, and the days went on miserably. But there was no other way for them to live. Day after day, they would run away, get caught and beaten up, run away, get caught and beaten up....

One day, when such a routine had become the norm...

"What the hell! Don't litter my litter box, you miserable cats!”

As usual, George and John are chased and run away. So far it was the same scene as usual. After a few minutes of running away, we thought it was time to get our breath back, but today, for some strange reason, the back of the car didn't catch up with us.

He look back and to my surprise the angry chef is far behind me.

"He's so far back.... I think I'm going to get away with it today!”

"Oh, yeah, lucky me!”

For the first time in the six months they had been on the planet, they were able to escape.

The next day, and the next, and the next, and the next, and so on. And not just the old man at the set meal restaurant. Japanese, Western, Chinese, Indian, African, whatever the restaurant dump they were driven from, they were never caught again. And without oxygen cylinders.

"We're getting stronger, aren't we, brother?”

John asks his brother George, as if to confirm it.

"Oh, there's nothing to be scared of now! That's right! From now on, we're not going to do the small things like scavenge for leftovers, we're going to do bigger things!”

"Bigger things?”

"If we do what you say, we'll be in paradise. If we do what you say, we'll be in paradise, and we'll have our revenge on the world for everything it's done to us!”

From that day onwards, they gradually became bolder and bolder. From that day on, they gradually became bolder and bolder.

As soon as they started to get away with anything, no one could catch them and, taking advantage of this, their modus operandi took a turn for the worse.

Before they knew it, they were the worst thieving brothers in Moctezuma, George and John the Thieves, and they had become a blight on society, and they were proud of it. They were even proud of it, thinking that it was their revenge against society.

They never realise what tragedy lies behind their initial happiness...

──To be continued

Chapter 5

Part 1

They had become the most famous villains on the planet Moctezuma, and were about to commit the worst crimes of their day as a matter of course.

"'All right, John! Today's target is that factory manager's house over there!”

"Oh, the head of the second factory in the Olmeca district, one of the most productive in Moctezuma! The owner of such a famous factory must have a lot of money in his pockets! I'll be good!"

So, as usual, he successfully broke into the house, pried open the safe and stole a wad of money. The alarm goes off loudly, but he pays no attention to it. He is confident that he will be able to escape even if the guards show up.

The plant manager himself appeared with a large number of guards. But he soon realised who the bandits were. His eyes went black and white, and he immediately got down on his knees and began to plead.

"What the hell? You are that thief George and that thief John! Stop it! I beg you, for once, to let us off! It's my money, it's all my money!

"Damn it! What the hell are you talking about? It's all my money, all my money!? We're taking it one step at a time to get rid of those little rich bastards.”

"No! All right, I'll give you 30 percent, or even half, and you can leave!

"Fuck you, you rich bastard! Then I'll take all of it with one more word, and the whole family will be lost, and you can experience the pain of starvation! Ha-ha-ha!"

They took as many wads of money as they could carry, set fire to them and burned the rest to the ground!

"Noooooo, all my money is going to ashes!"

The next day, the newspapers were filled with the news that Olmeca's second factory, where many poor people worked, had been burned to the ground yesterday.

"Brother, this is the same factory manager we attacked yesterday! That's amazing!"

"Yeah, I know..."

While his brother was happy, George was gloomy all the time. The factory manager lost his sanity as well as all of his money, and the family split up, but that's not important. But it was a bad idea to set fire to it. The factory itself was burnt down, and many of the poor people who worked there lost their jobs at the same time. The town was flooded with workers by the thousand, who were left with little food and no means of livelihood. I thought I had done a good thing, but now the whole town was filled with a heavy atmosphere...

"Oh my God! This is not what we wanted to do!”

George slammed the table in frustration. John, finally understanding the gravity of the situation, looked at the TV screen and at his brother, and was completely devastated. What is this about, revenge?

Moctezuma is a poor planet, after all. The rich here are few and far between. On this planet, even the most vicious foreman of the most famous factory is just a handful, probably sent here from another planet. In such a small planet, it is a very trivial thing to be happy and sad about what is stolen and what is not.

In fact, it was not only the exploited factory manager who was saddened by this robbery, which they thought was their revenge on the world. It was not only the exploited factory manager who was saddened by the robbery, but also the poor workers and their families who had to suffer the consequences. These were the same people who had been in the same position as my parents.

"Yes. That's because we're poor people in the farthest reaches of the universe, doing stupid things together. That's why the poor will never get out of poverty!”

Realising this, George and John made a vow that from that day onwards they would never steal anything on Moctezuma.

"But what do we do now, brother? We don't know any other way to live than as thieves, do we?”

"Oh, so we'll go to Earth! There are a lot of real rich people there who control the whole universe from behind the scenes. There are a lot of real rich people who control the whole universe. And then we'll take the money and give it to everyone in Moctezuma! If we do that, the people we've been tormenting without even realizing it will be able to live a little easier.”


"There's nothing we can do, except steal, but we'll change the world! Let's do our best so that the poor won't be bullied by the rich any more, so that there won't be any more miserable families like ours!”

"'Yes, let's do it! Let's go on a rampage on Earth and make everyone in Moctezuma happy!"

After that day, their names rarely appeared in the press in Moctezuma. Instead, a day of terror began for the royal families of Earth...

They hear their names, but they didn’t see them. The legend of George the Thief and John the Thief quickly circled the globe and travelled around the world.

From traditional European countries such as England, France and Germany, to the New World of North America (USA and Canada), to the Far East (Japan, Korea and China), to Southeast and South Asian countries such as Singapore, Thailand and India, and even to the oil-rich Arab countries. All the world's great families and riches have fallen victim to the thieves George and John. In fact, it has grown to the point where it is said that anyone who has not been victimised by them is not a top-class person.

Part 2

In particular, it was the case of breaking into the mansion of the Robin family of the British Empire, the most prestigious of the chojin aristocrats living on Earth, and successfully stealing all of their wealth and treasures that made their name so popular on Earth.

George, who later changed his name to Kinnikuman Mariposa, only confessed to stealing the Robin family heirloom, the Staff of Anoalo, but this was actually only a partial confession of his great work. The truth is, he and his brother John had stolen a lot more!

However, Robin Knight, the then head of the Robin family, did not want to make this fact public, because he thought that the fact that even the Robin family could not prevent the damage would upset the whole planet. However, the rumour leaked out secretly, and although their names were never mentioned publicly, it is still whispered as an urban legend in the metahuman world that it has become common knowledge among the wealthy people above a certain level.

And all the enormous wealth he has acquired has been scattered to the people of Moctezuma, just as he swore in his youth. It is said that this tremendous exodus to earth continued in secret for nearly 15 years.

The people of Moctezuma could not praise them outwardly, but secretly they were deeply grateful to them. The local police force also knew about the situation, but under pressure from the earth, they continued to follow the brothers whenever they returned to Moctezuma.

And George and John, knowing all this, continued to accept their treatment with open arms.

More than ten years later. This time, when they return to Moctezuma after their work on Earth, they find themselves pursued by the local police with no time to breathe. The thief, George, is twenty years old and his brother, John, is seventeen.

"I'll tell you what. It's a sad thing to be chased by the police of Moctezuma after having stolen so much! Hahaha!"

John's jovial question was answered by George as they fled the scene.

"It's no use. I've done things that have made me a hunted man! But we've decided that's what we're going to do, haven't we, brother?

"That's right! Me and you weren't technically born on this planet, but this is the home of our hearts, the place that taught us how to really live! Our love for Moctezuma is as strong as that of any other people on this planet, and we won't give in to these petty police! And we're not going to be caught by these country policemen! Hey, kiddo!”

"Of course not! Of course!”

But then...


Then the unbelievable happened. Suddenly, John, who was running about three metres behind George, let out a loud groan and fell heavily.

"What the hell? John! What's the matter, John!?"

When George turned around, he saw that John had been tackled from behind and was in a coma. Behind him stood a boy of about 14 or 15, slightly younger than himself, with a cold expression on his face.

What surprised George the most was that the boy, like himself, was not wearing an oxygen tank, even though he was on this planet.

"Who the hell are you?"

George asked, with a wry smile on his face.

"It's good to see you at last, or should I say it's been a long time. George the Thief and John the Thief.

"Long time no see?"

"Yes, but I'm sure you won't remember us. Let me introduce myself. My name is Greco. I'm a poor man like you.”

"Hmm, I suppose you are. You must have had a very difficult life as a child to be able to move around here without an oxygen tank. But where did you meet him?”

The boy turned his head and blurted out.

"'Olmeca Factory No. 2. Do you remember that there used to be such a facility?”


George was silent for a moment. It was a name he would never forget. The flashback of the greedy factory manager's face almost made George's heart stop as he recognised the similarity between him and the boy in front of him! Well, what if he is...?

"You see? I’m the son of the factory foreman who's fallen because of you!

The boy who calls himself Greco stomps down on John's spine and kicks him mercilessly with his foot!


Part 3

The event was so sudden that George could not move a muscle. John died instantly.

"'JOHN! What have you done?!”

"What do you think happened to my father after that? He lost his mind and killed himself. And I went from being a lad to being a homeless man! I had to drink rainwater and scavenge for scraps, and it was very hard. But you know what? It's all your fault! So... take the blame and die with me, you bandit-like scum!"

Greco soars high into the sky, and with the soles of his feet, with several times more momentum than before, he rains down on George like an arrow from above. If I get trampled by this, I'll end up just like John.

Confusion and wailing over John's sudden death, anger and a strange pity for Greco, the boy in front of me. The mixture of emotions was so strong that for a moment George felt as if he were in a state of limbo, but then, just as he was about to make his decision, his instincts told him.

"If I don't kill him, he'll kill me!"

Thanks to his last-ditch effort, Greco's momentum never slowed down, and by the skin of his teeth George was out of the way.

Boom! With a roar, Greco's body was half buried in the ground, and he was unable to move. From there, George was left to his own instincts. With an incomprehensible scream, he leaps high into the air and head-butts the half-buried Greco over and over again. With the final blow, he unconsciously cried out in a voice that reverberated for a kilometre in every direction.


Gwashii! After the dull thud of Greco's brain being completely destroyed, George ran off on his own, still in a state of excitement, to escape the police who were following him.

When George's head cooled, he was overcome with grief and regret.

The death of his brother John, the arrival of Greco, the son of Olmeca's second factory manager, and the tragic life he had led... His father was a bad man, but his son is innocent. But it's certainly his own fault for making him scavenge for leftovers, just like he did in the past. And then his brother John was killed, and now Greco....

And so it goes on... one bad thing leads to another, one anger leads to another, and one revenge leads to another. In the end, as Greco shouted at the end, no matter how much he pretends to be a thief, a thief is still a thief, just a scum. It would have been foolish for him to think that he could atone for his sins in this world.

This time, George was truly sick of being a thief. What could he do to make the world the way he had always wanted it to be?

Suddenly, in the depths of his anguish, he heard a voice in his head: "George the Thief!

"Oh, George the Thief! The God of Flight is here to help you!”

George had no idea what was happening... but then his own body was enveloped in a great light! He felt as if a tremendous aura had been injected into him from behind, and soon afterwards he felt a strange power surge through him!

"You are the last candidate for the throne, Kinnikuman Mariposa!”

With a voice in his mind, George finally understood the situation. He was no longer a dirty thief today. I've been reborn as Kinnikuman Mariposa, one of the qualified candidates for the throne of Kinniku, one of the most prestigious posts in the superhero world.

"I'm a candidate for the throne of the planet Kinniku? That's interesting!”

It's hard to believe, but this revelation came at a time when I was feeling the limits of my position as a thief. It couldn't be a coincidence.

He has had enough of George the Thief. Determined to live his life as a mariposa, he made a vow to the god of flight and set off on his journey towards a new life.

──The End