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The 11th episode of Deep of Muscle.

The following is a fan-translation of the Japanese content.

Thanks and credit go to Gunnar Iron


A surprising relationship between Copper Bellman and Benkiman.


Chapter 1

Part 1


The Chojin Olympics. It is a big event that can be said to be the biggest competition in the Chojin fighting world, where various types of Chojin representing each country compete for the title of yhe strongest in the world.

Especially in the earliest series of "Kinnikuman", the 20th Superhuman Olympics, from the stage of the opening ceremony before the start of the qualifying competition, as told by Terryman "It gathered a great number of members..." The quality of the participants who gathered was also high.

In the 20th tournament, one chojin who remain until the final qualifying, one step before the final tournament, is the protagonist of this episode.

The man's name is Copper Bellman. Does anyone remember him?

He is neither a dog-shaped superhuman nor a 44 Magnum user. A big "copper" letter on his chest. "Copper Bellman" because it is a superhuman of "Bell" made of "Copper".

Although the wording of the name has a great impact, the parody feeling that I heard somewhere cannot be wiped out. It's a little trouble, a little playful chojin.

The more I know his profile, the more mysterious and interesting it is.

He is from the ancient Inca Empire. The more I think about what it means to be from the ancient Incas in the modern Olympics, the more philosophical and romantic it is.

Moreover, the age is about 600 years old, so it's amazing again. Master Kamehame is also a deep blue, quite old chojin. For that reason, it is common for such material-based chojin to have youthful skin gloss and behavior. I'm sure he's the type who doesn't get old easily.

It is an unwavering fact that even with such a lot of illusionary elements, at the 20th Chojin Olympics, he was a hidden talent who remained as a finalist among hundreds and thousands of finalists.

However, when I scrutinized his surname more deeply, I was convinced!

In fact, in his hometown of the ancient Incas, his main job was as famous detective... a super-hard-boiled detective who was so masculine with a tongueless gun!

The Inca people were afraid to secretly call him such a demon detective.

"Copper Bellman detective (Deca)"...

An incident occurs in the Incas today as well. Detective Copper Bellman is dispatched!

Part 2

This is the ancient Inca Central Police Station.

There, a man with a metallic appearance was sitting in the dim and narrow private branch room set up in the criminal section. It sounds good to say he sits, but in reality he's not very well-behaved. He throws his legs on a cluttered desk and sits half-lying on a chair with his backrest. He looks at the void and thinks about something...

The man's name is Copper Bellman. He is famous for his rough investigations, but once he has aimed at Hoshi, he will never leave. No matter how much he escaped, he chased and bite, and because of his insistentness to bring him to arrest, his nickname was "Detective Copper Bellman (Deca)".

An ace investigator who is proud of the Criminal Division of this ancient Inca central police station, which keeps criminals in the Incas trembling.

Perhaps he got tired of his unreasonable posture, he lowered his feet under the desk, put him back in his chair, and took a breath. He shakes his head as he exhales and makes a clinking sound. It's a bell.

Sitting back, he first searched for a cigar on a cluttered desk and tried to sway it. Because hard-boiled cigars are an integral part of it. He has always been a man of shape.

He takes a cigar out of the case and tries to grab it. But he can't grasp it. Of course, there are no fingers on his hand, just a pointed tip.

He reluctantly puts a cigar on his tip and carries it near his mouth. As always, he realice that he didn't even have a mouth top ut in...

Copper Bellman trembles alone, throwing the cigar that was in the tip of his arm into the trash can, and fails! He added eight kicks to the trash can.


He seems to have begun to rampage in the room as it is, and a lively sound can be heard from inside. The door of the Chindon room suddenly opened, and a young investigator jumped in and was surprised.

"Wha... what are you doing, Mr. Copper Bell!"

"Urusei! I can't smoke, I can't drink hot coffee, and I'm suppouse to be a hard-boiled detective!? It's funny! You can laugh too!"

Copper Bellman seems to be completely excited.

"Well... well calm down! Ora, how about, copper copper copper... what a copper only"

"Urusei! Who suddenly entered a person's room without knocking? If I was watching a video, I was naked and suspicious, and I was excited and rampaged, what would you do? Did you think about it? "

"Please stop, that's what happened at work! More than that, Mr. Copper Bell, it's an incident!"

Upon hearing that, Copper Bellman stopped moving and shook his shoulders. A small bell rang, and he said to the young investigator:

"Let's talk in detail, Nickel"

The young investigator’s real name was Michael. It's a very common name, but Copper Bellman loves to nickname his colleagues around him. In places like this, it's normal to call them by nicknames such as Gori-san and Jeans, so he can't help it because he don't ask.

Moreover, he wants to name them as metals and minerals resources for some reason, so his sense is the worst.

For the time being, Copper Bellman called him Nickel, who often works in combination as an assistant to Copper Bellman. Michael was reluctant, but it can't be helped. Thinking he was a hundred times better than being called “sulfur”, “coal”, or “natural gas”, Michael was content to accept the nickname.

"Yes, it seems that the robbers have begun to stand up at the bank!"

"What about the hostages?"

"All the hostages have escaped and they are no longer there, but the robbers armament is so powerful... they'll shoot mercilessly when they get close, so this is going to be a pain..."

As soon as he heard that, Copper Bellman laughed at Nickel, grabbed his proud shield on the wall, and bravely jumped out of the room and said:

"Okay, come with me, Nickel! I'll update the speed ​​resolution record! I'll leave the arrest time record to you!"

"Huh... yes! I'll accompany you, Copper Bellman!"

Copper Bellman rushed out of the station and jumped into the driver's seat of the Alfa Romeo convertible in the parking lot. The moment Nickel jumped into the passenger seat...he thought, "I'm done!", but it was already too late.

Copper Bellman stares at his hands and he is stunned. He couldn't hold the steering wheel of the car...

Part 3

As soon as the Alfa Romeo driven by Nickel arrived on the scene, Copper bellman grabbed his shield and jumped out of the passenger seat. He weaved his way through the crowds, moving forward.

When he had finally crossed the sea of onlookers and was on the front line, he muttered to himself: "We're about 100 metres from the target... Hold on, My Shield!”

He was in the midst of a fierce firefight between the police and a group of criminals, but this was of no consequence to him.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!"

It was an unannounced, unchallenged assault. There was only one goal: to force their way through the front door of the bank where the criminal group was holed up!

All of his allies were surprised by the sudden and unconventional plan, but what was most shocking was the fact that the criminal group had been watching them from inside the bank. Copper Bellman turned his shield towards them and dashed at they!

"Whoa! What the hell is that?

The leader of the group shouted in surprise, to which one of his men immediately replied: "Boss, we're in trouble! He's a chojin, Detective Copper Bellman!

"He's Copper Bellman! No, no, no, no! Fight him off at all costs! Concentrate all your fire on him! Kill him!"

With those words, an unparalleled amount of concentrated fire was directed at the charging Copper Bellman!

Da-da-da-da! TUNE TUNE! Doggone doggone doggone!

A hail of machine guns, rifles, pistols, and hand grenades, all converging on the onrushing Copper Bellman, blocking his path at all costs!

But Copper Bellman was not afraid of the huge explosion of the grenade, and he pushes forward, using his shield to repel all bullets!

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!"

Copper bellman becomes a bronze arrow of light and pushes straight ahead! It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your vacation.

"'Damn it! That beast! Don't flinch, shoot! Fire!"

The group's desperate resistance finally paid off.

At last, when they were only fifteen metres away, Copper Bellman's shield was flung backwards by the force of the machine gun!

What a tragedy! In his haste, Copper Bellman chased after the flying shield with his eyes! There was no way his opponent could have missed this opportunity.

"'Whahahahaha! You're out of luck, Copper bellman! It's over, you're dead!"

Swoon! With a wicked smile on his face, the leader of the gang of criminals fired a well-aimed shot into the back of Copper Bellman's head as he looked backwards, unarmed!

"Click, click, click!

There was a loud ringing of bells in front of the bank, and a moment of silence. There was a moment of silence, and then the bullet struck the copper bellman in the back of the head...

"What the hell! What have you done, you bastard?"

"What the hell? What?"

The enraged Copper Bellman, unarmed, regained his composure and resumed his assault without incident. The group of criminals hurriedly resumed their bombardment! However, the bullets were hitting all over the place, but the sound of the bell is noisy, and it doesn't seem to be working at all.

"What the hell is this thing?”

The leader continued to fire his gun with tears in his eyes, but every time he hit the target, the bell tinkled and tinkled as if to mock him. And with that, the front door of the bank was blown open with a roar...

By the time the fight had broken out in the bank, the fight was already over.

All the perpetrators were taken out of the building, heavly wounded, and every single one of them was arrested. The leader of the group said, as he was being carried away, with a breathless voice: "Oh, my God! Oh, he... he doesn't need a shield..."

And then he passed out with a thud.

Copper Bellman, on the other hand, is ready to retreat in Nickel's Alfa Romeo, which greets him with a smiling face.

"'Well done, Copper Bellman! You've done a great job! Good work!"

Copper Bellman, who was sitting in the passenger seat, took a cigar out of his pocket, stared at it and put it to the end of his arm, and tried to smoked it.

"It's nice to have a smoke after a hard day's work, isn't it, Nickel?

Nickel ignored the comment and drove to the Inca Central Police Station.

──To be continued

Chapter 2

Part 1

The duo were greeted by the serious-looking chief of detectives, known as Deka-chou. He had a stomachic in his hand and said to them with a bitter look on his face

"You guys... You've done a good job of containing the incident, but you've done it again, and more spectacularly than usual. Can't you be a bit smarter than that?"

Copper Bellman remained silent, showing no objection. The big man took a couple of tablets of water and poured them into his mouth, rubbed his stomach and continued to lecture them.

"Look, especially you, Copper Bellman. You're not just a detective, you're a hero of the Inca Empire, and last year you were selected for the Chojin Olympic Games. I'm proud of you. Everyone in the Inca knows who you are. You've been in the press a lot. I'm really proud of you, but it's a bit of a credibility problem for the police when you do such a violent job, every time, every time!

Copper Bellman was still silent, and the chief's mouth is still full of complaints: "Do you know what they call the Inca police nowadays? The other day, when I showed up at my daughter's school visit, the wives around me were whispering and calling us 'legal yakuza', obviously looking at me. It was a surprise to my uncle, because I had such a bad reputation! And to top it all off, my daughter was crying, 'Please go home!’ I was so sad that I spent the rest of the night drinking alone at a food stall in front of the station.”

Even after all this, Copper Bellman stubbornly kept his mouth shut.

"I'm sure you'll understand. It's a miracle that no one died in that shoot-out. I think you are the best example of a justice chojin. Can't you think like that?"

But at these words, the Decapitator turned his back on them and said: "I know what you mean. I know it all too well. Do you, Copper Bellman? You know that better than anyone, don't you?"


I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with that. I'm sure you'll be able to understand what I mean. The decapitated chief continued with his sharp reasoning.

"I've heard that Kinnikuman, the winner of the Chojin Olympics you participated in last year, was a man who continued to protect Japan from the invasion of the bad guys, no matter how many times people made fun of him. The spirit of a man who sacrifices everything to fight for his strong beliefs. Is it called "Yamato spirit"? And it's very similar to your old attitude. I don't know what you've seen in Japan in the last year, but you've been trying so hard to convey those feelings that you've become more and more isolated. That's the way I see it..."

These words were as close to the truth as the copper bellman could get. He was so surprised that he finally opened his heavy mouth.

“You..." he said, "You look like a dullard with a big head, and yet you...”

"You want to be sacked? But you know what, don't be too much on your own. You can't try to solve everything by yourself. I know I'm a bit of an idiot and Michael is a bit of a liability, but if you're still having a hard time, you can always come to us. At least we don't hate you, remember that. If you don't, there are plenty of people who will make you look bad. If you don't, they'll make you look bad and you'll be sacked.

"I've never been so moved by your words as I am today, Deka-chou!”

"Me too! I thought you were just a businessman, but now I see you're a real man, chief!”

"Yes! What have you been looking at me like? Well, that's all right as long as you understand me. So, here we are. I've got just the job for you two.”

The chief then handed a map to Copper Bellman.

"A few moments ago, a call came in from a certain martial arts school in this location. In the event that you're in the market for a new pair of shoes or boots, then you're in the right place. We want you to find out who did it and why. Will you do it?"

"Sure, let's go, Nickel!”

"It's the rajah! Mr. Copper Bellman!”

So the two of them got into the Alfa Romeo again and drove to the site of the map.

They drove to the front of the site and drove up to the main entrance of the dojo.

Entering through the front door, they were immediately stunned. The large sign at the entrance to the dojo had been tampered with to the hilt.

In large, austere handwriting, the words "Poop is good" had been scrawled across the sign.

"'Copper Bellman, this is awful! You've got the intelligence of a schoolboy!”

"'What a childish criminal... No wonder he's so angry at being humiliated!”

He pressed the doorbell and spoke into the intercom.

"Excuse me, I'm from the Inca Central Police Station..."

Then the door swung open from the inside and out stepped a chojin with a Japanese toilet bowl all over his body.

Part 2

"'Oh, my God! What the hell is this place?”

The unexpected appearance of the man startled them, and instinctively they retreated. They half-hid in the shadows, waiting to see how the man would react...

“You're so rude," he said. “Am I so unusual?”

"'No, no, not at all. You were so unexpected that I...”

"And I've heard you. This sign is not a doodle. It's a sign of virtue that has been displayed in this dojo for almost two thousand years. Don't make fun of it!”

"I'm sorry, I didn't realize that at all.”

They nodded at each other, and then, unhappily, reappeared in front of the man to introduce themselves.

But as soon as they stepped forward, the man's demeanour softened rapidly at the sight of the Copper Bellman.

"'Oh, my! Isn't this Copper Bellman who was chosen to represent the ancient Incas at the Chojin Olympics last year? No, no, it's an honour to have you here to investigate."

The man put his hand on his chest and bowed down on one knee, showing me the utmost respect.

The man put his hand on his chest and bowed down on one knee, showing the utmost respect. "Oh, no, thank you for knowing me, but I didn't mean to..."

As if to interrupt Copper Bellman, the man introduced himself again.

"I'm sorry for the delay. I'm not sure if you've heard of it, but I'm sure you've heard of it. And this year, you may know that the 21st Chojin Olympics will be held on the occasion of the belt being vacated by last year's champion. And as the representative of the ancient Incas, I have been chosen by the Emperor of the Empire to be the successor to last year's champion, you.


Copper bellman could not hide his agitation. And then he realized. So that's why Deka-chou has entrusted him with this task.

"So you are this year's representative...”


Copper Bellman knew he had to say something.

"Benkiman, as you know, I didn’t live up to your expectations last year, and even though I qualified for the final, I still failed to win a medal. And in order for our ancient Inca Empire to survive in the modern world, we need results. That's why..."

"I know, I know.”

"Yeah, well, good luck with that.”

In fact, the ancient Inca Empire in which they live is a phantom nation that exists today on Earth, near Peru, and is not recognized by the United Nations.

The Incas died out a long time ago. That's what we know today.

But in fact, the Incas did not die out! The family that claimed to be the heirs of the Inca emperors still existed, and in an isolated space deep in the mountains of South America, they continued to exist in secret, with their own political organisation, infrastructure, people and traditional customs.

Unfortunately, it was difficult to get approval in the human world, but for some reason, powerful chojin full of mysterious powers tended to be born one after another from that country. It was agreed that one of the Incan chojin would be chosen by the emperor to represent his country at the Olympic Games.

"The only way for us Incas to be accepted by modern society was to win the Chojin Olympics. If I can't do it, then I'm sure that you, the new champion, will be able to do it. Glory to the ancient Incas!”

"Glory to the Incas!"

It was as if there was a strange bond between the two Olympic hopefuls that only they could share. Watching from the sidelines, Nickel was a little envious of the pair, but at the same time he could not help but feel that this was going to be a tough one.

"In the event that you've got a lot of money, you'll be able to use it for a lot of things. I'm sure you'll be glad to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with that.”

Nickel spoke to the two delegates, a little late in the day to proceed.

"I'm sorry, but that's the point, isn't it, Nickel? You'll have to show us in, won't you?”

"Yes, sir..."

Benkiman then invited the two investigators into the dojo.

Chapter 3

Part 1

The state of disrepair inside was, in fact, appalling. Every piece of training equipment and sparring ring had been destroyed, and there was nothing that could be used properly.

"Who could have done this?”

Copper Bellman looked around for any clues that might help him, but there was one thing he couldn't stop thinking about. There are traces of faeces and urine on every piece of equipment that has been destroyed.

It is very smelly. It was unbearable.

"Hey, Benkiman, I don't mean to be rude, but is it possible that the filth on this equipment is from the sweat of your dojo students, or something like that?”

"No, in our dojo we do not allow defecation or urination in our hallowed training room. I have to say that I've always been a fan of cleanliness, especially when it comes to my appearance. Everyone in the dojo knows that I hate those who violate that prohibition the most. So this is just a challenge to me..."

"I'm sure you'll be able to understand that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this. In the near future, misfortune will surely befall your dojo! No, but I didn't think that he..."

"No way, no way, it's a clear warning! It's him! Who the hell is that?”

"Hmm, so it is. But he comes from the same source as us and I don't want to fight with him.

"Tell me, Benkiman, what’s his name?"

"Benzaman... In the world of toilet bowl chojin, he is the general of the Western-style school, which is the twin of our Japanese-style school.”

In the world of toilet bowl chojin, there are two main schools, according to Benkiman's explanation.

One is the Japanese style toilet school, led by Benkiman, whose greatest trick is to pour his opponent into his own toilet bowl, and whose toilet bowl device is attached to the front of his abdomen.

The other type of chojin is the Western-style urinals, led by the man whom Benkiman mentioned earlier, Benzaman. They are a new breed of chojin who use the head as a sink instead of the abdomen.

"But if they're the culprits, this could turn into a major war between the two sides of the toilet chojin world. I'd like to avoid that at all costs, but..."

One of his disciples rushed in to see Benkiman.

"Master Benkiman! Oh my God! Baron Toilet, one of the masters of our dojo, has been kidnapped by a Western-style dojo, surrounded and beaten to a pulp!”

"You can't be serious!”

"Are you still being so naive? They're the ones responsible for this vandalism, of course! I'm sure they've got a war on their hands right now! If we don't do something soon, Baron Toilet will be in trouble!

"Damn you, Benzaman. I trusted you!”

In a tone of resignation, Copper Bellman said: "Oh dear. I'm sure they're doing all this because they know that you're not going to be able to touch them at the Olympics.”

"It's dirty! That's too dirty for them!”

"Well, it's a toilet, after all."

Benkiman's anger finally reached its peak and his stomach began to gurgle, even though he had done nothing to cause it. It was a sign of his anger. Jagooooooooo! A spray of water swept over Copper Bellman's body. It was a tremendous flow of water.

"I can't let you do this! I'm not sure what to do. I'm going to bring the death penalty myself...!”

But as Benkiman began to walk away, the duo of Copper Bellman and Nickel quickly stood in front of him and said: "Wait a minute!”

"What are you doing? Get through there! What's a dojo without a master to protect his pupils in danger?”

"That's true. But you know that if you leave now, you'll be playing right into their hands. I'm sure you'll be able to understand why I've been so impressed with your work. And you don't want an all-out war in the toilet bowl world, do you?”

"But there is another way!”

Copper Bellman shook his head slowly. The gentle tinkling of the bell calmed Benkiman down.

"'Look, this is not the place for you to be raging. If you want to go on a rampage, you can do it a few months from now on the other side of the world, in Japan.”


"That's why we're here to replace you! Nickel?

In response to Copper Bellman's question, Nickel raised his hands and said: "If you say so, I'll just follow you.”

"'Well, it's settled then, start the car! Let's go! And you wait there, Benkiman! I'll do what you're doing now... and you'll do what I'm doing now in Japan!”

"Hmm? What do you think Copper Bellman wants now?”

Chapter 4

Part 1

Copper Bellman looked at him for a moment, but then pretended not to notice anything and quickly got into the passenger seat of the car.

"Copper Bellman, why did you go to such great lengths for someone you've only just met today?”

Nickel was a little late getting into the car, but just before he left, he said to Benkiman: "For our Copper Bellman, the Olympic Games are very special, because it was there that he was able to reconfirm what was really important to him. So I want you to find something there too. I'm sure that he saw something in your character that would benefit the ancient Incas. So for the sake of Mr. Copper Bellman... please do your best in the Chojin Olympics!"

As soon as he said that, Nickel dashed into the car where Copper Bellman was waiting. With a quick start, he reved up the engine and left the dojo of the Japanese toilet school.

Their new destination was the home of the Western-style school they had just heard about.

Benkiman, with mixed feelings, just watched the Alfa Romeo drive away, stunned.


"Hey, by the way, did you say something to Benckyman earlier?”

Nickel, who was driving away, whistled as if he hadn't heard the question.

He whistles as if he doesn't hear the question, "Damn, you don't listen. You've always ignored me at the critical moment. It's because of this attitude that I can never get rid of my cigars.”

As usual, Copper Bellman was stunned when he tried to take the cigar out of the case in his pocket: "The cigar is soaked with water. What the hell is this?

"Well, I think it's water from the toilet.”

"I'm going to break the toilet now...”

"You're going to break the toilet!”

"What do you think?”

In the meantime, the car continued to the stronghold of the Western-style group.

They got out of the car and walked up to the entrance of the dojo without hesitation.

And with a bang! Copper Bellman kicked down the door and shouted: "I want my cigar money back now, you fucking toilet!”

But the shouts echoed through the building in vain.

Inside the building, it was surprisingly quiet and uninhabited.

Baron Toilet, the master instructor who was abducted from Benkiman's dojo, was tied up in the middle of a large room and left for die. When Nickel sees him, he advises Copper Bellman.

"'Wow, it's a real trap, the way it's left. Let's be careful here, Copper Bellman!”

Copper Bellman, however, was unconcerned and continues to walk towards the centre of the room.

"Hey, Copper Bellman! It's dangerous!

Baron Toilet, startled by the sight of the man in front of him, speaks breathlessly.

"'Ah, are you...Copper Bellman, the ancient Incan representative from the previous Chojin Olympic Games? In fact, my master... well, he admires you..."

Ignoring Baron Toilet, he lifted him into an airplane spin and began to spin him around and around.

"Tell your master he'll have to pay me back for the cigars later!”

He then threw him towards Nickel, who was still standing at the entrance.

Part 2

"Yeah, why?"

This was the moment when Nickel caught him by surprise. Suddenly, from all directions, about 20 western-style toilet bowl-shaped superhumans attacked Copper Bellman at once!

"Wa-ha-ha! How did you see through this trap, Copper Bellman? But even if you can save him, you're finished now!”

The voice from the ceiling is followed by a barrage of blows from around 20 Western-style urinals. Copper Bellman was being beaten to a pulp. The sound of his head being beaten reverberates throughout the large room.


"No matter how many blows you crooks throw at me, I'm no match for the hardness of copper! Here it comes! Copper Bell hurricane spin-attack!”

At the same time, the bell of the Copper Bellman's head began to sizzle and ring loudly, and if you looked closely, you could see that his copper body was spinning around like a tornado. The ceramic toilet bowl chojin who were touched by the vortex were destroyed into a heap. And when the 20 corpses had fallen to the floor, a voice called out from the ceiling again.

"So that's the power of the former Olympic champion, Copper Bellman!"

Eventually, Copper Bellman stopped spinning and responded to the voice.

"You're the general of the Western-style urinals, Benzaman... Don't hide, and come out!

As if he had been waiting for Copper bellman's challenge, Benzaman slowly began to introduce himself.

"I've been waiting for that challenge. And now, for the first time in a long time, I shall appear before you! Yes, as you may have guessed, I am the master of this dojo, Benzaman, a man from the ancient Incan tradition of the toilet superhero! No... I am Emerald Benza XIII, the Benzaman!

The partition that had been hiding a corner of the ceiling was dropped, and at that moment, the area around the partition began to glow a sparkling green. And immediately after the dazzling glow, a jaggery and a huge amount of water was released from there onto the floor! Riding the water stream, slowly descending from the ceiling to the floor was... a huge, beautiful, full-body, shining green, Western-style toilet!

Both Copper Bellman and Nickel were surprised by his appearance, because the man, who called himself Emerald Benza XIII, was made entirely of emeralds. They've never seen such an amazing toilet bowl.

"What do you think of my aura of elegance? I'm sure you'll agree that I'm a legitimate toilet chojin, even compared to those Japanese toilet superheroes. Whahahahaha!

"This is indeed beautiful..."

Nickel was so taken aback by the brilliance that he couldn't help but express his honest opinion.

But Copper Bellman, who had regained his composure, was not one to be fooled by such pretense!

He laughed at the arrogance of Copper Bellman and retorted emphatically: "Damn! I was a bit scared at first, but on closer inspection it looks like the kind of shitty toilet that a rich man would love to make! Do they train you to shit on jewellery in your house?


"I'm going to show you that you're not going to grow up to be a very good person. Here we go, Copper Bell driver!

But! Jackin'! He's been played completely unscathed!

"Wahahahaha! Do you think that a chojin hardness the size of copper can damage my emerald body! Know that your vaunted sturdiness is nothing compared to that!"

Indeed it is. Even Copper Bellman felt a little threatened by this.

──To be continued

Chapter 5

Part 1

Chojin hardness is a numerical index of the hardness of the body of a chojin.

If diamond, the hardest metal in the world, is 10, Benzaman, who has the hardness of an emerald, has a chojin hardness of 7 to 8. The copper of Copper Bellman is, at best, 3. In other words, in terms of scratch resistance alone, the difference is more than twice as great.

"Damn! I thought they were made of ceramic and let my guard down. I didn't think there was such a thing in the world as a toilet bowl with such bad taste!”

But when Benzaman realised that he was being sarcastic, he began to lecture him.

"It's not bad taste! This is what a true king of urinals should look like!”

"Don't you dare call yourself a king, you toilet bowl!”

"No, you don't understand anything, you're full of prejudice! You know, a toilet is not an unclean place, it should be more sacred! Who said that poop and pee are dirty in the first place? Even the most beautiful idol or the most noble princess in a castle poops and pees! Especially when it comes to primary school boys! If you take a dump at school, you're called a "poop man" and you're bullied! What do you think of this situation?"

"Gmoo, I feel sorry for him, but..."

"What do you think? It's not right! So the person who bullies you has never taken a dump! Isn't that normal? I'm sure you'll be able to understand why I'm so excited about this. That's why I transformed my body and got this emerald body! My aim is to reform the sacred toilet so that people will not even think of getting it dirty. And we, the Western Toilet Faction, will use my plan as a foothold to expand into the world! In time, the toilets of the world will be filled with jewels. Soon people won't even be able to use the toilet, they'll have to shag around in it. That would be a life changer. Only those people whom the toilet bowl likes will be allowed to use the toilet, and gradually we will dominate them!”

"Oh my God...”

"What a grand scheme! You see what I mean?”

But when Copper Bellman heard this, the fire of justice began to burn in his eyes!

"You are indeed a great man, but you are no match for the size of your ambition. I'm made of copper, and even my hardness is no match for you. If we keep fighting like this, we might lose. But... you're a urinal, right? A toilet bowl is a tool, right? A tool has to be used, you know. In other words, if you're a toilet bowl, it's only worthwhile if people drop feces on it. If you don't understand this, you will definitely suffer a painful retribution sooner or later. Because a tool that loses its purpose will only end up with the fate of destruction!”

"Nonsense! Then I will turn you into toilet bowls! With my absolute power, I can do that! I'll turn you into copper dust too! Nozzle on!"

At this signal, the nozzle underneath Benzaman's seat turned up slightly.

"'What do you think comes out of here? Water? Washing liquid? No, no, no! It's not as simple as that. The answer is a bullet of emerald through your copper body! Take it! Emerald Bullet!

"No! This is not good!”

He quickly let go of his shield and stepped aside. The correctness of his decision is evident when you see what happened to his shield. The emerald bullet easily penetrated the shield of Copper Bellman's pride and joy, leaving a large and gruesome scar. If he had been hiding behind that shield, he would have died instantly...

"What power! You are made of copper and there is not a chance in the world that you can defeat me... And with this power, I will become the true king of the world, surpassing the Inca emperor!”

The copper bellman, however, was not to be deterred by these words: he rang the bell on his head in warning, and faced Benzaman without fear!

"'Is that what you really think? You think you're better than the emperor we're trying to protect? Your hubris is your downfall! Don't you ever forget that the only way for us tools to live is to coexist with humans!

Copper Bellman's head was in a state of complete tensión, so excited that he was ready to break his neck!

Part 2

Ta-da! Clang, clang, clang...

After all, it was reckless. He no longer feel pain. Is this what it means to die, to lose your senses one by one?

Just as Copper Bellman was about to take it all in and make up his mind.

"Look at you! That's what happens when you try to solve everything by yourself, isn't it?”

The familiar voice brought the Copper Bellman's consciousness back to life. He was in a lot of pain, but alive!

And in front of him, Copper Bellman was surprised to see three men guarding him.

Nickel, Deka-chou, and, oh my god, Benkiman, the general of the Japanese toilet faction!

He also looked around and saw that almost the entire force of the ancient Inca Central Police Station, to which he belonged, had come to his aid!

"Nickel... what's this?"

"Hehehe! If we all work together, we can beat any enemy. That's why I called you here. The people who love Mr. Copper Bellman... uprooted from the station!

"Well, that's it. So that's it, Copper Bellman. I told you to come to us when things got tough. I told you to come to us when you were in trouble. But, hey, even if you're a bit of an idiot and a bit unreliable, you can always use a bit of help, can't you?”


And then there was another man who approached the Copper Bellman.

"You've been told to keep a low profile, but I can’t be qualified to fight in the Chojin Olympics if I sit back and let this happen! It's all my fault, I'm here to pay my respects to you, my predecessor, and give up everything for the sake of peace in the Incas and the world, and I, Benkiman, have come to take responsibility!


"'Now, that's why, Benzaman. If you intend to kill Copper Bellman, we will all fight you! Come on, you lusty, vain, emerald, fake toilet bowl!

"Damn it, it's always been that way in history. It's always the weak that get in the way of the genius. Especially you, Benkiman... I can't understand how an ordinary urinal like you can be valued by the Emperor more than me, the genius! It must have been because he feared my talent! It must be!"

But Benkiman calmly replied: "No, Benzaman. No matter how much power you have, you don't know how to use it. You don't know what's going on around you. And there lies the answer to why the Emperor has not chosen you to represent him.”

"'What nonsense! So, Benkiman, let's have a one-on-one match between you and me, the Emperor's chosen chojin. If you're so sure you can win, you'll accept, won't you?

"I've come here for that purpose. Of course, that's why I'm here: I'm the one you didn't like in the first place, wasn't it? Now let's get back to your original confrontation with me, shall we?

"Oh, how I wish! A fragile toilet bowl like yours, made of old-fashioned ceramic, is no match for this green emerald toilet bowl! Come on! Let this copper-breaking technique pierce your body and leave you to wander the chojin graveyard forever! Emerald Bullet!

Part 3

There was a poof, and five shots of the Green of Doom were fired in quick succession! But Benkiman, with his light and tricky movements, dodges them all with no problem!

"You see, pottery is a very light and smooth material, a material of human wisdom. You can no longer move with such ease!”

"No! No! It is nothing compared to the beauty and hardness of the emeralds I have acquired! If only it had this hardness...

" You know how fragile it is in the hands of the Incas!”

At the same time, Benkiman began to push and roll Benzaman's emerald body, rolling it around and around.

"I don't know what you're talking about. It's not like it's going to help... no, no, what's this feeling?"

Strangely enough, the emerald-hardened Benzaman's whole body gradually began to curl up.

"I can't believe it!”

And as it curls up, its volume shrinks and shrinks. The laws of physics are completely defied.

"This is the secret of the Incas, the ant ball! No one who has been carried away by the common-sense solidity of its appearance can ever envisage this secret! But I know the strength of never giving up, of believing..."

The reality of the situation was too much for Benzaman and he could not think of anything to say.

"It's about time, then, that we set off on our journey to the land of death! Let's go! Let's go!”


And so the Benkiman almost flows, but just before it does! But just as he was about to flow away, someone protected him just in time and pulled him out again! It was the resurrected Copper Bellman!

"Copper Bellman! What... why?”

"Benkiman, the match is over, and it is not your intention to bury him, is it?”

"That's true! But he's gone too far. I don't know what he'll do in the future! I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one.”

But Copper Bellman slowly shook his head.

"'You said it yourself. You said you wanted to believe in Benzaman. And you said it again just now. I know how strong it is to believe. So if you give up on him now and bury him, you will regret it for the rest of your life, won't you?"

Benkiman clenched his fists and shook his shoulders, then looked straight at the Copper Bellman and said: "Thank you. You are, after all, a great senior. I almost made a terrible mistake.”

But Copper Bellman, with an amused look on his face, pointed behind him and said: "Oops! I also must thanks Nickel there in the back!

Nickel was surprised to hear that.

"What? Is that me, Mr. Copper Bellman?

"Yes, that's right. To be honest, I was hoping for Benzaman to die, but you shouted just before it started. That's when I made my decision.”

"The dogmatic Mr. Copper Bellman, heard my words..."

At that moment the chief clapped him on the shoulder and said: "That's the thing, Nickel. It's a sign that Copper Bellman has finally, from the bottom of his heart, accepted you as an equal. And that makes him happy, too. Isn't that right, Copper Bellman?”

"Chief... you... You look like a dullard, but you're still...”

"I'm going to have to sack you! I'm not sure what to say. I'm not sure if that means that I'm still not accepted or not?”

From that day onwards, the two schools of Japanese and Western-style toilet bowls swept away all their longstanding feuds (only the toilet bowls) and vowed to work together in friendly rivalry for the prosperity of the world of toilet bowls and the ancient Inca Empire. The two schools began to exchange students with each other, and the next generation of talented toilet chojin would be born from the combined strengths of the two schools. As Benkiman and Benzaman both said in unison, "This reconciliation between our two schools is a great thing!”

The two men, Benkiman and Benzaman, also had some words for Copper Bellman, saying in unison: "You are the greatest contributor to our reconciliation, Copper Bellman. It is thanks to the courage, compassion and indomitable spirit which you have shown to both sides that the fate of the two factions has been truly settled. I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you so much!"

A few months later, his wounds have healed and he is back on the job, solving cases as hard-boiled as ever, puffing on a cigar he can't smoke. But since that day, he has become a little more honest...

Today, we can see a young investigator rushing into the annex of the station. This is where their battle always begins.

"'Mr. Copper Bellman, we have a case!”

"Ah... let's have a closer look, Nickel.”

──The end.