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The 14th episode of Deep of Muscle.

The following is a fan-translation of the Japanese content.

Thanks and credit to Gunnar Iron


The truth about the Berlin robbery withdrawal case, which triggered the formation of the Chojin Blood Oath Brigade Army.


Chapter 1

Part 1


Kinniku Ataru, a.k.a. Kinnikuman Soldier, has formed a team of soldiers, also known as the "Blood Oath Brigade," in order to participate in the battle for the Kinniku Throne.

The team's members include the general, Kinniku Ataru, the eldest brother of the King of Kinniku, The Ninja, Asura Man, Buffalo Man, and Brocken Jr. It was a dream team that transcended the boundaries between the righteous and the demonic, and brought together the fiercest fighters of all time under the banner of the desire to create an ideal superhero world.

It is also known that there was a big episode that triggered the formation of this dream team.

It was a robbery on a street corner in Berlin, the capital of West Germany at the time. A chojin took a young boy hostage and holed up in a house, but Kinniku Ataru, passing by, used various tactics to impersonate a pastor and contact the perpetrator. In the end, after a fierce battle, the case was successfully resolved.

Watching Kinniku Ataru's actions from behind the scenes, the four chojin who would later become his friends all had the same thought in their minds.

"What a calm and accurate decision!”

The four of them were amazed at the attention to detail that lay behind Kinniku Ataru's every move, and were impressed by his every move, seeing in him the qualities that would make him a better king than the one they knew so well. They were so impressed by his every move that they decided to support him as a candidate for the new throne and showed their reverence for him.

However, few people know that behind the scenes of this historic event, there were many untold stories and foreshadowing events.

The parties involved in the incident are Kinniku Ataru, the perpetrator, the hostage boy and his mother. It would be easy to assume that this was all that was involved, but surprisingly, there were still a number of other key players involved. And each of the foreshadowings that these characters bring to the table are intricately intertwined...

When we delve into the details of the actions of all the people involved, at all times, before and after the event, we find that this historic rescue was no mere coincidence. As you read on, you will see that it was a drama of inevitability.

It was a heart-warming miracle that took place in a corner of Berlin. Here, for the first time, we would like to reveal the truth about this moving drama, which teaches us the wonders of human relationships.

Part 2

“Mother, come on!”

"Gosh, gosh, gosh! My dear Bockman, I've had it. I don't want to be a burden to you any longer. Now leave me here and go on your own.”

"How weak you are! You've come so far. We've come so far, we only need one more thing, one more thing, one more thing, one more thing, one more thing..."

In the silence of the night, two shadows are trying desperately to run through the no-man's land between two large walls. One is a strong young man of about 20, apparently named Bockman. The other is a middle-aged woman of about 50, probably his mother.

This is Berlin, the largest city in Germany. It is the middle of the 1980s, and the world is still in the midst of the Cold War, with the capitalist West, led by the United States and Britain, and the communist East, led by the Soviet Union, locked in an eerie standoff. In the middle of this conflict, Germany is divided into two states, East and West, and its largest city, Berlin, is also physically divided by the famous "Berlin Wall".

The Berlin Wall is indeed a huge wall. To be precise, it is a double wall that was built in East Germany, completely surrounding the city of West Berlin, which existed in East Germany as an enclave of West Germany.

Why was such a wall built? The main reason was the gap between the rich and the poor in East and West Germany. At the time, everyone in communist East Germany was very poor, while in liberal West Germany the wealthy were conspicuous, and the East Germans could no longer hide their longing for the West. The East Germans no longer concealed their longing for the West: "If we go to the West, we will escape this life of hardship. However, the East German government would not allow such an idea, and the traffic between East and West was restricted, especially the movement from East to West was punishable.

However, there was still no shortage of people trying to escape to the West, so the East German government finally built a double wall just before the border with West Berlin. The area between the two walls, just a few dozen metres wide, was guarded by watch towers, barbed wire fences and various traps, and anyone who tried to cross without permission was liable to be shot.

The Bockmans have already broken through the first of these two barriers, the East German one, and are now trying to break through the last, the West German one, in the terrifying no-man's land between the two peaks.

'Mother! I know it's hard, but just one more breath! One more breath and there will be nothing to hold us back. We will earn money, we will buy medicine, and we will cure your illness. We'll have a bright future! So stand up... well, calm down and take your time!"

"I'm sorry, Bockman..." She was about to say this when her mother started to walk away again. Then, just as she was about to go on her way again, something caught her foot like a thin thread.

Surrrrrrr, boom! ...and there was a huge flash of light, like a firework!

'Ouch, that's a trap! It's a trap!"

Immediately afterwards, sirens and huge searchlights come on all at once, and they begin to search for them, trying to catch sight of them. Almost simultaneously, several Dobermans flew towards them.

“I'm going to have to force my way through.... Hold on tight, Mum!

Bockman had been hurrying ahead as stealthily as possible, but as soon as we shouted this, he began to resist wildly. After forcing his mother to carry him on her back, Bockmann kicked at the two Dobermans that were jumping at him. He then charged straight at the West German wall. Without a second thought, he dashed across the 20-metre-wide no-man's land!

“Fugitives! Shoot! Shoot them!"

From the top of the watchtower we could see immediately that the guards were shooting at us with their rifles. The sound of several bullets grazing my body and cutting through the air was deafening. In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the web site.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!"

Bockman's mind went blank and he ran as fast as he could towards the wall in front of him. He ran up the barricade in front of the wall and used it as a springboard for an amazing leap! The snipers, watching through their scopes, shouted in unison.

“What the hell is he, he's not human!”

Yes, the guards were right, he was not human. He was a chojin. So, with his mother in his arms, he made contact with the top of the last wall, which was about three metres high, but he persevered and finally reached the West German side by himself, falling down.

Thud! He fell from a height of 3m with great force, but he was strong enough to survive.

Part 3

"Heh, I did it, Mum. I'm here at last. Now we are free!"

But she didn't answer.

"Hey, Mum? ...Wait, what? Hey, Mum! You've been hit by a bullet, haven't you? 

Bockman took her down from behind and examined her quickly, but luckily there were no bullet holes in her body and she was sleeping peacefully.

"Oh my God, you scared the hell out of me! Ha ha, that's all right. Anyway, tomorrow we'll start a new life together. We're going to work hard and buy lots of good medicines for you! But we're both tired today, so for now we'll just... have a rest. Good night... mother."

It was supposed to be a hopeful start. But the next day, she rarely woke up. She had been ill and weak for some time, but the strain and fatigue of her escape had taken its toll on her body and she was now seriously bedridden.

“Bockman, you took me with you on your escape, but I'm becoming more and more of a burden to you. I'd rather die than continue to be a burden to you.”

Every now and then she would wake up and tell him this, and he would scold her for it.

His mother would wake up every now and then and tell him so. You know what they say about sickness. Don't you dare say a word about wanting to die! And the more money I make, the more medicine I can buy, the sooner I'll be cured. So you don't have to worry about anything.

"Oh, Bockman! You are a very kind boy. I'm only proud of the fact that you've grown up so straight. Ugh..."

Bockman continued to watch his mother's tearful words with an unhappy expression on her face.

In fact, despite his mother's bravado, Bockmann's mental state was on the verge of collapse. He had escaped to West Berlin with a dream, but the reality was not as sweet as he had imagined.

But the reality was not as sweet as I had imagined. One thing I have learned since coming here is that capitalism is a very cold system for a poor man with no education and no savings. Having fled to the West penniless, he had little recourse but to find work as a day labourer for a meagre wage. And his mother, whom he had brought with him by force, is now lying ill.

Their financial worries are so overwhelming that many times he fantasises about committing evil deeds. But with his mother's words in his heart, he has tried to live a straight life.

One day in the afternoon, he saw a child walking around the town with his kind mother, holding something that looked like a toy with both hands...

"Hey, Mummy! I want a big dinner when I get home.”

"Oh, boy. But don't tell him about the menu until he comes home.”

“No, it has to be steak, I swear!”

“Why is it that some children are so happy and have nothing to worry about, while others, like myself, are so miserable and have no choice? I'm a grown man, but I'm definitely more helpless than an immature child.”

Bockmann felt dizzy with shame at his humiliating situation and, at the same time, his hunger made him stagger towards the boy and he bumped into him slightly. That's when it happened.

'Hey, hey! This is important, so be careful, sir!”

"What, sir?”

He was shocked to be called "sir", but what shocked me more was... And now the words keep running over and over in his hungry, unthinking brain.

“I see. To this little shit, I'm nothing more than a flimsy piece of plastic. Yes, that's right. I'm less than rubbish, less than rubbish..."

At the moment he was deeply convinced of this, something burst inside him! Curses, lamentations, anger, and all sorts of negative emotions erupted at once, and finally, finally, they exceeded the limits of control!

"Hahaha, yes! I'm rubbish, no better than rubbish! So, happy little shit, you're going to learn something. I'm going to show you what's in that filthy dump! Come here!"

“Help me, Mommy! Please, somebody, help me!”

Before he knew it, he had taken the boy away and into a nearby house, where he had kidnapped him...!

── To be continued

Chapter 2

Part 1

The boy involved in this incident is the only son of the town's mayor, who runs a small factory in West Berlin. His name was Adorno. His father’s name was Bruno, and his factory was small, but in this liberal economy of West Berlin society, factory owners are capitalists and winners. Despite its small size, the business was smooth sailing. Adorno, the son of a factory owner, was supposed to be living a financially comfortable life.

A few hours before the incident in question, however, Adorno, who was supposed to have no problems at all, was killed who should have had everything under control, was very disappointed. More to the point, he didn't feel happy at all.

Why? Because his father, Bruno, was a very busy man. His father usually came home late at night, after Adorno had had a good night's sleep. He would go to work before dawn, when Adorno woke up, and this was the case all year round, regardless of weekends. At least his father's toughness was not uncommon.

In any case, because of this situation, conversations with his father at home were almost non-existent. It is no exaggeration to say that the boy has almost come to believe that he lives alone with his mother.

There was only one day a year when the father and son, who had no contact with each other on a regular basis, had the opportunity to talk.

This was Adorno's birthday, the most important day of the year for them.

This was the only day of the year they would take a day off, no matter what! His father, Bruno, made it a point to do so, and Adorno always looked forward to it, year after year.

Of course, it was his birthday, and he would receive presents and eat delicious cake, but what he looked forward to most of all was the chance to spend time with his father. But the thing he was looking forward to most of all was to be able to talk to his father.

Adorno loved his father very much.

And today was his birthday. Normally, Adorno would be overjoyed and looking forward to meeting his father for dinner, but for some reason, today, his face was sullen and depressed. It's no wonder, then, that on his birthday this year, his father was unable to take a day off, and he couldn't even come home until midnight as usual. This was a serious breach of promise. This was a serious breach of promise, and Adorno's disappointment and anger could not be contained, even though he knew it was unavoidable.

“Hmph! The factory is much prettier and more important to me than it is to you! I'm not important anyway..."

At first his mother, Marie, tried to soothe him, saying, "It's no use...”

"That's enough, Mum... You don't have to hide it anymore!”

"Oh, my God, what are you talking about?"

“It's all right. I knew it. I knew I'd never have a father.”

“What are you talking about, boy?”

"You know... I'm really just a kid from somewhere, aren't I? And my dad was just pretending to be my dad. I know, I know, because he's not my dad!"

Marie had finally lost her temper with this remark.

“I've been looking forward to it so much. I've been looking forward to it so much... it's impossible..."

Adorno cries out in a sobbing voice. He had lost all interest in getting angry. The reason he had suddenly turned away earlier had been because he didn't want her to see his tear-stained, wrinkled face.

She pity him. She thought she had given him all the luxuries he wanted because he was so starved for affection. She bought him anything that pleased him. But sometimes inorganic luxury is suddenly transformed into emptiness. The more materially fulfilled we become, the more we see what is missing.

And that is precisely why Adorno, despite his tender age, has somehow become aware of what is absolutely missing from the house. But that's quite a feat. He must have been trying to keep it to himself until today, with this young mind.

So, even more so, how will he spend this day? It will be a very important day for our family and for the future of our child. With a strong sense of feminine intuition, Marie decides to make a special proposal to her son. She felt that this special day should not just be a random, uneventful day.

“Well, if Daddy can't come home, then let's go and see him today! See? Wouldn't that be nice?"

Of course, I didn't consult his dad beforehand. But it's worth a try. At the very least, I wanted to make sure that he knew that today was a special day for him.

Adorno's face lit up at the suggestion.

“Oh, no, that's... that's okay? Can I go to the place where my dad works?”

“Of course I can! Of course not, because he's your son!”

“Do you think we'll get in the way?”

“Why would it? He might even take over the factory in the future! I'm sure they'd be delighted to have the future boss here!”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, of course!”

When he heard Marie's suggestion, the boy's face gradually regained its lost colour and his eyes began to shine.

“Oh, that's fantastic! Thank you, Mum! Yes, let's do it!”

Adorno was overjoyed and said: "Yes, I'm sure Dad will be very surprised!”

He hadn't expected such a positive response. I hadn't expected such a positive response from him. He has such a keen interest in his father, whom he rarely sees, and although he has some doubts, as I mentioned earlier, he still loves him from the bottom of his heart. I'm sure you'll be able to understand why I'm so proud of my son.

Part 2

Once that was decided, it was time to get ready to go out. They put on their clothes, locked the door, and set off from home in a hurry. It takes about an hour from home to the factory by bus and train. For a child of this age, travelling that long in a variety of vehicles must have been a great adventure. For this reason alone, the day promised to be a special one for Adorno.

First, a ten-minute walk to the nearby bus stop. Adorno's steps were a light skip from earlier. And so it should be. It's his first big adventure, and at the end of the journey he's going to meet his beloved father.

He's really looking forward to it, isn't he? The more she watches Adorno's rhythmic steps, the more convinced she becomes.

She remember that Adorno went to Papa's factory once when he was very young. But I don't think he remembers it.

But Adorno replied confidently: "I remember, of course, playing with my dad near the factory! There was an empty wasteland for a long time, with a square nearby with long walls and broken buildings on the other side!”

A child's memory is a powerful thing, she thought.

It used to be the most prosperous square in Berlin, but since the Second World War it has been abandoned until the mid-1980s, and is now, as my son said, a mere wasteland.

“That's right, Potsdamer Platz. How well do you remember it, you were so young?”

“Yes, I flew a kite there! On my birthday, a long time ago, my dad and I flew a kite!”

“Flying a kite?”

“Yes, my dad bought me a Brockenman kite that day and we flew it!”

At that time, Brockenman was the greatest hero in Germany. At that time, every child in Germany had a Brockenman doll, a hat or some other item. Adorno's father, Bruno, bought him a kite with a picture of the hero on it, a plastic kite.

However, after Brockenman was brutally murdered by the Ramenman, no one played with it anymore. In mourning the loss of their hero, children quietly tucked them away in the back of their shelves, and began to play with the new toys of his son, Brocken Jr.

However, Adorno was the only one who stubbornly refused to switch to Brocken Jr.'s new kite, and continued to play with Brockenman's plastic kite. Even though other children around him were flying the same kite with the latest Brocken Jr. version, Adorno was the only one using the old Brockenman version. Naturally, the other kids made fun of him.

“Don't make me feel bad, man! He's already dead!”

“He's not dead! His memory will never die!”

“What? I don't understand!”

“I don't know what you mean! You're a rich guy with a shitty kite.”

“Leave him alone and let's go, guys!"

And so it was that Adorno often found himself isolated when playing with his friends. But he didn't mind. But he didn't mind, because he wanted to cherish his memories of his dad even more than his friends. Switching to Brocken Jr. seemed like giving up his memories of Dad...

After a while, mother and son got off the bus and walked to the train station. After a while, they got off the bus and walked for a while, until they came to an alleyway full of buildings.

"Boy, do you remember this view?"

Adorno shivered with nostalgia: he had seen this desolate landscape a long time ago. No doubt about it. This was Potsdamer Platz, the place of memories. And there was one more thing that surprised me.

Yes, it's exactly as it was on that day. And that string stretching from the middle of the square to the sky.

Today, as on that day, there is a man flying a kite in the middle of a lonely square. He waved his hand and called out to us.

“Hey, Adorno! What are you doing? Come here, quick!”

The man who beckoned to him was his beloved father, Bruno, "I thought I'd give this to you today!”

A plastic kite, this time a Brocken Jr. kite, was flying high in the sky. When Adorno saw it, time stopped. After all, Dad was always home, even when he didn't seem to be. He knew that he had always played with his Brockenman toys, even though his friends didn't want to. That's why he went out of his way to buy him a Brocken Jr. kite and set it up for me today.

It's not about proof, it's about instinct. Adorno could no longer hide his tears, and ran at full speed to his father, who was beckoning him.

“I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry I've been so selfish! I'm sorry!”

“It's me who should be apologising. I'm sorry I've been so selfish. I'll be home earlier than usual today. I promise you that. Is that clear, Adorno?"

Adorno just nodded quietly, admiring the big smile on his face.

And then there was another man who spotted Kite from the sky, with a special feeling.

A man who had flown from Japan, a country far to the east, via Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, and was due to land at Tegel International Airport in Berlin shortly.

Covering his face with a camouflage mask, his well-trained body exudes an unmistakable dignity and authority, and he calls himself Kinnikuman Soldier.

He never thought I'd see something like that at this time. It must be a revelation.

Kinnikuman Soldier is one of the "Fated Princes" scheduled to compete in the Kinniku Throne Championship, a group fighting tournament that is currently attracting attention throughout the universe, and he is also the biggest key person in this tournament, as his true identity is that of Kinniku Ataru, the eldest brother of the true Kinniku King. And today is the day. He has come to West Berlin in search of a teammate who has yet to be chosen. The superhero he was looking for was, of course, the West German hero of the moment, Brocken Jr.

── To be continued

Chapter 3

Part 1

But even here in the skies over Germany, Soldier is still struggling to get Brocken Jr. to join his army.

Because if there was a vacancy on his brother's Kinniku Suguru's Kinnikuman team, Brocken Jr. would probably be next in line for the job.

And his true purpose is to help his brother Suguru, who is surrounded by the evil throne candidates. But is it right for him to take Brocken Jr. into his own army?

But his doubts were finally put to rest when he saw Brocken Jr.'s kite soaring above the deserted Potsdamer Platz.

He has come this far, we have no choice but to back down.... I will definitely recruit Brocken Jr. and complete the ideal team! And then he will re-educate Brocken Jr. into a truly top-notch chojin, with his own hands!

But he didn't think things would work out that way. In fact, when he went to Brocken Jr.'s house and tried to recruit him directly, he was turned down outright.

“You know I'm Brocken Jr. and you're talking to me like that? I'm not going to betray my friends. I'm sure you'll be able to understand why. If he wasn't, we wouldn't have invited him.”

But genuine enthusiasm will always get through. The Soldier, or rather Kinniku Ataru, was such a passionate thinker. We need to be more sincere, honest and persistent in our persuasion. You have to be honest and heartfelt, not calculating, in order to break down barriers.

“I've always thought the best of you, Brocken. You may not be as good as Terryman or Robin Mask, but you've got the youth and the courage, if unrefined, fighting spirit.”

Brocken Jr. is almost sucked into Soldier's eyes as he looks him straight in the eye and doesn't care that the expression sounds rude.

“And above all, you still have the ambition to defeat Kinnikuman, something that Terryman and Robin Mask have already lost!”

Part 2

That's exactly what he wants. Brocken Jr. is drawn more and more into the eyes of this man who seems to see everything about him. Who is this man?

There is a moment of silence. But then, as if to break the silence, a voice comes through the open door of the room.

“No matter how much you try to convince him, he won't budge.”

There were two faces that Brocken Jr. knew very well, two faces of the fiercest fighters of all time. Buffaloman and Ashuraman.

“I don't have any friendship with Kinnikuman, I'll accept it on one condition.”

The one who murmured this was The Ninja, a ninja who had once fought Brocken Jr. to the death.

It seems that this distinguished group of people is the entirety of the new team that Soldier wants to form, the Blood Oath Brigade. Surely, with a team like this, a victory would be a dream come true: Buffaloman, the leader of the Seven Devil Chojin, Ashuraman, the leader of the six devil knights, and The Ninja. But one thing Brocken Jr. can't figure out is why, with such an elite group, the Soldier has offered him the position of second-in-command. Brocken Jr. immediately sensed that he was the most inferior and unproven of the bunch, even if he was pathetic. So why...?

The soldier nodded contentedly as he surveyed the scene, but suddenly turned on his heel and walked slowly back towards the door.

“I guess we'll have to come back today.”

“It's always the same.”

Buffaloman quickly replied, but the Soldier, with a confident look in his eyes, said one last thing before dashing out of the room.

“No, you'll be standing in the ring at Nagoya Castle three days from now as members of the Soldier Team.”

He wasn't bluffing, he was sure of it. Because he knew it. He knew that the people he had gathered here all had a few doubts about the current cesspool of cliques in the Choujin world.

To begin with, The Ninja, Ashuraman and Buffaloman are all former devil chojin. From a young age, under the direction of General Devil, they have been training under an ironclad code of discipline, and the Soldier knows all about it. And that they are now struggling to adapt to the lukewarm life of the justice chojin, and to use their powers to their advantage.

At the time, they had a twisted, self-interested goal of overthrowing the Justice Superheroes and, beyond that, conquering the world, and that was unacceptable.

But it is the ambition that they have nurtured to achieve it. He believed that this was something that a chojin, regardless of whether he was righteous or devilish, should never forget or forget. To achieve this, he had to push himself and dare to put himself in a tough environment...

It was not difficult to imagine that the elite ex-devil chojin, who now had no clear goals and no difficult enemies to defeat, would choose the "Blood Oath Brigade" as a new place for self-discipline. In particular, the three men that Soldier had his eye on were former demon superheroes of the "samurai" type. They dared to put themselves on the path of Shura, and found the true value of life in the ultimate thrill that could only be found in serious competition and the exchange of lives.

For such warriors, the Soldiers knew with pride that the League of Superheroes was the perfect place to start.

But the last of them, Brocken Jr., is an elite member of Germany's prestigious Brocken family, albeit a former brutalist. He was brought up in the style of a brutal superhero under the influence of his father, who trained him hard, but overall he is still a hothouse superhero who has learned the basics of how to behave and live as a righteous superhero.

Nonetheless, Soldier noticed that Brocken Jr. always had a tense barrier of fighting spirit around him that never dissolved.

This can easily be seen when comparing the way they treat each other, especially Kinnikuman, even among the same righteous superheroes. For example, Terryman and Robin Mask see Kinnikuman as a rival, but when they get to know each other, they often exchange puns and other nonsense. In contrast, Brocken Jr. has always been somewhat reserved in his approach to Kinnikuman.

“I don't approve of you from the bottom of my heart!"

In Soldier's opinion, this is partly due to his inherent love of solitude, but also because of the implicit message it sends. And most importantly, despite his privileged upbringing, Brocken Jr. has stubbornly maintained this attitude.

That's why Soldier has always felt. This is the real deal. And he has also always had this horrible, albeit improbable, fantasy in his head: “If Brocken Jr. had been raised as a complete demon superhero, he would have grown up to be an unbelievable warrior, surpassing even the first three!”

But in today's lukewarm world of justice superheroes, he will never fully awaken all of his infinite potential. It's a shame. It is a loss for the superhuman world!

Soldier personally felt this strongly, which is why he wanted to bring this outstanding talent into the "Blood Army of Super-Humans" under his command, even if he had to try a little hard to persuade him.

With such profound and grandiose thoughts in mind, the Soldier decided to leave Brocken Jr.'s compound for the time being.

I'm sure you'll be able to understand why I'm here," he said, "but there are still a few days before the next battle. I'm not in a hurry.

He is not only passionate, but also possesses the calmness of a military strategist. This is what the Kinnikuman Soldier, Kinnikuman Ataru, is all about.

After leaving the mansion, Soldier goes out into the city to the inn he has secured for the time being. But behind him, there are four superheroes who are secretly following him. It's a great way to get to know your fellow soldiers.

We'll find out what he's up to.

This is because they have all been taken in by the allure of the Soldier by this point.

── To be continued

Chapter 4

Part 1

A soldier is going through the city from south to north, and four fierce men are following him.

And just at the same time. Far ahead, Bockmann, the exiled superhero from East Berlin, is trudging along, weary of life here in West Berlin and at his wits' end.

In the other direction, to the east, Adorno and his mother Marie are flying a kite in Potsdamer Platz, having fulfilled a promise to their beloved father.

Then came the fateful encounter!

Adorno shouted at Bockmann, who had bumped into him in passing, and from that single moment, history was set in motion!

From that point on, as we have already noted. In a fit of rage, Bockmann, with a raging Adorno under his arm, chose one of the houses in front of him to break and enter! The house happened to be unoccupied, and on impulse he grabbed a Seiryu sword that had somehow been left in the kitchen, and ran up the stairs to the first floor. He holed himself up in one of the children's rooms, shouted out of the window with the sword, and began to demand food and money as the impulse took him!

“Somebody help me! A robber have taken my son hostage!”

The mother of the kidnapped Adorno boy, Marie, cries out in panic, but, sadly, the people around her are incredibly unresponsive.

No one was brave enough to save the child's life. This is the end of a modern society that is often said to be rich in material things and poor in spirit...

It is in the midst of this chaos that the Soldier and his four followers pass by the scene. It was Brocken Jr., who should have been far behind the Soldier, who reacted first to the pitiful sight of the crying mother Marie!

The first to react was Brocken Jr.

“I'll do it myself!"

It was Brocken Jr.'s youthful inexperience that led him to make such a foolhardy move when he should have been sneaking up behind the Soldier. But at the same time, it was a great human attraction, and the attitude that he had developed as a superhero of justice had a positive effect on him. The Soldier smiled inwardly at his good nature and said: "Wait.

“Wait. If you jump in now, you'll provoke the robber and endanger the child's life. I'll take care of this.”

Quietly, Soldier did not go straight to the scene of the crime, but started in a different direction.

He found himself at the end of the road in a small painting workshop in the town. In front of the shop, there is a quiet craftsman who is painting a sign without paying any attention to all the commotion that is going on behind him. The soldier asks the old man who is working so hard.

"Sir, this paint is black, isn't it?”

Without waiting for an answer, he rips off his own costume, dips it in the paint and starts to paint it black. The craftsman was taken aback by this sudden act.

“What on Earth are you going to do?”

“I'm going to get back the child who was taken by the thugs. But with this camouflage I'm sure I'll provoke him unnecessarily.”

"Well, that's why you've dyed it plain black. You're a man with interesting ideas!”

The right side of the craftsman's mouth lifted slightly and a smile broke out. For a man he had never met before, the craftsman was strangely taken with him.

By the way, you're not German by any means, are you?

“No, not even earthly. I'm an alien.”

I'm an alien. I'm an alien. Well, I'm going to give you some tips on how to succeed here in Germany. First of all, take a look at what is displayed at the back of this workshop!

The soldier did as he was told, and at the back of the workshop, on one wall, was a large West German flag, beautifully painted in three colours.

Look at the design," he said. You see the three lines from the top: black, red and gold? Each colour has its own meaning. Black is hard work. Red is passion. And gold is honour. These three are the secrets to success in Germany.

Quite an interesting story, isn't it? As he listened, the soldier pulled up the costume he had just dipped in paint, looked at the perfectly blackened fabric and replied: "I see.

I see. Well, I'll take your advice and use the black I've got now in this way!

With these words, the soldier unrolled his costume. At the same time, the soldier unfolds his costume and, by some magic, the black robe is transformed into the costume of a priest! He put it on with a dashing air.

There is no profession more industrious and serious than this. I'm sure this style will open the door of any man's heart.

Part 2

The craftsmen are thrilled to see such a quick change in their work, like a magic trick!

'Yes, you're right, it's quite an interesting idea! What do you think of the red one, which is supposed to represent passion? I'd love to hear your opinion!

I'd love to hear your opinion!" "Well, Germans are often described as cool and pragmatic, but in fact they value their inner enthusiasm above all else. I understood it as a lesson not to misunderstand the German temperament.

"Oh, yes, that's very good of you to say! And the last one, the gold one?

Hmmm..." After some thought, the soldier came up with the following answer: "Money, status and the like.

Money, position, and the like may be part of honour, but I firmly believe that true honour is not immediate. I firmly believe that true honour is not something immediate. It's an old Chinese proverb, but the important thing is to always be virtuous and upright. If you do that, people will naturally come to you. For me, honour is about the same thing. As a German, what do you think of this kind of thinking?

The craftsman smiled broadly, gave a thumbs-up and said: "That's a great answer!

'That's a great answer! So you're a lad from a good family, are you?

Well, I don't know. What's your name, old man, if I may ask?

Mahler. I'm just an old sign-maker who can't go to the aid of a crying child.

No way. You're just doing what you can here, aren't you?

Soldier gazed at the signboard that the craftsman had been working so hard to paint not long ago. On it was a large, scrawled string of words.

"KOMM, GIB MIR DEINE HAND (Come here, I want to take your hand)".

To whom and where he was going to display this, there is no way of knowing...

It was just then. A middle-aged woman, apparently the lady of the local butcher's shop, arrived with a large delivery. It seemed that she had come to bring some food to Mahler.

“Good work! What's with this big pastor who doesn't look like much in the neighbourhood? Mahler, do you know him?”

"Hello, Essen, we're old friends. I'm sorry to hear that. What about the shop?”

“Well, it's all right. I did everything I could with passion, but if it doesn't sell, it doesn't sell. I've made up my mind to close the shop. Thank you for all the orders you've given me.”

“Well, it's all very well, but why can't we sell it? You've got to eat before you go. It's very good, why don't you try one?"

And with that, Marie handed Soldier a large sausage from the deluge of meat that had been delivered. It was indeed good.

“Yes, ma'am! I'm sorry to bother you, but I'd like to buy all this right now!”

Mahler grinned and said: "No, no. You don't have to pay for it, just take it all!”

To the confused lady, Mahler told her about a robbery that had taken place a few houses down the road. He told her about the robbery at the house just down the road, and that the pastor was on his way to persuade the perpetrator.

“Oh, so that's what you mean when you say there's a lot of noise around here? Well, that's another story. You'll get all this and more as a gift for the vicar!”

The lady gave him all the food she had delivered.

“Isn't it still on its way?”

“No, I mean it. We were going to close down our Essen butcher shop today anyway. If the last customer was a man like you, it would be a nice memento. And if you fill up the killer's stomach with all that food, he'll feel better and even let the kids go. Now, if you've got it, feel free to bring it! And make sure you save the kid! This is the last great show of our Essen butcher's sausages, which don't sell but taste great!”

"I'm sorry, you two. Thank you very much."

With that, and a large plate of meat in his hand, the soldier finally made his way to the scene of the crime. Dressed in a black chaplain's uniform and carrying a pile of meat filled with the red passion of the German people…

── To be continued

Chapter 5

Part 1

At last, Pastor Soldier came to the house where the criminals were holed up.

“Bring me food, bring me money!”

Soldier shouted to Bockman, who was holding up a sword from a window on the first floor.

“I am a priest. I have brought you some food.”

What happened next is well told in history. Adorno was rescued without a scratch, and his mother Marie thanked him several times.

“I didn't save your child because I wanted to. I just can't stand those kind of scumbags.”

Buffaloman, who was listening to these words, had this to say.

“I risked my life to save a man, and you don't thank me or boast of your victory. What a noble man..."

The Ninja, Ashuraman and Brocken Jr. were all watching the Soldier's every move, and all four decided to join the Blood Oath Brigade. And just as Mahler had said, with the last piece of the German tricolour, the "Golden Honour", the Soldier had finally achieved his main goal of coming to Germany!


These are the main reasons given in the historical record for the formation of the "Blood Oath Brigade". That this is the case is undeniable and certain.

However, there was actually another reason why the previous four felt that they could trust him with their lives.

That was when the whole mess was over and the Soldier was about to leave the scene.

Soldier walked up to Bockman, who had been struck by a powerful blow, and took one of the sausages from the platter at his side.

"Hey, try one of these before you die.”

He handed it to Bockman and tried to get him to eat it.

“I've crossed the line. I've crossed the line... no, I'm a chojin, I can't go back to that. You have to put a stop to it... or else..."

But as if to interrupt his words, the soldier opened his eyes and threatened him.

“I'm not going to do it! A man should not make unpleasant excuses!”

The soldier's energy made the Bockman shut up. "Just shut up and eat one of these.”

Bockman does as he's told, bites off half of the sausage and lets it slide down his throat. Then, for some reason, tears began to well up in both of his eyes!

“It's so good... This sausage is so good...!”

Soldier put his hand on his shoulder, looked him in the eye and said: "Do you mind? Any man can get angry when he's hungry, or want to die when he's cold. There are nights when he hates everything in the world. But even then, if you just eat something to keep you warm you'll see the world differently, won't you?"

“Oh I've never had such good sausage in my life.”

I” know. But once you've had it, you're in trouble. You can't eat anything but bad food. So why don't you eat something good first to calm yourself down? It's not like you're going to get sick afterwards."


“You know, we all make mistakes. I've cursed my life in the past, and I've made some terrible mistakes. I've cursed my life in the past, I've made terrible mistakes, but now I'm going around the world to atone for my sins, to help people somehow. It's a great feeling. And I can eat good food!"

With that, he patted Bockman on the shoulder, and the soldier stood up and walked off into the sunset, never looking back.

Part 2

“What the hell was that?"

Bockman looked at the departing man, a tear line running down his cheek. Another person rushed towards him.

"Sir! I didn't know you were that hungry. I'm sorry I shouted at you earlier.”

It was Adorno, who was supposed to have been the victim of being taken away.

“Boy, boy! Stop it! Get over here!”

“It's all right, Mum. I'm sure he's a good man, he didn't do anything to hurt me in the house. I'm sure he's a good man.”

"Heh, boy. Thank you, but you're being too trusting. And don't get me started on that man!”

Marie, Mahler, Essen and the four other chojin who had decided to join the League of Superhumans watched for a while the miracle of a criminal and a hostage playing together. The four superheroes, Marie, Mahler, Essen and the others who had decided to join the "Blood Oath Brigade", looked on for a while.

"Hey... Mara...”

"What's the matter, Essen?"

“I've decided. I'm not closing my shop! I'm going to try a bit harder and sell those sausages! The miracle sausage that will win you the glory of your life, the "Siegen Sausage"! What do you think, it's good!”

"Oh, well, suit yourself. It's your restaurant..."

A few days later, the Essen butcher shop is back in business. It has been featured on TV as one of the best butchers in Berlin and is thriving.

“From now on, we'll keep this taste alive until our son's generation!”

The lady is very motivated and has a very good business sense. She continues to develop new and innovative products while maintaining the traditional taste. We are sure that the shop will continue to flourish.

Mahler, the painter, is still lecturing on the German flag and meddling in the affairs of others. He will probably remain so until his death.

Adorno has matured mentally since the incident, and is no longer so stubborn and quarrelsome with his friends. He still misses his father, but now and then he goes to his father's factory to visit him.

Today, too, he went to visit my father's factory alone. Adorno was ushered into the factory office, where he sat on a sofa drinking juice and waiting for about 20 minutes. When his father finally showed up, he greeted Adorno with a smile. The clock struck 5.15pm.

“You're late, didn't you promise to be here at five?”

“Well, I've had a long interview for a new job. Oh, well, it's a good opportunity. Adorno, let me introduce you. You know him very well.”

“You can't do that! I promised my mother I'd take her to the hospital on my first day's pay...”

“What are you embarrassed about? You're dealing with a child. Hahaha, he's quite shy... Hey, just come here! The boss wants you here, or you're fired!”

“Oh, you're such a dick! That's what capitalists are like...”

The man came out from behind his father reluctantly, dressed in work clothes, and smiled a little shyly, but with a good smile on his face, as if he had made up his mind.

Adorno smiled at him.

“It's been a long time. Make sure you help him, Bockman.”

── The End