A Messenger from Planet Kinniku (キン肉星からの使者の巻 Kinniku-Sei kara no Shisha no maki) is Episode 1 Part A of the Kinnikuman anime.


This episode was adapted from the third chapter of Yudetamago's manga series Kinnikuman. It introduces most of the initial main cast and is followed by The Man from America.



The Gyudon society is honoring its president, Kinnikuman, when suddenly a UFO crashes right outside the restaurant. It lifts up in the air and begins to play an off-key theme. Kinnikuman plays back, the UFO plays back, and so on and so forth. A beam of light from the spaceship sends down a little boy named Meat, who proclaims that Kinnikuman is the lost Prince of the Planet Kinniku. Kinnikuman is also delighted to hear that he is a superhero, and believes that he can get all the Gyudon he wants from it, but Meat knows it's going to take a lot more than that...


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