A lizard Kaiju that appears in the manga pilot.


Eragines (エラギネス Eraginesu) is a lizard kaiju who first appears as the antagonist of the second pilot chapter. He later reappears in the first serialised chapter as one of the invading aliens and again as one of Kinkotsuman's minions.


In 1979, seven space aliens come to attack Earth. [1]

Kinnikuman is the only available superhero, and the Earth Defence Force show Kinnikuman a slideshow that features Eragines. It is explained that he is one of the most evil space monsters. Kinnikuman hides under a desk at the sight of him. At midday the monsters reveal that they do not want to attack someone they consider so weak, and thus they return to their home planets and refuse to fight Kinnikuman. [1]


  • His face is based on Shofukutei Nikaku III
  • He appears to be named after Elkines K2



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