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The three groups of Perfect Chojin, Brutal Chojin and Devil Chojin.


Evil Chōjin (悪行超人 Akugyō Supermen) is a collectivist term to describe the three main branches of evil chojin: Brutal Chojin, Devil Chojin, Perfect Chojin), plus any other miscellaneous evil types. By the time of Kinnikuman Nisei, the three branches had been intentionally merged by the dMp and had become indistinct, but even previously during the Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne Arc, the evil chojin were no longer being specified by the three branches.


Brutal Chojin

Brtual Chojin (残虐超人, Zangyaku Supermen) are Chojin who fight brutally and kill their opponents for their own amusement. They are basically Justice Chojin turned bad, and are even allowed to compete in the Chojin Olympics.

Later on, they are divided between two different unofficial factions. There are those who aid the Justice Chojin, known as Good-Brutal Chojin (正義の残虐超人, "Seigi" no Zangyaku Supermen). Although very brutal after entering the ring, they are essentially Justice Chōjins. Then there and those who oppose the Justice Chojin, known as Evil-Brutal Chojin (悪の残虐超人, "Aku" no Zangyaku Supermen). They mostly appear in the sequel series.

Devil Chojin

In the broader definition, the Devil Chojin (悪魔超人) are a race of Chojin who reside in the Demon Realm (魔界, Makai) (or are their descendants). The race was founded by Satan (サタン), who had done so for the sole reason of obtaining the power of the General Stone (ジェネラル・ストーン).

In the more narrow definition, they are Chojin who have sold their bodies, minds, and blood to Satan and follow his will through different factions: The Seven Devil Chojin (7人の悪魔超人, Shichi-nin no Akuma Choujin), Six Devil Knights (悪魔六騎士, Akuma Roku Kishi), and Demon Seed (悪魔の種子) all fight against the Justice Chojin under the control of Satan. Additionally, the Nightmares (ナイトメアズ) was formed by a former Demon Knight, Sunshine.

Perfect Chojin

The Perfect Chojin (完璧超人 - パーフェクトちょうじん) are an ancient faction of chojin. They train to the point were they transcend emotions, and follow strict rules in regards to what happens should they be defeated. They were founded by the Man, and the original members of their group comprise of the Perfect Origin.