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This page aims to address common questions and concerns.

At present, all editors are welcome to add questions they may think common.



Who Can Edit?

You need to be a registered user.

Once you have registered, you merely need to click 'Edit' to make changes and 'Save' to publish them.

Different Ways to Edit

There are two "editors": Visual Editor and Source Editor.

Source Editor

We strongly recommend using the Source Editor; it will allow for greater customisation and leaves less room for error, and - over time - will prove an invaluable skill to know due to its transferable skills. It also tends to be more stable, and less prone to crashes and glitches. You can 'Show Preview' any changes to see how they may look before publishing a change

Handy Hint: Try turning on "syntax hightlighting" with the pen icon on the top-bar of the editor. This will helpfully colour-code sections so you don't miss incomplete templates or headers etc.
Visual Editor

The Visual Editor allows you to format with button presses, as well as see your changes in real-time. It can be an asset to new editors, as it does all the work for you, but it can also be prone to many errors and glitches. The reliance on automation to format can also accidentally create problems on the source code for users of the source code, too.

Handy Hint: The Visual Mode can be helpful when inserting templates, such as the Infobox, as it remembers all the code for you. Try switching to this mode whenever you get a little stuck or forget what code to use!

How Can I Help?

There's a lot of ways that you can help!

The best way is to be a part of the community, via Discord or Discuss, but there's also a variety of ways you can help our wiki to thrive. You can see more details on editing here: Community.

How Do I Use Source Code?



Two quotation marks on either side of a word will add italics to that word.



Three quotation marks on either side of a word will add italics to that word.




====Subheader 1====

The number of equal-signs on either side of a word will dictate what level of header it shall become.

Bullet Points


A asterisk before a word will turn it into a bullet point.





Two square brackets on either side of a word will link it to an article of the same name.

How Do I Upload Images?

You only need to click "Edit" on an article.

After this, click "Select Files" or "Mass Upload".

Just make sure that they are appropriately and clearly named.


Who Are Our Moderators?

A list of our administrators can be found here: Wiki Info: Administrators

How Do I Ask For Help?

If you have general questions about the series, but not necessarily wiki-related, we'd recommend using our Discord server (which can be located in our top-navigation or main page). If you have any wiki-related concerns, please do contact any one of our moderators from the above list, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. The administrators, in particular, will be most likely to get back to you within a quick time-frame, and so could make a good first port-of-call.


How Are Names Decided?

More information can be found here: Policies: Character Names.

In short, we take into consideration fandom preferences, official translations, and common scanlation terms. We also take preference to English names over Japanese names, which means - in cases of tie-breakers - the English name will win. This is why "General Devil" is named thus over "Akuma Shogun"; while "Akuma Shogun" is common in fandom usage, it is not an English translation, and the English translation is also used by various scanlation groups, as well as official translations.


Where Can I Read/Watch?

It is difficult to read and watch via official sources.

Due to our wiki rules, we cannot directly link to any scanlation or fansubbed groups.

You can buy the original manga - and anime - via Japanese stores. There are no official English subs or dubs, for the manga and anime respectively, except for Ultimate Muscle. You may potentially find DVDs or manga volumes, but these are scarce and of a great financial expense. We recommend joining out Discord server (linked on our main page and top navigation), which will enable you to ask for unofficial sources to various fan-sub groups and scanlation groups.

What Order Do I Read the Manga?

This depends on what you consider canon.

Generally speaking, you will always read first the original run: volumes 1-37.

OG > Nisei > 2011

Kinnikuman Nisei does indirectly follow the original run, as its sequel, and can safely be read next without spoiling the 2011 run. It is unknown whether it is canon or non-canon as of present, for various reasons, but is complete and does follow on from the main series. It was also published before 2011, so you would be reading in publishing order.

It will be harder to appropriately read it after the 2011 run, due to the 2011 run being ongoing at present. If it is confirmed to be an alternate timeline, it could be more convenient to 'get it out the way' before reading 2011. If it is confirmed to be canon, it provides a nice break between the OG and 2011 (without spoiling or relying on 2011).

OG > 2011 > Nisei

Kinnikuman (2011) does follow directly follow the original run, in that it chronologically comes immediately after the events at the end of the original run, and is officially a part of the canon. It is still ongoing, but it does follow directly after the OG series (and potentially before the Nisei series). This means that - while reading out of the publishing order - you would be reading in an appropriate chronological order, which would allow for a more natural progression and order intended by the authors.